NXT Recap (7/31): Fandango Returns, Dunne Battles Strong, New Takeover Match Announced

Today's episode of NXT Television was taped at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

No cold open. Straight into the intro song.

Mauro Ranallo, Beth Phoenix, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT television. Tyler Breeze is out for the opening contest. Breeze receives a nice ovation. He'll be battling the Forgotten Sons' leader Jaxson Ryker. Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake accompany him to the ring.

Tyler Breeze versus Jaxson Ryker

Tie-up. Ryker shoves Breeze into the corner, clearly showing he has the power advantage. Second tie-up...Ryker rag dolls Breeze across the ring. He takes a moment to reset. Headlock applied by Breeze...Ryker escapes easily and kicks Breeze into the gut. Breeze fires back with a flurry of strikes and stomps him down in the turnbuckles. Ryker shakes off the blows, then slams Breeze hard to the mat with a uranagi. Stomps from Ryker this time, followed by a running knee into Breeze's face. He picks Breeze up...backbreaker for a nearfall. He mounts Breeze and pulls back on his neck with a rear chinlock. A second backbreaker. Ryker plays to the crowd before taunting Breeze.

Breeze mounts a small comeback with series of kicks. Superkick to Ryker's gut. Ryker goes for a chokebomb...Breeze with a roll up...he got him!

Tyler Breeze wins by pinfall

As soon as the bell rings Ryker attacks Breeze from behind. The Forgotten Sons run in to join the beatdown. FANDANGO IS HERE! He runs in and fights the Sons off. Crowd is going wild! Breeze and Fandango embrace afterwards and stand tall as the Ryker, Blake, and Cutler look on from the entrance way.

Flashback to last week when Candice LeRae jumped Io Shirai during her matchup as revenge for Shirai's betrayal a few weeks ago. Cut to now...LeRae is outside waiting for Io Shirai to make it to Full Sail so they can square off again.

Coming up next...Bronson Reed battles Cameron Grimes in the NXT Breakout Tournament semifinals. Then in the evening's main event...Pete Dunne goes one-on-one with Undisputed Era's Roderick Strong.

Preview for NXT UK Takeover Cardiff.

Bronson Reed is out first, with Cameron Grimes out second. This should be good.

Bronson Reed versus Cameron Grimes NXT Breakout Semifinals

Tie-up. Reed forces Grimes into the turnbuckles...referee forces a break. Reed with a waistlock...he picks Grimes up with ease and tosses him to the mat. Grimes squeezes on a headlock but then gets destroyed by a shoulder block. Reed locks on a chinlock...Grimes escapes by stomping Reed's foot. Back suplex attempt from Reed...Grimes lands on his feet but Reed quickly nails him with a running elbow. Thunderous chop by Reed, then drives his shoulder into Grimes' midsection. Grimes runs to the outside and baits Reed to follow him. He hits Reed with a basement dropkick upon re-entering the ring. Huge lariat takes Reed down. Cover...only two.

Grimes drives his elbow into Reed's face before applying a fish-hook. Reed gets to his feet...scoop slam attempt...Grimes avoids it again...he comes off the ropes...Reed catches him with a slam. Forearm smash from Reed. He sets Grimes up in the corner...splash and Samoan drop in succession. Senton splash with pin...Grimes gets his foot on the ropes. Reed goes to pick Grimes up...Grimes flicks the ropes into Reed's eyes. Back and forth striking exchange...Reed comes off the ropes...Grimes surprises him with a standing double-stomp...it's over.

Cameron Grimes wins by pinfall and advances to the tournament finals

Match graphic for Johnny Gargano versus Adam Cole at NXT Takeover Toronto is shown. Reminder that it's a 2-out-of-3 falls matchup, each fall having a special stipulation. A detailed video of their rivalry will be played on next week's episode of NXT.

Commercial for SummerSlam.

Footage of a Matt Riddle interview. Riddle says that Killian Dain is a coward for attacking him from behind...and if he's brave enough he'll face him in the ring. Match is made official for next week.

NXT women's champion Shayna Baszler is out for a promo. She calls out Mia Yim, saying she's received her message and questions why she attacked Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. "This is not the street...this is the biggest professional stage there is. At Toronto I'm going to put you sleep, because street rats don't survive very long." This brings out Yim. Yim asks if Baszler is scared now that she doesn't have the Horsewomen to back her up. Yim says that "game recognizes game" and that she's bringing a game that she won't be able to prepare for. Baszler fires back: "You think you're special? You're not special. Everyone's going to see why you are nothing but street trash." Yim and Baszler argue for a moment, but nothing gets physical.

Candice LeRae is still outside waiting for Io Shirai. General manager William Regal strolls up and says that he told Shirai not to come. "If she's not coming I want a match with her at Takeover," begs LeRae. Regal agrees that it makes sense, and makes the match official.

A contract signing for Takeover Toronto between the Street Profits and the Undisputed Era for the NXT tag team titles is announced for next week.

Main event time. The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne is out first. Roderick Strong second, without any members of the Undisputed Era. Here we go.

Pete Dunne versus Roderick Strong

Chain wrestling to start. Neither man is able to gain the advantage. Strong connects with a series of chops that send Dunne to the mat. Stomps from Strong. He bounces off the ropes...big lariat from Dunne to take control. He works Strong's fingers with some joint manipulation, then targets the arm with a PK. Irish Whip into the corner...Dunne tries to flip over but Strong catches him with a torture rack backbreaker. He picks him up...another backbreaker.

Strong gets Dunne on the top for a superplex attempt...Dunne rips at Strong's fingers which makes him fall to the mat. Missile dropkick from Dunne. X-plex, follwed by another PK for a nearfall. He stomps on Strong's hand. Strong fires back with a suplex but Dunne lands on his feet and decapitates Strong with a head kick. Sit-out powerbomb...two count. Strong ends up on the outside...Dunne goes for a high risk maneuver but Strong manages to hit him with a backbreaker off the apron for another close two count.

Forearm smash by Strong. He takes Dune down with an Olympic slam but Dunne answers by countering a move into a DDT. He eventually traps Strong in a triangle, snaps his fingers, then pulls away at them. Strong taps out!

Pete Dunne wins by submission

Afterwards Velveteen Dream shows up and acts like he's going to smash Dunne with the North American championship. Dunne turns around and Dream just smiles at him. While Strong screams that he'll be the N.A. champion by the end of Takeover Toronto, Dream hits his signature pose. Dunne makes him pay by snapping his fingers. Bitter End. Dunne stands tall.

That's the show friends.