NXT Recap (8/14): Takeover Toronto Fallout, Breezango In Action, Breakout Tournament Finals

Today's episode of NXT takes place from the Scotiabank Arena from Toronto, Ontario Canada, and was filmed prior to NXT Takeover Toronto II.

A video package highlighting Takeover Toronto II's high-octane action from Saturday's show is played. All the current champions retained, including the Street Profits defeating Undisputed Era, Velveteen Dream over Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong, Shayna Baszler remaining dominant over Mia Yim, and Adam Cole surviving his war with Johnny Gargano. Also on the card...and what is widely considered MOTN, Io Shirai defeated Candice LeRae.

NXT song intro.

Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix welcome us to another edition of NXT. Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) make their way to the ring for our opening contest. They'll be facing the Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake) who are accompanied, as always, by Jasxon Ryker.

Breezango versus Forgotten Sons

Cutler and Fandango start. Tie-up. Fandango fights off a sunset flip attempt. He plays to the crowd with his signature swivel.In comes Breeze. He takes Cutler out, then nails Blake with a back body drop. Forgotten Sons regroup on the outside. Blake tags in. The Sons distract the referee and Ryker attacks Breeze to give the advantage to the heels. Breeze gets worked over by the Sons with tandem offense and rest holds. Double-backbreaker for a nearfall. Loud "Breeze is gorgeous" from the NXT universe.

Ryker tries to get involved again but this time the referee spots it and tosses him to a loud ovation. Fandango finally receives the hot tag. He hits Blake with a flurry of chops and a spinning powerslam. Another slam to Cutler. He kicks off Cutler and nails a tornado DDT onto Blake. Fandango to the top...he jumps right into a lariat. Frankensteiner from Cutler, followed by a splash. All four men involved now. Match ends when Breeze darts Cutler into a forearm by Fandango, who picks up the win after a slingshot elbow drop.

Breezango win by pinfall

Cut to highlights from the NXT North American championship bout between Velveteen Dream, Roderick Strong, and Pete Dunne. Dream retained after nailing Strong with the Purple Rainmaker elbow, an covering Dunne who was hit with the End of Heartache from Strong.

Dunne is interviewed. He says Dream did whatever it took to retain, but one day he's going to do whatever he can to take the title away from him.

A recap of the NXT Breakout Tournament is played, which hypes the main event of the episode: Jordan Myles versus Cameron Grimes in the tournament finals.

Footage of the NXT tag team championship matchup between the Street Profits and the Undisputed Era is played. Profits retained after a spinebuster/frog splash combo.

Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish interview. They're unhappy about the loss, and feel like they let the U.E. down. They argue that the legal man was not pinned in the bout, and they plan on speaking with General Manager William Regal about a rematch.

Highlights of Io Shirai and Candice LeRae's Takeover match. Shirai win via submission, with LeRae passing out. We cut right to the highlights of the NXT women's championshiph match, where Shayna Baszler defeated Mia Yim, also by submission.

Short Baszler interview where she just tells Cathy Kelley "and still,"

An extended look at the 2-out-of-3 falls NXT championship matchup between Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano. Cole retained after Gargano and he flew off the top of the cage through a stack of tables. Cole would roll over and pin Gargano, thus ending their feud.

Clips of Matt Riddle calling out Killian Dain is shown. The two would brawl all around the arena. An official matchup is announced for next week's NXT.

Main event time. Cameron Grimes is out first, followed by Jordan Myles. Here we go.

Jordan Myles versus Cameron Grimes NXT Breakout Tournament Finals

Tie-up. Both men trade wristlocks. Low dropkick from Myles. He goes for an early pinfall but Grimes is out at one. Myles targets the leg with a dragon screw, then lays into Grimes with kicks. Acton spills to the outside...leaping forearm by Myles connects.Back in the ring Grimes takes control by sending Myles into the second turnbuckle. He goes after the arm, but Myles fires back with another dragon screw. He sends Grimes to the outside. Myles to the apron...PK. He climbs to the top...flying crossbody for a nearfall. Grimes answers with the orange crush for a two count. Backbreaker from Myles, followed by a German suplex. Two count.

More kicks from Myles, but Grimes hits a running spanish fly, pin, two. Grimes with a leapfrog, tweaks his knee, follows up with a roundhouse kick though. Grimes tries to sends Myles face-first into the turnbuckle, Myles stops his momentum with his foot and wags his finger at Grimes. Hits a brainbuster, 450 splash off the top rope. It's over.

Jordan Myles wins by pinfall

Post match, General Manager William Regal celebrates with Myles, and hands him a contract that guarantees him a future title shot of his choosing. Crowd cheers.

That's the show friends.