NXT Recap (8/21): Dain and Riddle Collide, Myles Challenges Cole For The NXT Title, Priest In Action

Tonight's episode of NXT takes place from Full Sail University in Winter Park Florida.

No cold open. Right into the NXT song intro.

Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix welcome us to another edition of NXT. The Undisputed Era make their way to the ring. All four men carry microphones. NXT champion Adam Cole begins. "Boys and girls...I did everything at Takeover I said I would do. I defeated Johnny Gargano and successfully defended my NXT championship." Cole says it is no longer a question...he is the greatest champion in the brand's history, and that if there were a Mount Rushmore of NXT, it would be his face four times. Roderick Strong buds in. He says the Undisputed prophecy did not come true at Takeover because they were screwed. Strong calls out Velveteen Dream out, and claims that Dream is on borrowed time as NXT North American champion.

Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish jump in. They say that during their tag matchup at Takeover Toronto the Street Profits didn't pin the legal man. They berate General Manager William Regal to come out and give them another shot at the tag team titles. Cole promises that the U.E. will fulfill the title prophecy, and NXT will become Undisputed. As they go to leave...NXT Breakout Tournament winner Jordan Myles makes his way out. Myles holds in his hand his guaranteed title opportunity contract. Cole jokes that Myles should challenge Shayna Baszler, because he is not on his caliber, and promises that Myles is making a terrible mistake. Myles listens to what Cole has to say, but it doesn't stop him. He drops the contract at Cole's feet ending the segment.

Cut to a Bronson Reed interview. Reed says that he may not have won the Breakout Tournament, but he's here to stay in NXT. Shane Thorne interrupts Reed, shouting that Reed has already lost out on his best opportunity. A match is set up for later in the evening between the two.

Mansoor makes his way out for our opening contest. He'll be battling...Damian Priest.

Mansoor versus Damian Priest

Tie-up. Priest forces Mansoor into the corner. Mansoor shoves his way out and kicks Priest back. He climbs...Priest whips Mansoor off the ropes and he hits the turnbuckles hard. Vicious assault by Priest, stomping Mansoor down. He dumps him over the ropes but Mansoor holds on. He slides under and walks right into a huge haymaker by Priest. Suplex attempt...Mansoor cradles him...two count. Mansoor with a dropkick and bicycle kick in succession. Priest catches him with a chokeslam attempt...Mansoor breaks free...enziguri connects which sends Priest to ringside. Tope con hilo from Mansoor. Back in the ring...slingshot neckbreaker. Mansoor attempts a tornado DDT...Priest makes him pay with a lethal lariat. Priest picks him up...release Razor's Edge. Priest sets up Mansoor for the Reckoning....got him.

Damian Priest wins by pinfall

Preview for Clash of Champions.

Commentary discusses NXT's move to the USA Network starting September 18th. Only info they provide is that the show will be two hours in length.

Mia Yim is out next for women's division action. She'll be taking on Vanessa Borne, who is accompanied by Aliyah.

Mia Yim versus Vanessa Borne

Borne connects with a kick to open things up. She applies a headlock. Yim bounces off the ropes...shoulder block. Big right hand to Borne's throat from Yim. She goes off the ropes again but Aliyah grabs her foot with the referee's back turned. Borne takes advantage with a Samoan drop. She whips Yim into the corner and unloads a flurry of kicks. Borne traps Yim in the ropes...she slaps a "lower" sticker onto Yim's jeans. This angers Yim, who takes Borne down with a ground and pound. Machine gun chops to Borne in the corner, followed by a hip-toss and cannonball. Yim traps the arm...facecrusher. Borne can't kick out.

Mia Yim wins by pinfall

Post match, NXT women's champion Shayna Baszler comes out. She calls Yim a badass, who took her to places at Takeover that no else has in the ring. Baszler offers Yim a chance to join the Horsewomen. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir appear behind Yim. She refuses, and attacks Duke and Shafir, but the numbers game proves too much. The Horsewomen beat Yim down. Several referees pull them away.

Matt Riddle and Killian Dain is announced as the main event for tonight's episode. Coming up next...Bronson Reed versus Shane Thorne.

Commercial for WWE Shop.

Commentary informs us that Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee will be squaring off next week. A video package highlighting their rivalry that spanned the indies, and made its way into NXT is played. Footage of their showdown six months ago at Full Sail is played. The bout ended in a double-countout. Dijakovic suffered an injury and would be shelved for some time, but now he's ready to close the chapter on this feud.

Bronson Reed is out next for his matchup with Shane Thorne. The former TM61 member is out second.

Bronson Reed versus Shane Thorne

Thorne with a leg kick to start. Another. Reed forces him out of the ring. Thorne attempts another kick but Reed catches it and brings him to the mat with a waistlock takedown. Pace picks up. Thorne jumps over Reed when bouncing off the ropes...he goes to do it again but Reed catches him with a spinebuster. Running corner knee. Thorne goes back after the leg, and manages to take control with a fish-hook and PK. Reed fires off an overhand chop...Thorne answers with a dropkick. Running cannonball by Thorne for a nearfall. Thorne attempts a back suplex but Reed is too big. He comes off the ropes...Reed surprises him with a snap powerslam. Bionic elbow and Samoan drop in succession. He decapitates thorn with a running body splash, then lands a jumping senton. Corner splash. A second. Thorne falls to the outside again to regroup. Reed brings him back in and climbs to the top...Thorne yanks him to the mat. Shining wizard connects. Thorne steals a victory.

Shane Thorne wins by pinfall

Commentary reminds us that this is the second consecutive victory for Thorne over an up and coming NXT star. Velveteen Dream's music hits. He is brought onto the stage on his signature couch. He says that pinning NXT UK's Pete Dunne was priceless. "No matter if it's one man...two men...the Dream always ends up on top." He says that if Roderick Strong wants his moment in the sun...he's going to have to show the Dream that he truly deserves it. "Because if not Roderick Strong...Dream over."

Commercial for NXT UK Takeover Cardiff.

Jordan Myles versus Adam Cole for the NXT championship is made official, and will take place in two weeks. Announced for next week...Undisputed Era take on the Street Profits for the NXT tag team titles.

Main event time. Killian Dain makes his way to the ring first. Matt Riddle is out second. He comes from behind and pounds Dain down. It's revealed that Riddle's ribs are all taped up. Here we go.

Killian Dain versus Matt Riddle

Riddle with a series of strikes onto Dain in the corner. Dain tosses Riddle to the outside but Riddle jumps right back in to keep the pressure on. Standing head kick sends Dain to ringside. Running forearm from Riddle off the steel steps. Back in the ring...Dain catches Riddle with his signature crossbody. Vertical suplex from Dain. Early cover...Riddle escapes with ease. Abdominal stretch applied. Riddle in trouble...Dain brings him to the mat and lands a shot on the taped up ribs. Riddle tries to fire off some right hands but Dain maintains control by targeting the ribs. He stands on them from the corner. Loud "Bro" chants from the crowd. Dain silences them with a gutbuster. Modified camel clutch is locked in. Riddle punches his way out.

Dain goes for another suplex but Riddle reverses with a Fisherman buster! Back and forth striking in the center...Riddle wins the exchange with a quick combo. Pele kick, running forearm, and exploder suplex back to back. Senton and PK in succession. Cover...Dain powers out. Riddle traps Dain and lays into his neck with elbow strikes. Dain lands a couple of boots...Riddle fires back with a waistlock and German suplex. Ripcord knee strike from Riddle. Dain hits a shotgun dropkick out of nowhere. Cannonball nearly wins it for Dain. He goes for a senton...Riddle moves and locks in the Bro-mission. Dain somehow gets to his feet to break the submission but Riddle starts stringing together offense...powerbomb...he rolls Dain through...flash knee. Cover...only two. Riddle to the top...corkscrew moonsault...Dain gets the knees up! He sends Riddle into the ringpost. On the outside Dain goes for a shoulder block...Riddle evades and Dain hits the steps. He goes to powerbomb Dain on the steps but Dain back drops onto them. Senton by Dain. Vader bomb off the apron. He sends Riddle back in. Another Vader Bomb. A third. Riddle can't kick out.

Killain Dain wins by pinfall

Highlights of the match are shown. Riddle has blood coming from his mouth. Dain celebrates on the entrance ramp. Riddle chases him down and jumps on his back with a sleeper. Feed cuts out.

That's the show friends.