NXT Superstar's Main Roster Call-Up Delayed By WWE Superstar

Damian Priest went into 2021 fully believing he would start the New Year off with the "big dogs" of the main roster... literally.

Though formally slotted for a January 1, 2021 scheduled call-up to the WWE Friday Night SmackDown main roster, The Archer of Infamy has had his debut slightly delayed and seemingly with no just cause.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Priest was set to come in as Owens's best friend to assist with the on-going feud which has headlined SmackDown for the last several weeks.

As seen on last week's edition of the blue brand, the plan was ultimately nixed, though reports say that Priest was standing bacstage in wait, jis

Upon his call-up to the blue brand's roster, Priest was originally expected to be immediately inserted into the current top program of SmackDown in the Kevin Owens/Roman Reigns (along with cousin, Jey Uso) ongoing feud.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio segment, Dave Meltzer spoke on the subject of Priest's original plans for his come-up.

Meltzer stated, "It is like somebody was asked who can be the next new babyface in NXT that can come on the main roster and the guy was Damien Priest."

Meltzer then shared the storyline that had been set up for Damian Priest on his debut edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown where he would team up with Kevin Owens to go up against the current WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns along with his cousin, Jey Uso.

After hearing the set-up, Kevin Owens agreed to do it, but simply asked how fans would , "We can do it, but why is he my best friend?”

Roman Reigns agreed and since it’s Roman Reigns, it was nixed. ...Roman was the one who got it nixed. So we got what we got.

A frustrated Meltzer concluded, "Damien Priest is lost because he is going to the main roster, or a main roster. As of this morning, it was 'later this month on Raw', but when I heard that, I was like, yea, right, whatever. Meltzer finished, "He is going to be on RAW or SmackDown soon, or not soon, or tomorrow or who the fu*k knows."

According to sources, as it stands right now, Damien Priest is still supposed to start somewhere... someday... soon. Check back here at Rajah.com for updates as they become available!