NXT TakeOver 36 Live Results (August 22, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome Rajahmaniacs to tonight's NXT TakeOver 36 live results coverage! Your host tonight, filling in for Sasha Banks Matt Boone is Rajah News' very own "the Man" Mike Hogan! We've got a great show lined up for us tonight.

Our official preview is up and tonight is full of title matches! NXT Champion Karrion Kross defends against a returning two-time former champ, Samoa Joe. We'll also have NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez defending her title against former BFF, Dakota Kai. We'll have the Million Dollar Championship match, as well as WALTER/Dragunov II and a two-out-of-three falls match for the rubber match that is Cole/O'Reilly III. We'll have Trey Baxter in action against Ridge Holland on the kickoff show.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

NXT TakeOver 36 Kickoff Show - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome to TakeOver 36!

We're welcomed to the Capitol Wrestling Center by our kickoff show, featuring Sam Roberts and McKenzie Mitchell on her first NXT Pre-show panel. Sam points out that six years ago today was the very first NXT TakeOver. Roberts and McKenzie plug the card and the energy they feel is in the air. After 50 minutes of babble and hype...

Singles Match: Ridge Holland vs Trey Baxter

We get to our first match of the night, our Kickoff show match between the brutal Ridge Holland and the aerodynamic Trey Baxter! Baxter comes out to a decent reaction. Holland, escorted by "the Bruiserweight" stalks his way to the ring and gets a decent pop from the crowd. The bell rings and Trey Baxter streaks across, rocking Holland with a double kick. Holland fires back with a lariat that sends Baxter flying across the ring. Holland takes control with his sheer strength, pummeling the high-flyer to the ground. Holland with a working hold. Baxter escapes and starts his comeback, using the ropes to propel himself around in an effort to keep the bigger Holland off balance, but Holland quickly counters and slams Baxter into the mat. Holland easily picks up the win in a short match. After the match, Holland issued a warning on the mic to Ciampa/Thatcher.
Your Winner, Ridge Holland!

NXT TakeOver 36 Live Results (August 22, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Our program starts with a video that recaps the events that led to tonight's TakeOver 36 card. We're reminded that the NXT UK Championship will be defended on American soil for the first time ever. They hype Cole/O'Reilly III, WALTER/Dragunov II, and the rest of the card as our narrator wraps us up, thanks to Applebee's.

Welcome to the Capitol Wrestling Center!

The greatly-missed Tom Phillips' aborted evil twin, Vic Joseph, joins Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix--all three dressed sharply--to welcome us to TakeOver 36. The crowd is fired up (when are they not?). Vic sends us to the ring announcer to get us started.

The Million Dollar Championship Singles Match: LA Knight(c) vs Cameron Grimes w/ Ted DiBiase

We're reminded that the special stipulation for this match is this: if Grimes loses, Ted DiBiase himself must be LA Knight's butler. The match is announced and out comes "the Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase! He pulls out a stack of money and someone brings a trash can, decorated with a gold-painted $ symbol, and throws money in the can. Cameron Grimes comes out and removes his butler garb, throwing it in the trash as he strips down to his ring gear. Both men make their way down to the ring, and Grimes politely holds the ropes for DiBiase. The crowd is loudly behind Grimes and he gestures to the crowd repeatedly, firing them up. Out next to a chorus of boos is the Million Dollar Champion LA Knight! Knight stops at the trash can and yells inaudibly at his opponent while kicking the trash can aside. One of his intangibles listed on his NXT title card are "Cocky". He poses on the corners and is showered with loud boos. The bell rings and both men go after each other. LA Knight takes control early on, maintaining it for the first four minutes. Knight uses working holds and strikes to keep the fan-favorite Grimes grounded.
Grimes begins to fight back, taking the brawl to the outside and sending Knight into the stairs. DiBiase helps with a distraction, and continues to coach Grimes throughout the match. Knight takes control and uses a bottom-rope catapult choke that stuns Grimes. Knight pulls Grimes up and Grimes throws a right. Grimes with a boot, but Knight fires back with a right. Knight with the Irish whip to the ropes. Grimes rebounds and lays out Knight, getting a close pin. Grimes dodges a corner charge, rolling back. Knight and Grimes charge each other. Grimes looks for a Hurricanrana but Knight immediately reverses it into a Powerbomb! Knight maintains control once again. The crowd loudly chants "you still suck" to Knight after he lays out Grimes. The crowd is hot for this match.
Grimes with a desperation kick. Knight looks for a whip but Grimes counters it with a whip of his own. Knight with a back elbow on the rebound. Grimes attempts a middle-rope springboard moonsault but Knight moves out the way. Knight whips Grimes into the ropes but Grimes gets his second win, taking Knight down with a pair of running forearms. Grimes with a German Suplex. Grimes attempts a cover but only gets a two. The crowd with a loud "to the moon" chant. Grimes drags Knight by the foot, but Grimes kicks with his free foot. Knight bounces off the ropes and right into a clothesline from Grimes. Knight with a unique leg sweep to drop Grimes, covering for two. DiBiase and the crowd try to fire up Grimes. Knight hoists Grimes up but Grimes escapes and hits Knight with a big right. Knight counters with a kick to the face and a Bulldog off the middle rope. Knight with a inverted Saturn Driver for a close two. Knight looks for the BFT (Blunt Force Trauma) but Grimes escapes. Grimes uses the ropes to rebound into the ring and catches Knight with a spinning modified senton. The crowd with another loud chant for Grimes. Grimes takes Knight to the corner and hits a series of high kicks to Knight's chest. Grimes pulls on Knight's tights, looking for a rear waistlock. Knight with a standing switch. Knight drives Grimes into the corner and plants him rear facing on the top turnbuckle. Knight climbs the middle rope and rains clubbing blows down. Grimes knocks Knight off. Knight pops up, runs incredibly fast across the ring, up the turnbuckles and hits a top-rope German Superplex, cover for 2.75! Grimes just gets the shoulder up.
Knight looks for another BFT but Grimes reverses and locks in the Million Dollar Dream! The crowd pops big at this. Knight attempts to escape but Grimes holds in for a long time. Knight makes his way to a corner and uses the ropes to roll back, nearly pinning Grimes. Grimes escapes and locks the Million Dollar Dream on Knight again! Knight's fading! Knight rallies, though, so don't fret--he drives Grimes' face right into the middle turnbuckle. Knight leaves the ring and retrieves his title belt. The fans loudly boo this and Ted DiBiase comes around the ring to point it out to the ref. The ref argues with Knight, telling him to give her the belt. Grimes uses the distraction to connect with a high kick. The crowd flips out as Knight rolls outside and DiBiase attacks him! DiBiase throws the belt to Grimes, distracting the ref, and DiBiase locks on the Million Dollar Dream! He sends Knight into the ring before the ref can see. Grimes posts up in the corner, yells "to the moon" with the crowd, and hits the Cave-In to pick up the win as the crowd goes wild. After the match, DiBiase and Grimes hug and DiBiase raises Grimes' hand, gesturing to the new Million Dollar man.
Your Winner and NEW Million Dollar Champion, Cameron Grimes!

NXT Women's Championship Match: Raquel Gonzalez(c) vs Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai makes her way out first. Raquel Gonzalez is out next, wearing new red vinyl ring wear with a vinyl trench coat, and debuts new music. Gonzales turns the belt around her waist so it's backwards, then does her rear-facing iconic pose. Every time the announcer says "one fall" tonight, the crowd answers back. The bell rings and our competitors stand there yelling inaudibly at each other. The crowd fires up loudly. Kai with a slap to Raquel's face in a sign of disrespect. Gonzalez lunges for her but Kai's able to avoid her with her agility, for a few moments that is. Gonzalez begins to pound Kai in the corner. Kai escapes and charges the corner, but Raquel comes out looking for a Lariat. Kai ducks under and slides out of the ring to avoid it. Kai tries to pull Gonzalez out of the ring but Gonzalez hoists Kai up and into the ring. Kai counters by using their momentum to drive the champ into the mat. Gonzalez still powers back and takes control. Kai escapes to the outside and takes a long count from the ref to catch her breath. Kai comes back in and both women exchange control briefly.
Kai takes control with a whip to the corner followed by a Helluva Kick! The champ spills out to the floor and Vic Joseph yells "the champ is out" and it almost looked like she was, from the way she fell out the ring. Kai exits the ring and rushes to get Gonzalez back into the ring before the ref's count. Kai barely gets in at a nine. Kai covers for a two. Kai with a kick to the jaw. Kai with a neckbreaker and covers for two, but again the champ kicks out. Kai lands multiple kicks, battering the champ on her knees until Raquel hits a big right to stagger Kai. Raquel fires off with a big suplex, followed by a Fallaway Slam! Gonzalez with a modified plancha. Rodriguez and Kai continue to exchange the lead. Gonzalez reverses a submission into a single arm swinging bomb. Kai with multiple kicks, including a backwards Grave kick. Kai with a bridging suplex for a two. Gonzalez powers out and pops Kai over her head. Kai's neck awkwardly hits the bottom rope as she falls over and the ref checks on her. The crowd with a loud "Holy shit" chant.
Kai and Rodriguez are ready to wrap this up. Both women face-to-face. Kai with big kicks, still focusing on Gonzalez's jaw, and follows it up with the Kai-ropractor for a close two! Kai stands over the champ and talks smack, pulling the champ by the hair. The ref warns Kai and counts to four. Kai releases and Gonzalez immediately grabs Kai's neck. Kai escapes and lays out the champ. Kai heads up top and hits a double-foot stomp on the champ, landing awkwardly yet again. She covers for a close two. Kai looks to hoist Gonzalez but Gonzalez counters it by lifting Kai and ramming her into the turnbuckles. Raquel sets Kai up on the top turnbuckle and climbs up. Both women slug it out and Kai sends Raquel off. Gonzalez charges back up. Kai with a series of headbutts to the champ. Kai slides down, between the legs of the champ and hits a Superkick from between her legs to her bent-over head. Kai looks for another Helluva but Gonzalez reverses it into a middle-rope Powerbomb, covering and picking up the win.
Your Winner and STILL NXT Women's Champion, Raquel Gonzalez!

After the Match: An Unexpected Debut

Former NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray made her debut, showing up and gesturing at Raquel Gonzalez to a big pop and crowd chant.

NXT UK Championship: WALTER(c) vs Ilja Dragunov

After a video package hyping this huge rematch, Dragunov makes his way out first to a decent pop. He's got a bandage on his forehead from where he busted it open this past Tuesday, when the two clashed on NXT. The familiar symphonic tones play and we see Walter standing stoically up the ramp, an awesome Imperium logo behind him on the megascreen. Today is day 870 of WALTER's reign, we're informed, which is the longest reign in modern history. WALTER gets a huge chant from the crowd. Our competitors ready up The bell rings and both men circle. Dragunov takes a boxer's stance almost as WALTER calmly dances around. Dragunov looks to lock up but WALTER with a powerful arm drag. Dragunov with a pair of Flair chops to WALTER, which pisses off the champion. Both men circle again and look to lock up. Dragunov goes low, trying to pick the legs of WALTER but the champ counters an drags Dragunov into a front face-lock. Dragunov attempts to escape but WALTER with the lock again. WALTER lifts Dragunov and connects with big fists before attempting a rear suplex. Dragunov rolls through and looks for a single-leg submission but WALTER escapes. Dragunov with a surprising takedown of WALTER. WALTER attempts a suplex but Dragunov counters with his own, and locks in the side headlock.
The crowd now starts a hot cheer for Dragunov. Dragunov continues to use the headlock to keep WALTER grounded for several long moments. Eventually, WALTER powers to a vertical base and throws rights in an effort to gain separation. Dragunov with a flurry of fists but WALTER absorbs them and fires off a Flair chop in return. Dragunov with an arm takedown followed by a modified arm scissors submission. WALTER tries to get to his feet but Dragunov uses the arm lock to take the champ down. WALTER shows off some impressively mobility, rolling through before hoisting Dragunov with one arm. WALTER yells in anger and tries to shake Dragunov off. Dragunov falls back on the top turnbuckle. WALTER with a huge face slap that sends Dragunov tumbling to the floor! WALTER goes outside and brings Dragunov in. WALTER with a vicious kick to the side and lower back. WALTER looks to lock in a sleeper but Dragunov grabs WALTER's right wrist with both hands to fight it off. WALTER with a snap German Suplex that sends Dragunov's body tumbling across the mat. WALTER grabs the legs and looks for a Boston Crab. Dragunov fights it but WALTER locks it in right in the middle of the ring! Dragunov won't tap so WALTER transitions the crab into a STF, and then into a side sleeper headlock. The crowd is loud tonight, and clearly behind both men in this match. WALTER with a huge kick to the lower back of Dragunov as the crowd chants his name.
Dragunov and WALTER with chops again. WALTER attempts to lock in his sleeper but again Dragunov fights it off. Dragunov with a big releasing rear suplex. Dragunov with several strikes. Dragunov goes for the Constantine Special but WALTER counters the move into a beautiful side modified Urinage, covering for two. WALTER begins to dominate, using slow heavy strikes to punish Dragunov. WALTER with a huge Big Boot. Dragunov is up and again fires off a flurry of fists at WALTER. WALTER looks to throw a right but Dragunov reverses it into an arm drag to the mat. Dragunov looks for an arm submission. Dragunov with multiple knee strikes to a kneeling WALTER! Dragunov continues the offense, raining elbows down on WALTER's head. WALTER hoists Dragunov over his head but Dragunov escapes and connects with another kick to the champ that rocks him. Dragunov runs and looks for a leaping strike but WALTER has it scouted and hits a huge Lariat! WALTER with another running clothesline for a damn-near pin fall. Dragunov and WALTER are slow to rise as the crowd cheers them on. Both men have welts; Dragunov is blistered and bleeding again. WALTER with a huge, hard chop to Dragunov. Dragunov snaps, taking the champ down with a big punch. Big chop to the back of WALTER's head. Dragunov hulks up and hits a German Suplex on the champ! WALTER with a chop but Dragunov fires back with a step-up sidekick. Dragunov with a suplex and a pin attempt but the champ hangs in there. Both men are exhausted here 16 minutes into the match. The crowd with a loud "this is awesome" chant.
Dragunov ascends the top rope and hits a basement dropkick off the top. Dragunov climbs the ropes and hits a top rope Senton! Dragunov posts up in the opposite corner and charges in, looking for a Torpedo Moscow. WALTER counters by locking in his sleeper but Dragunov escapes! Dragunov with a Torpedo Moscow in the corner! The crowd with another loud "holy shit" chant. Dragunov attempts a cover but WALTER kicks out. Dragunov seems perplexed that the Torpedo Moscow didn't do the trick. Dragunov fires off some painful chops to WALTER; WALTER counters with some chops of his own. WALTER climbs the top but Dragunov runs up the turnbuckles and snaps out a Superplex! Dragunov waits for WALTER to rise then hits a top rope dropkick that lays out both men. The ref has her gloves on as Dragunov is bleeding. The crowd with a loud "fight forever" chant. WALTER with a surprising dropkick that drops Dragunov. WALTER looks to cover but Dragunov kicks out. Dragunov has welts, blisters, open wounds and sores all over his chest from the chops. Dragunov with chops to WALTER's chest and thigh but WALTER takes control. WALTER with a big Powerbomb. WALTER climbs up top and dives, connecting with a big splash--the same move that won him the title back 880 days ago. Dragunov kicks out barely in time! The crowd is loud and into this.
WALTER locks in his sleeper but Dragunov escapes. Dragunov locks in a sleeper of his own. WALTER attempts to rise and Dragunov gets on his back. WALTER fights free but Dragunov with another sleeper. Dragunov hangs on despite WALTER's multiple attempts to break free. Dragunov fires off forearms to the back of WALTER's neck and head. Dragunov locks in a sleeper as he hoists WALTER up and WALTER immediately taps out!
Your Winner and NEW NXT UK Champion, Ilja Dragunov!

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with Cameron Grimes & Ted DiBiase

Mackenzie interviews Grimes about his win. He mentions he knows his father is looking down at him and proud of Grimes for winning a title. Ted DiBiase praises Grimes' talent. Grimes announces they'll have a "Million Dollar Celebration" on Tuesday.

Backstage: General Manager William Regal and Samoa Joe

Joe is backstage wearing his new red with black lettering "Provoke Me" shirt. Regal tells Joe that he has to be unbiased as GM, as he has to be professional. But as Regal the individual, he hopes Samoa Joe kicks Kross' ass.

2-out-of-3 Falls Match: Cole/O'Reilly III

The first match will be a traditional match (Kyle O'Reilly's special stipulation). The second match will be a Street Fight (Adam Cole's special stipulation). If a third match is required, GM William Regal has chosen a Steel Cage to finally finish this feud and end the Undisputed Era. We get a video package hyping this match and shows each man vow to win the Cole/O'Reilly rivalry. Sadly, this is the final nail in the coffin of the Undisputed Era. O'Reilly is out first, and the crowd is hot for O'Reilly. For those new here, I will refer to Kyle O'Reilly often as KOR. Adam Cole makes his way out to fanfare, with the crowd assisting with the usual "boom" and "bay-bay" spots. The bell rings and both men clash. Cole takes the lead early and takes O'Reilly out of the ring. Cole pushes the top of the stairs off and looks for a Brainbuster suplex over them, but O'Reilly counters with a suplex. In the ring, O'Reilly takes control with a running knee and several big strikes, including a forearm to the back of the head. KOR covers for two. O'Reilly looks for a traditional arm bar submission but Cole blocks it. O'Reilly counters it into an Angle Lock! O'Reilly manages to turn his body and kick free. Both men speed off the ropes, with Cole taking O'Reilly down with a huge leaping knee to the face. Cole covers for two. The crowd with a loud chant for Cole. Cole and O'Reilly continue the back and forth. Cole looks for the Panama Sunrise but O'Reilly rolls through, pinning Cole and leaving Cole and the audience shocked!
Your Winner of the First Fall, Kyle O'Reilly! Score: O'Reilly 1-0 Cole

The Street Fight is announced and begins now. The crowd with loud "we want tables" chants. O'Reilly takes control and uses a chair on Cole. O'Reilly puts a trash can over Cole's head and torso and runs along the apron, diving off and dropkicking the can with Cole in it. O'Reilly takes Cole into the ring after putting Kendo sticks and steel chairs in the ring. O'Reilly climbs the top ropes but Cole Superkicks the leg out from O'Reilly. O'Reilly tumbles out awkwardly and rolls in pain, holding his ribs at ringside. Cole pulls O'Reilly up and whips him into the announcer's table, crashing the ribs into the wooden edge. Cole takes O'Reilly into the ring. The crowd loudly chants for Cole as he picks up a steel chair and begins to work over O'Reilly. Cole takes his time with O'Reilly. Cole with another chair shot. The crowd with a "one more time" chant. The heel is more popular than the face, haha. Cole wedges a chair in the corner to a loud pop, and bows to the audience. O'Reilly attempts to use the distraction but Cole goes for the ribs again. Cole attempts to whip O'Reilly into the chair positioned in the corner but KOR blocks it. On the third attempt, Cole sends O'Reilly towards the chair. KOR attempts to dodge it, sliding out of the ring--and connecting his ribs to the ring post. Cole strikes O'Reilly with a Kendo stick. Cole with another, harder whack across the back. Cole with a Kendo-assisted backstabber for a close two!
Cole uses the Kendo stick, a la Edge/Reigns, for a Kendo-assisted crossface. The crowd is eating this up, loving the punishment Cole's unleashing on O'Reilly. Cole releases the hold and the crowd chants loudly for him. Cole stays squatted, talking smack to O'Reilly. Cole stands and kicks O'Reilly in the face, telling him to stay down. O'Reilly attempts a comeback, using big rights and thigh kicks in an effort to gain the momentum. Twice, Cole shuts him down by going for the ribs. O'Reilly hits the German Suplex and runs to the ropes. O'Reilly fails to rebound because the ropes hurt his ribs. Cole's cockiness gets the best of him and O'Reilly connects with a Dragonscrew! Cole uses the corner to drag himself to his feet. O'Reilly charges and Cole moves, letting O'Reilly crash into the chair in the corner. Both men take a moment to recover and begin exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Both men hit each other simultaneously with a jumping right kick and both are laid out! Both men roll out of the ring, opposite sides, to catch their breath. Cole looks under the ring and finds a chain, wrapping it around his hand. Kyle retrieves a weapon. O'Reilly and Cole clash, with Cole attempting a cover for a close two. Cole rolls out of the ring onto the ramp (which is level with the ring) and starts to crawl up the ramp. O'Reilly follows, falling into the trap Cole set, and eats a kick for it. O'Reilly quickly recovers and locks in a neck submission. Cole escapes. O'Reilly sends Cole off the ramp/stage, flying into the steel fence that forms the top of the barricade. O'Reilly pursues Cole as he tries to make his way to the ring. Cole catches O'Reilly with a swinging neckbreaker and gets a huge pop and chant. O'Reilly looks for another comeback but Cole quickly counters it and shuts O'Reilly down, picking up the quick pin!
Your Winner of the Second Fall, Adam Cole! Score: O'Reilly 1-1 Cole.
The cage begins to lower--this time, all four sides are separate and fold down to form the cage. Cole quickly Powerbombs O'Reilly onto the announcer's table before sending him back into the ring. Medical staff immediately check on Kyle O'Reilly for several long moments. We get multiple replays of the big spots as Beth Phoenix and Vic Joseph buy time for staff to check on O'Reilly and finish assembling the cage (presumably). We're told O'Reilly can continue so we're off. Cole takes control for a few moments, sending O'Reilly into the cage. O'Reilly fires up and connects with a slingshot on Cole to the cage. O'Reilly positions Cole between the ropes and cage and repeatedly hits him with running thrusts, smashing Cole against the steel cage. O'Reilly heads up top and hits a flying leg drop across a rope-prone Cole. O'Reilly continues his assault on Cole. O'Reilly looks for a diving knee but Cole moves. Cole takes back control with a low blow--legal in a steel cage match. Cole begins to climb the cage. O'Reilly quickly joins him. Both men stand on the top rope and exchange blows, with the crowd chanting "yay" for Cole and "boo" for O'Reilly. Cole knocks O'Reilly off the ropes. Cole turns and hits an incredible Panama Sunrise off the top rope, diving onto O'Reilly and driving him into the mat! Cole pins for a close two. Cole sets O'Reilly between the ropes and cage, and uses the handcuffs he'd retrieved during the street fight to cuff O'Reilly to the cage. Cole hits a Superkick, smashing O'Reilly's face into the steel. O'Reilly stumbles into the ring and eats another Superkick to the face! Cole talks smack to O'Reilly and his cockiness gets the best of him as a third Superkick is caught by O'Reilly. O'Reilly locks in an ankle lock and Cole taps.
Your Winner of the Third Fall, Kyle O'Reilly! Score: O'Reilly 2-1 Cole.

After the Match

The crowd starts a very loud "bullshit" chant that our announcers try to ignore. We get replays as the crowd is very, very not happy with this outcome.

This Tuesday on NXT:

We'll have the finals of the NXT Breakout Tournament as Odyssey Jones takes on Carmelo Hayes, and we'll have a six-man match as Legado Del Fantasma takes on Hit Row.

NXT Championship Main Event Match: Karrion Kross(c) vs Samoa Joe

After a promo once again hyping this match, we finally get to our main event. Samoa Joe is out first to a huge pop and loud "Joe" chants as this crowd is glad to see our former two-time NXT Champion return! Kross comes out next--noticeably alone and the crowd loudly chants "we want Scarlett." Don't we all, though? For what it's worth, Kross with Scarlett has been undefeated. Kross without Scarlett, not so much. Kross does his fall and prey bit and we get our announcements. The crowd with a loud "Joe is gonna kill you" chant. As both men look to lock up, the crowd stays on fire for Joe with chants repeatedly throughout the match. Kross goes for a low kick. The crowd with a loud "Hardy" chant to mock Kross, haha! Joe starts to fire off blows, taking Kross into the corner. Kross exchanges positions and throws rights. Joe swaps and hits a step-up Enziguri that lays out the champ! Joe with a snapmare followed by kicks to the back and a dropping elbow to the heart. Joe with a sleeper on Kross as he rises! Kross just makes it to the rope and grabs hold. Joe doesn't break and the ref begins to count. Kross breaks it by hitting a side suplex. Kross with a running forearm to the back of Joe's neck, sending Joe to the floor outside. Kross asks Joe if "this is it?" Kross pummels Joe at the ringside. Kross runs Joe's face into the plastic barricade. Kross hoists Joe back into the ring as the ref counts to eight, entering himself. Kross stomps Joe's hand then lays into him with a knee and elbow. Kross takes Joe to a corner and throws right elbows to Joe's face. Joe counters with a pair of Flair chops and follows it up with a headbutt.
Joe charges Kross but Kross counters with a Big Boot! Kross takes control briefly but Joe sends the champ outside. Joe with a big suicide dive that smashes Kross into the barricade. Joe is sweating rivers. Joe takes Kross into the ring as the ref counts. In the ring, Kross takes Joe into the corner and rakes the face. Kross with two elbows followed by a discus elbow. Kross with a modified side drop, covering for two. Kross with a Powerbomb. Kross continues to talk smack to Joe. Joe fires up and takes the champ down, locking in a crossface. Kross is stuck in the middle of the ring and takes several long moments before he can reach the rope. Joe breaks the hold. Kross takes control and wraps Joe's arm behind him, then connects with a vicious knee to the jaw. Kross covers for two. Kross mounts and pounds Joe to loud boos. Kross stomps on Joe's hand again, then connects with a DDT for a close two.
Joe starts a comeback as the crowd powers him on. Joe with a suplex, followed by a rough belly-to-belly suplex for a close two. Kross is up. Both men start to slug it out. Kross puts his arms up to protect his face and Joe with body shots. Kross swings widly but Joe ducks. Joe with an Atomic Drop, followed by a Senton for a close two! Joe with another Senton, this time onto Kross' back. THe champ screams in pain. Joe pulls Kross up and locks in the COcina CLutch! The crowd heats up even more. Joe pulls Kross back to the mat and tries to lock his legs around Kross. Kross hangs in there and manages to flip out and reverse it into a Kross Jacket! The crowd boos loudly as Joe's fading. The ref checks on Joe but on the third check, Joe hulks up! Joe pulls his shorts up then rams Kross back into the corner to break the hold. Kross fires back with another forearm to the back of the head and Joe falls to the mat, draped across the bottom rope. Kross waits for Joe to get up, calling for it--Kross looks for a Doomsday Saito but Joe ducks under and hits a side slam! The crowd back into this. Kross is positioned on the top rope. Kross kicks Joe; Joe fires back with an Enziguri! Joe hoists Kross up onto his shoulder and hits a modified Samoan Brainbuster! Joe covers and picks up the win! The crowd goes wild with Joe chants.
Your Winner and NEW Three-time NXT Champion, Samoa Joe!

After the Match

Samoa Joe stands atop the ramp as pyro and crowd chants welcome the new three-time champ, who holds his belt high above his head as our program ends and Kross prepares to job to Jeff Hardy tomorrow.

In Closing

And that wraps up TakeOver 36, the latest and greatest event from the Black & Gold brand. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay cool, stay frosty, and stay safe, Rajahmaniacs. See you tomorrow night for Monday Night Raw! Seacrest, out.

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