NXT TakeOver: Dallas Results (April 1, 2016)

WrestleMania 32 weekend officially kicks off on the WWE Network on Friday evening with the first of many big events across the next several days as WWE presents their NXT TakeOver: Dallas live special from the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

Stay tuned right here throughout the evening for the absolute best NXT TakeOver: Dallas live results coverage on the web!

NXT TakeOver: Dallas Kickoff Show

The NXT TakeOver: Dallas Kickoff Show begins on the WWE Network with Renee Young hosting a panel that features WWE Hall Of Famer Lita and SmackDown announcer Maurro Ranallo.

The three hype up the show in general and then kick it to Cathy Kelley, the newest member of the NXT broadcast team. Kelley hypes up her first-ever interview later, which will be with Sami Zayn.

We go back to the three-person NXT Kickoff Show panel, as Young, Lita and Ranallo start breaking down some of the individual matches scheduled for tonight's TakeOver: Dallas event. They talk about the NXT Tag-Team Title match and run the video package for the Baron Corbin vs. Austin Aries match.

The panel give their predictions for the Corbin-Aries match and then the video package for the Bayley vs. Asuka NXT Women's Title match airs. The trio then break down the Bayley-Asuka match and give their predictions.

Next up, the panel looks at the Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn match, including a slick video package.

The panel kicks it back to Cathy Kelley. She is standing by with Sami Zayn. Zayn talks about his match against Nakamura tonight and the Intercontinental title match later this weekend. Zayn talks about the importance of this weekend for him and it starting tonight at NXT TakeOver: Dallas. Zayn says Nakamura won't make a name for himself by wrestling him.

We look at a video package featuring a look at the unveiling of the Dusty Rhodes statue at WrestleMania Axxess. They show the ceremony in front of the crowd with the Rhodes family in attendance as the statue is unveiled.

Finally, the Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe video package airs. Afterwards, the trio talks about tonight's NXT Championship match. Ranallo picks Joe to win, as he wants a trilogy between the two. Lita picks Balor.

NXT TakeOver: Dallas Opener

The NXT TakeOver: Dallas Kickoff Show wraps up and now the opening video package for the NXT TakeOver: Dallas special is airing. We shoot live inside the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center and immediately head to the ring for our first match of the evening.

NXT Tag-Team Championships
Chad Gable & Jason Jordan vs. Dash & Dawson (c)

After our first glimpse inside the arena in Dallas, the music for Chad Gable and Jason Jordan immediately hits as they make their way down to the ring to a great reaction from the live crowd in attendance. Out next are their opponents for tonight, the reigning NXT Tag-Team Champions, Dash and Dawson -- The Revival.

Gable and Dawson kick things off for their respective teams. The fans chant for Gable early on.

The fans chant "Which One's Dawson? / Which One's Dash?" loudly and the announcers actually acknowledge it on the broadcast. The fans chant for Gable now as he gets the better of one-half of the NXT tag champs in an offensive series. Things get heated and all four members end up in the ring until the referee restores order.

Jordan tags in and within seconds has the fans chanting for him. The Revival end up bending the rules a bit to get the momentum in the match finally leaning in their favor. The action peaks when all four members hit the ring again and Jordan and Gable hit dueling German suplexes to clear the ring.

Jordan and Gable go out after both Revival members on the floor until Dawson and Gable, the legal men, resume in the ring. Dawson blind-tags Dash in. They take control of the offense after blasting Gable with a clothesline on the floor.

Dawson tags in and goes to work on Gable in the ring as the pace has slowed down considerable now that the tag champs are in complete control. The champs utilize quick tags and keep their opponent in their corner, using classic tag-team wrestling tactics.

Dash pulls off a cool move by crawling under the ring to the other side and crawling out to break up a pin attempt. The fans chant "You F*cked Up!" when Dawson blows a spot in the ring. "Botch-a-mania" chants echo throughout the arena in Dallas now. The announcers couldn't ackowledge that one!

The crowd finally calms down and gets back into the match now as the action resumes in the ring. This really has been an excellent tag-team match to kick off NXT TakeOver: Dallas.

Gable finally makes the tag to Jordan. Jordan takes the hot tag, comes in the ring and completely cleans house of both of The Revival members. Jordan now with a number of suplexes in a row. He goes for the cover but only gets two.

The fans start chanting "This Is Awesome!" as Jordan hits a huge belly-to-belly throw-suplex before another close near fall. Finally, Gable and Jordan hit their double-team finisher for the 1-2-3. We have new champs!

Winners and NEW NXT Tag-Team Champions -- American Alpha (Chad Gable & Jason Jordan)

Baron Corbin vs. Austin Aries

We see a number of celebrities in attendance, including Jim Ross and Kota Ibushi. From there, we see the video package for our next match, which will be Baron Corbin vs. Austin Aries.

After the video package we return back inside the arena where Baron Corbin is first introduced. Corbin makes his way to the ring. Out next is Corbin's opponent for this evening, Austin Aries. The fans in Dallas are way behind Aries tonight.

The bell rings and here we go. Aries goes after Corbin early on. Corbin goes out to try and take a breather on the floor, but Aries bum-rushes him on the floor as well. When they get back in the ring, Corbin cuts Aries off and is now firmly in control of the offense.

The match seems to be all Corbin's thus far, as he has shut down Aries' offense in the early goings. Corbin nearly gets a count out victory, but Aries gets back in the ring just in time. Corbin goes back to work on Aries once he's back in the ring.

Corbin goes for his End Of Days finisher on a beaten down Aries but out of nowhere, Aries reverses it and gets the 1-2-3 completely out of the blue. Austin Aries wins in his NXT TakeOver debut.

Winner: Austin Aries

Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The video package for Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura airs. Zayn vs. Nakamura is up next here at NXT TakeOver: Dallas!

We see Scott Hall and Sean Waltman in the crowd and then Sami Zayn's awesome theme song plays as he makes his way to the ring for one of the most anticipating matches of the evening.

Out next for his official NXT debut is former New Japan Pro Wrestling star, the king of the strong style -- Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura has an awesome entrance, as you would expect. The fans sang along with Zayn's music during his entrance, but also went ballistic for Nakamura during his as well. There is a ton of excitement in the air for Zayn vs. Nakamura here tonight.

The fans chant "Holy Sh*t" and "That Was Awesome!" They then break out into dueling "Nakamura! / Sami-Zayn!" chants as Zayn and Nakamura stare each other down right before going at it. The fans start collectively doing the "Yes!" chant as Zayn and Nakamura finally circle each other. Nakamura, in slick fashion, avoids Zayn's attempt to lock up. The fans break out into "Ole! Ole!" chants already. They also chant "This Is Awesome!" as they finally lock up.

We get some "This Is Wrestling!" chants as Nakamura and Zayn exchange offensive leads in the match here in the early going.

Nakamura takes control of the match after blasting Zayn with a number of intense kicks. Nakamura controlling Zayn now until Zayn suplexes his way out. Zayn now getting in some offense of his own on the Japanese star.

Zayn controls the action over Nakamura until Nakamura kicks his way back into control again. Nakamura lands some brutal jumping knees to Zayn draped across the apron. Zayn crashes out to the floor. Nakamura and Zayn return the action to the ring where Nakamura blasts Zayn, who was laid across the top rope, with a big running knee to the body.

Nakamura is knocked out to the floor. Zayn hits a running dive onto Nakamura from the ring to the floor. We see some replays of Zayn flying over the ropes and crashing onto Nakamura on the floor. Meanwhile, the action resumes in the ring.

Nakamura starts lighting up Zayn with knees until Zayn fights his way out with a big elbow. Zayn gets Nakamura in a tight submission on the mat and things look bad for Nakamura for a while. The fans chant "Please Don't Tap!" Finally, Nakamura fights his way out of it and blasts Zayn with a big kick. Zayn starts getting some really close nearfalls on Nakamura. Finally, the fans do a standing applause in the middle of the match. They break out into a wildly loud "NXT! NXT!" chant. This really is a tremendous match. Finally, Nakamura hits his finisher and gets the 1-2-3. The fans in Dallas give him a well deserved standing ovation. Awesome debut for Shinsuke Nakamura. Great match.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

NXT Women's Championship
Asuka vs. Bayley (c)

The dangerous Asuka makes her way down to the ring for the NXT Women's Championship match of the evening after the video package for the match airs. Afterwards, NXT Women's Champion Bayley makes her way out.

The bell rings and here we go. Asuka dominates much of the action early on, however Bayley continues to show signs of life.

Bayley locks Asuka in a dangerous submission hold, but Asuka wisely reverses it into an ankle lock. Bayley escapes the hold but whipping her leg and sending Asuka through the ropes and out to the floor.

Asuka is now once again dominating Bayley, seemingly with ease. Bayley suplexes her way into showing a brief sign of life, but Asuka blasts Bayley with a kick that drops the champ and lays her out on the mat where she is looking helpless yet again. The fans chant "This Is Awesome!"

Bayley goes for something but Asuka reverses it into an armbar. Bayley escapes and covers Asuka, but the challenger manages to kick out before the count of three. Asuka goes for the Asuka-lock but Bayley avoids it and hits a suplex of her own instead.

The NXT champ now has Asuka in an armbar of her own. Bayley screams as she sinches up on the arm of Asuka. Asuka finally escpaes the submission hold. Bayley goes for the Bayley to Belly but Asuka saw it coming and defended it well.

Asuka blasts Bayley with kicks and then hits a suplex of her own. Asuka has the armbar fully locked in now. Corey Graves points out that now that they are back on their feet, Asuka is looking for the Asuka-lock. Bayley is defending it well again. However, Asuka finally gets the Asuka-lock fully locked in on the champ. The announcers sell the danger as Bayley tries to fight it off. She seemingly does, only for Asuka to put her right back in it. Bayley finally passes out. We have a new NXT Women's Champion.

Winner and NEW NXT Women's Champion: Asuka

NXT World Championship
Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor (c)

The video package for tonight's main event between Finn Balor and Samoa Joe airs. Our NXT TakeOver: Dallas main event is up next!

It's time for the entrances for tonight's main event participants. Out first is the challenger, Samoa Joe. The fans give Joe a good reaction coming out.

Out next is the NXT Champion, Finn Balor. Balor comes out rev'ing a chainsaw over and over again. He sees the NXT title on the ground and finally gets down and does the Demon crawl towards it. He makes his way to the ring.

The announcer does the formal introductions for this NXT Championship main event. Here we go. Our main event of the evening is now officially underway.

The bell rings to start this one off. Within seconds, Balor nails Joe with something and busts him open. Joe is bleeding already. Balor hits a crazy dive onto Joe on the floor.

Joe is absoluely covered in blood but now he is in control of the action on the floor. Joe has blood pouring all over his face and body. He's bleeding bad, folks. They hand him a towel to clean himself off with. Joe now hits a big dive of his own onto Balor on the floor.

The blood is so bad from Joe that they actually keep stopping the action to have trainers try and clean him up and close the cut. Joe keeps pushing them away but eventually he is forced to let them clean him up. The fans boo and do negative chants directed at that.

Finally, the action resumes in the ring. The fans chant "Joe is gonna kill you!" as Joe continues his assault on the NXT Champion.

The action is stopped yet again as the trainers work on the cut on Joe. The fans loudly chant "F*ck PG!" It's echo'ing throughout the arena and on the WWE Network broadcast. Nothing WWE can do about that!

The action resumes again and an enraged Joe goes right back to work on Balor. We're told on commentary that Joe was busted open by a clash of heads with Balor during the first exchange of the match. After some brief offense, the trainers again stop the action to work on Joe. The fans chant "Let Joe Bleed! Let Joe Bleed!"

Joe locks in a submission on Balor but Balor escapes. Balor hits a desparation double stomp out of nowhere and now both guys are down. The fans chant "This Is Awesome!" as the referee does his double count. The fans do dueling "Let's Go Balor! / Let's Go Joe!" chants now as both guys get back to their feet. Balor hits a slingblade and a dropkick on Balor and then climbs to the top rope.

Joe crotches Balor on the top rope. Joe looking for the Muscle Buster now, as Corey Graves points out on commentary. Joe gets Balor up and nails him with the Muscle Buster. 1-2...Balor kicks out before the count of three to the surprise of everyone in Dallas, Texas. We see a close-up shot of Joe with a look of disbelief on his face.

Balor starts Hulking up and now he's blasting Joe with everything but the kitchen sink. Balor hits a double stomp on Joe off the top rope but seconds later, Joe has Balor in his choke. Balor uses his feet on the ropes to kick his way back, landing right into a pin. 1-2-3. Balor wins!

Winner and STILL NXT World Champion: Finn Balor