NXT TakeOver: WarGames Results From Houston, Texas (11/18)

WWE returns to the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas this evening for their highly-anticipated NXT TakeOver: WarGames live WWE Network special.

We will be providing live play-by-play results coverage of tonight's event. Make sure to keep your browsers locked on this page, and refresh it often, to view the latest results.


The Kickoff Show on the WWE Network ends and the live special is now about to go live.

The opening video package for NXT TakeOver: WarGames airs, highlighting the stories leading into tonight's top matches. From there, we shoot live inside the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. NXT TakeOver: WarGames is live now.

Kassius Ohno vs. Lars Sullivan

After the video package that kicked off the show, the announcers welcomed us to the show. From there, we head to ringside where our first match of the evening is about to get underway.

Ohno landed a big elbow early in the match, which really didn't seem to phase Sullivan - and set the tone for the contest. Everything Ohno seems to try, doesn't seem to work. Sullivan seems able to deal with it and give it back to Ohno.

The crowd in Houston seems to dig the action. Sullivan hits a Pop Up Power Slam for a spot that the crowd seemed to enjoy. Sullivan misses a big diving elbow, leading to Sullivan having some real moments in the match.

Ohno knocks Sullivan off his feet with a Cyclone Kick. Sullivan gets up and asks him to do more. Sullivan ends up ducking the Rolling Elbow and hits The Freak Accident for the end of the match. Sullivan wins.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

Backstage: The Undisputed ERA

We see Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Mark Andrews and Wolfgang sitting at ringside, and then we go backstage. We see The Undisputed ERA talking to William Regal, and they don't seem happy.

Aleister Black vs. The Velveteen Dream

Velveteen Dream went all Rick Rude for this match with airbrushed tights with Black's face on them. The fans were into the Velveteen Dream, but they were just as happy when Black won.

Black snapped off one of the fastest deep armdrags you'll ever see early as he showed his superior grappling. Dream couldn't even connect with a strike early as every time he tried, Black moved out of the way. Finally Dream got tired of being stretched and got in a couple blows. A sequence saw Black end in a sitting position on the mat, so Dream did the Rick Rude hip swivel, which Black ignored until Dream sat down like Black, so Black did Dream's grinding on the mat.

Dream finally got some sustained offense, using a superkick and a Rude Awakening. Black got tied in the ropes ala their tv angle a month ago and this had the same result as Black kicked Dream and got himself out. They kicked out of each other's secondary finishers, being Dream's Rolling Death Valley Driver and Black's running knee.

After the match Aleister sat next to Dream on the mat and said "Enjoy infamy, Velveteen Dream". So Dream got his ultimate goal of the match, which was for Black to say his name.

Winner: Aleister Black

NXT Women's Championship
- Ember Moon vs. Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross vs. Kairi Sane

Ember Moon became the 6th NXT Women's Champion, pinning Nikki Cross after a double Eclipse on both Cross and Peyton. This was a relatively short match but chalk full of big moves that the crowd was super into and were really happy for Moon to finally win the title. The only messed up move was early when Royce went to roll up Cross and somehow got Moon tangled up, which looked like both of them covering Cross at the same time.

Ember hit a Suicide Dive to Sane and Royce and then a hard power bomb to Cross on the floor. Sane broke up a pinfall with a running Blockbuster. Royce used a Reverse Octopus Hold on Sane until Ember superkicked her in the ribs. We had a Stacked Up Superplex with Royce German Suplexing Moon, who superplexed Sane. Cross hit her Twisting Fisherman Suplex for a 2 count and then used a Draping Roll The Dice on Moon. Royce used her Fisherman Suplex on Cross, but Sane had to break it up. Sane hit the Insane Elbow on Cross and Royce, but Moon broke that up and that led to the finish.

Winner and NEW NXT Women's Champion: Ember Moon

NXT World Championship
Drew McIntyre vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas

Almas shockingly won the title with a Hammerlock DDT off the top rope after McIntyre got caught up in the ropes when he missed his second Claymore Kick. You knew Drew was in for a bad night when he couldn't get his kilt off before the match.

Vega got all up in McIntyre's naval before the match, telling off the champion, which led to Almas getting the quick advantage at the bell. Almas lounged in the ropes, which came back to bite him in the ass as Drew kicked him out of the ring. Vega tried to interfere and hit a hurricarana behind the referee's back, but McIntyre caught her and set her down.

In almost the reverse of the last match, in this one they reversed and side-stepped a lot of big moves early, but they saved the big stuff for last. Drew went for a running power bomb to the post outside, but Andrade turned it into a hurricarana. Almas then hit a Moonsault over the ring post to McIntyre, who was on the floor. Almas hit his running double knees in the corner two different times for a two different 2 counts, but every time he went for his Hammerlock DDT Drew got out of it, including once hitting a sit out power bomb.

Almas kicked out of a Future Shock DDT and finally hit his Hammerlock DDT when Vega's interference finally worked as she hit a Hurricarana, but Drew kicked out of it. McIntyre finally hit the Claymore Kick but Vega put Almas' foot on the ropes.

Winner and NEW NXT World Champion: Andrade "Cien" Almas

- The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong vs. The Undisputed ERA vs. SAnitY

Eric Young, Adam Cole and Roderick Strong started the match. They put a metal platform between the two rings so no one could fall between the rings. I'll update this as much as I can throughout the match.

Young seemed willing to team with Strong early, but Strong punched him in the face and it was on. Cole was about to run and leave the match, but he got stopped. That actually led to him taking over on both Strong and Young, when he crotched them on the top rope. Cole tried to keep each man in separate rings, but even when they weren't he was on the offensive. Strong finally built some momentum at the end of the period.

Second Period: They did the Elimination Chamber light show instead of a coin toss and, believe it or not, Undisputed Era was released. This was 3 full minutes of Cole, O'Reilly and Fish beating down both Young and Strong. Young got caught between the ropes and the cage and had to stand there as Undisputed Era took turns running into him. Strong was the victim of a Wheelbarrow Suplex before he got smashed into the cage repeatedly.

Third Period: Authors of Pain was next and Fish did his best to hold the door closed, but it didn't work. O'Reilly tried and got a door smashed into his head. Akam and Rezar flung all 4 men all over the cage. Akam actually hiptossed Cole from one ring into the other and then he and Rezar backdropped Young into the other ring. AOP hiptossed Strong onto all 4 men, which finally got the crowd into the match.Young and O'Reilly were tied into Trees of Woe and the Authors gave Fish and Cole a Death Valley Driver into them.

The Match Beyond: SAnitY gets released to end the match and Alexander Wolfe had a hidden Nightstick that he used to beat on all three members of the AOP team. Killian Dain found some plunder under the ring as War Games went hardcore.

Dain was about to get in the ring, but the fans were chanting for tables, so Killian did as he was told and put two tables into the cage. O'Reilly did the Kurt Angle House Show Chair spot with the chair ricocheting off the ropes into his face. This became pure chaos as Dain decided it was his job to lock the cage. He ate the padlock key before going after Authors of Pain.

Dain did a corner dropkick onto one Author and fell with a back senton onto the other and then did a flying crossbody onto pretty much everyone else in the match. Fish kicked Dain in the legs, but he got laid out and Dain did a Michinoku Driver to Cole on top of Fish, which could not have felt good.

Dain and Rezar did stereo combo Samoan Drop/Fallaway Slams to multiple opponents and then Rezar decided to test Dain. Finally Akam laid out Dain with a running power slam, which took him out for a few minutes. Undisputed Era hit a 3-man Chasing The Dragon on Strong, but couldn't make the cover. No one could get sustained offense at this point as every time they would hit a big move they'd turn around and get hit with their own. O'Reilly tied Wolfe up with a chain and locked on and armbar, but EY broke it up with a diving elbow drop. Fish broke up the ensuing pin with a Moonsault on the pile.

AOP did a Super Collider to Fish and Young, where Dain was caught in the middle of it, but Young came back with a Death Valley Driver to Akam on top of Rezar. Strong decided that 20+ minutes into the match was the time to go Backbreaker crazy, but actually finishing with an Angle Slam on Dain. Cole ended up sitting on the ringposts between the cages and it led to a double stacked up superplex with the other 8 people and Cole somehow left all alone. Cole was celebrating momentarily and then the AOP looked up and saw him sitting there. After setting up both tables their attempted double back superplex was broken up by Wolfe, who put Rezar through both tables with a German Suplex, which busted open the back of Wolfe's head. Dain woke back up and hit the World's Biggest Van Terminator as he went corner to corner with a dropkick to O'Reilly, who had a garbage can in his face.

Cole ended up on top of the cage, but he shimmied his way to the opposing corner. Cole seemed poised to dive until he saw Strong standing there and Roddy seemed to put the fear into Cole. Both men ended up on top of the cage and the fans chanted "Please don't die". Strong then hit a superplex off the top of the cage and both men landed on top of almost everyone else. AOP hit a version of The Last Chapter to Dain on the metal ramp between the rings. Everyone laid out each other until Cole and Strong were the only two left. Strong beat on Cole until Young recovered and Wheelbarrowed him into the cage. Finally Cole used a Kendo Stick to Young and pinned him after a running kick. He also used a chair.

Winners: The Undisputed ERA