NXT UK Full Recap (9/16)- B.T. Sport Studios, London, England

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap. This edition of the show is centered around an NXT UK Tag Team Championship match, so let’s get down to it.

NXT UK (9/16/21)

⁃ The show kicks off with the announce team running down the lineup for today’s show, until Noam Dar makes his way down the ramp.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Number One Contender Tournament Semi-FInal

Noam Dar vs Kenny Williams

Round 1

The opening bell sounds, and the first match of the show is underway! Both men start the match slowly, and the feeling out process begins between the two. Dar scores an early take down on Williams, and gains a brief advantage with a chin lock. Williams fights to his feet, and both guys end up in the ropes, where the referee forces a break. After a moment, both men tie up once again, and Williams turns the tables with a takedown. Kenny applies a submission hold of his own, and pulls the hair of Dar, before Noam goes back in control. Noam applies a head and arm clutch on Kenny, until time runs out on the round.

Round 2

The second round starts off with a bit of a quicker pace, and Williams catches Dar with a back elbow to the temple. Williams turns up the intensity, and lands shot after shot on Dar, before applying a cover. Dar kicks out, and Williams continues to dominate the second round. Kenny locks on a pretty nasty submission hold, and Dar uses crafty offense to escape the maneuver. Noam goes on the attack, and gets in a few strikes of his own, until Kenny goes down with a leg injury. The referee forces Dar to stop attacking Kenny for a moment, until Williams smiles, and rolls up Dar for the 1-2-3.

Williams leads 1-0

Round 3

Round number three kicks off with a fury of offense from Williams, who is in complete control of the match. Kenny continues his assault on Dar, until Noam turns things around with an elbow strike. Noam scores a few pin fall attempts, and takes a moment to scream “I’m the best at this!” Dar makes another try at tying things up, and lands a few chops to the chest of Williams, who is still showing signs of fight. Williams almost steals the match with another roll up, but Dar turns it into a submission hold, as time runs out on the round.

Round 4

The fourth round bell sounds, and the action is fast and furious in the ring. Dar lands a quick strike to the knee of Williams, and drops Kenny with a thunderous kick to the face. Dar tries to score a dirty pin on Williams, but the referee catches him red handed. Kenny shakes off the kick, and lands a big strike of his own, sending Dar to the mat. Williams attempts to take off the turnbuckle pad in the corner of the ring, but the referee stops him. Kenny’s lack of focus allows Dar to apply a submission hold from out of nowhere, and forces Williams to tap out.

Tied 1-1

Round 5

With things all evened up, the fifth round is underway. A hockey fight breaks out between both men, until Dar lands a stiff shot upside the jaw of Williams. Both men go down for a moment, and fight back to their feet for another offensive exchange. Williams becomes more confident, and looks to put the match away with his finisher, but Dar rolls out of the ring. Williams goes on the chase, so Noam rolls back into the ring, and takes a moment to gloat. Kenny begins to join Dar, but Sha Samuels makes his presence felt from under the ring, and grabs the leg of Williams. Samuels holds onto Kenny’s limb, allowing Dar to nail a huge knee strike on Williams. Dar follows up by landing the Nova Roller on Williams, and becomes the first person to enter the finals of the tournament.

Winner: Noam Dar

⁃ After the match: The Coffey Brother’s are shown warming for tonight’s main event.

**commercial break**

⁃ When the show returns: NXT UK Assistant General Manager Sid Scala is in the ring, and he introduces the new NXT UK Champion, Ilja Dragunov.

New Champ Alert

After ending the historic reign of former NXT UK Champion WALTER, Ilja Dragunov makes his first appearance with the gold. Dragunov says “I can finally say I’m happy.” Ilja goes on to say “you see the path I have been on. It’s a path of struggle, and enormous pain. I made the impossible possible, ending WALTER’s reign, and standing here as NXT UK Champion. The most interesting question I have on my mind, is who will try to take this title away from me?” Nathan Frazer interrupts things, and he has a chat with Sid Scala. Frazer asks “why not me,” but he’s stopped by Rampage Brown. Brown asks “he’s joking right? We all know what I did to Joe Coffey, and we know how violent Ilja can be. If anyone is getting a shot, it’s gonna be me.” A-Kid joins the mix, and says “if anyone deserves the chance to face Ilja, it has to be me. He pushed my limits once before, only to realize my limit doesn’t exist. If I have to face any of you to get a chance against Ilja, I will.” Scala announces that all three men will face off in a number one contenders triple threat match, and Ilja says the bout “sounds like a great idea to me.” All three men start to brawl, until Brown floors Frazer and A-Kid, then exits the ring.

⁃ Backstage: NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura helps Emilia McKenzie warm-up, ahead of her match against Stevie Turner.

**commercial break**

⁃ After the break: Moustache Mountain share a few thoughts on tonight’s main event. Tyler Bate talks about wanting an NXT UK Championship match, but Trent Seven stops him, before making the claim that Moustache Mountain will have their names on the NXT UK Tag Team Championships soon.
⁃ Back in the studio: Stevie Turner makes her way down the aisle.

Stevie Turner vs Emilia McKenzie

The referee calls for the opening bell, and both women immediately fight into the corner of the ring. McKenzie and Turner tie up, and back each other into the corner a second time. McKenzie turns up the aggression, and works on the arm of Turner. Stevie reverses grip, and grabs a hold of her own, until running the ropes for a shoulder tackle. McKenzie springs back up with a back elbow, and hits a wicked twisting neck breaker for an early pin attempt. Turner begins to fight back into the contest, and lifts McKenzie off of her feet with a big knee strike. Turner has McKenzie on the back foot, and begins to work over Emilia in the corner. Stevie stomps a mud hole in McKenzie, and keeps the pressure on with multiple strikes for another pin attempt. McKenzie kicks out, but she’s showing signs of wear and tear, as Stevie locks on a unique arm hold. Emilia eventually breaks free, and turns the tables with a few consecutive takedowns, before nailing a spear on Turner from out of nowhere. Stevie kicks out on instinct, and fights to her feet, before hitting a spinebuster on McKenzie. Emilia shakes it off quickly, and sends Turner into the ropes, then catches Stevie with a snap suplex on the rebound. Emilia follows up with double knees to the face of Turner, and picks up yet another victory in singles competition.

Winner: Emilia McKenzie

⁃ After the break: Wolfgang and Teoman exchange words, ahead of their semi-final battle in the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Number One Contender Tournament.
⁃ In a promo package: Charlie Dempsey promises to show the WWE Universe “something you’ve never seen before.”

**commercial break**

⁃ During the break: The suspended Blair Davenport makes an appearance, and attacks Stevie Turner. Davenport gets on the mic, and demands Sid Scala to reinstate her.
⁃ Back in the studio: The Gallus boys make their way down the entrance ramp, and it’s time for the main event.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship

Gallus (Joe & Mark Coffey) vs Pretty Deadly(c)

After the big Championship introductions from the ring announcer, Mark Coffey goes toe to toe with Lewis Howley. Both men struggle to gain the early advantage, as Lewis plays a few mind games with Coffey. Howley turns up the intensity, and Coffey matches him tit for tat, trading strikes with Lewis in the process. Mark slows thing down with an elbow strike, and Howley heads to the outside to catch a breath. Lewis slides back into the ring, and tags in Sam Stoker, while Mark tags in Joe Coffey. The big bruiser enters the match with a full head of steam, and catches an innovative boot to the face from Stoker. Coffey shakes it off, and hits a crossbody bomb for an early pin attempt, before tagging Mark back in. Coffey hits a beautiful arm drag takedown on Stoker, who rolls into a tag from Howley. Coffey goes to work on the arm of Lewis for a moment, before turning his attention to Lewis’ knee. Pretty Deadly shows off wise heel tactics, and causes Coffey to fall to the outside of the ring. Stoker tags in, and goes to work on Joe back on the inside. Coffey eventually shakes it all off, and takes full control of Stoker, until Lewis Howley causes a distraction from the apron. Howley tags in, and lands a kick to the gut of “The Iron King,” then attempts to put the match away with a roll up. Pretty Deadly works over Coffey in their corner, and completely cuts the ring in half, as Joe reaches for his partner. Coffey tries his best to make it back to his own corner, but the Tag Team Champions are too crafty. Howley tries another cover, and smirks at Stoker, allowing Joe to get away for a moment. Hot tags are made all around, and Mark Coffey tosses Stoker, as well as Howley all over the ring. Mark lands a bulldog on Howley, and applies a cover, but Lewis kicks out at a close two. Howley shouts for Stoker on the outside, who makes a blind tag when Coffey forces Howley to run the ropes. Pretty Deadly make a few quick tags, until Stoker slows down the pace with a strike. Coffey brings things to a complete stop with a thunderous kick, and tags in Joe, who accidentally pins the wrong opponent. The action completely breaks down, and all four men fight on the floor, where they each go down. Joe Coffey rolls Lewis Howley into the ring, and nearly wins the match with a huge takedown, but Howley somehow manages to kick out! Both men stay down for a moment, until Joe hits the Glasgow Sendoff on Howley. Coffey makes a cover, and the referee nearly makes it to three, but Sam Stoker is there to break up the pin. All four men have one last exchange, until Howley falls onto Coffey for the 1-2-NO! Coffey continues to fight, as Pretty Deadly makes more quick tags, and sets up Coffey for Spilled Milk to score the 1-2-3.

Winner, and still NXT UK Tag Team Champion’s: Pretty Deadly

Now it’s time to hand out a few awards!

Superstar of the Night: Noam Dar

Match of the Night: Pretty Deadly vs Gallus

That’s all for this weeks edition of NXT UK! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great rest of your day!