NXT UK Recap: 2/11/2021

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap. Tonight’s show is full of stars to come, as well as the usual stars of NXT UK, so let’s get right down to business!

The show kicks off with a video package, hyping tonight’s main event street fight between The Hunt and The South Wales Subculture. The rivalry has been going on since last year, and comes to a head tonight! At the end of the package, footage from earlier today is shown, as Webster and Andrews attacked The Hunt in the locker room. The usual video intro plays, and Andy Shepherd, along with Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show. Andy tells us Eddie Dennis will be filling in for Wild Boar, after the attack from earlier in the day. Isla Dawn then makes her way down the ramp, and it’s time for the first match of the night.

Isla Dawn vs Meiko Satomura

The match gets under way, Satomura fires away with a few low kicks. They tie up, and go into the ropes together. Meiko locks in a headlock, and a takedown, before working over the neck of Dawn. Meiko continues the ground and pound, and locks in another hold. Dawn fights up, and hits a few strikes of her own, but Satomura won’t go away. Meiko floors Dawn, then picks her up, and continues to go to work. Satomura begins to work over the arm with crushing blows, until they tie up again. Dawn tries a suplex, but Meiko doesn’t allow it. Dawn nails a suplex, and tries a pin, to no avail. Dawn follows up with a double knee strike, and tries a pin once again. The two go to the top rope, and Meiko fights off Dawn, before hitting a suplex of her own. Isla kicks out of a pin attempt, and hits another suplex variation, before trying a pin yet again. Satomura stays in the game, and both women start delivering stiff shots to each other. Meiko finally spikes Dawn into the mat, and begins to hit a few kicks, before nailing Scorpio Rising for the 1-2-3.

After the match, NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray looks on from a far. Things then head to the NXT UK Performance Center, where Rampage Brown had a run in with Joe Coffey. NXT UK GM Johnny Saint joined them via zoom, and sets up “a proper heavyweight scrap” between the two massive men. After that, a vignette is aired, highlighting NXT UK newcomer Dani Luna. The show then heads for an ad break.

On the other side of the break, a creepy video package is shown, and it’s all about Aoife Valkyrie. The NXT UK women’s division is becoming more and more awesome by the show! After the package, Meiko Satomura has a few words in Japanese, and then tells Kay Lee Ray “I’m ready for you”.

The show then returns to the studio, where “The Scottish Supernova” is at ringside.

The Supernova Sessions

Noam starts off by telling us about advice he had received from his therapist, before telling us the therapist has been fired because “I am perfect as I am”. Noam then welcomes on his guest, Sha Samuels. Samuels gets upset by the seat he’s been given, so Dar let’s them sit on the sofa together. Samuels says “I’m exactly where I need to be”, and then tears down the roster. He rants about the name he was initially given, and how he didn’t work “for 18 years” to be given that name. Dar begins to tell a story, and Samuels tells him “you can never tell that story in public”. Noam says he has “alot of power”, and tries to make a match, but Sid Scala cuts him off. Dar apologizes, and tells Scala he’s to blame for Samuels first gimmick name. Noam tells Scala that Sha Samuels should face A-Kid for the Heritage Cup trophy. Scala agrees the name was bad, and tells Samuels he will talk to Johnny Saint about it. Samuels then tells a story of his own, and begins talking about a time in Amsterdam, but Noam says “No! Not that one!!”, as the “funky music” plays them off.

After the sessions end, Nina Samuels accepts a rematch with Xia Brookside, and adds a stipulation. If Brookside loses, she will have to be Samuels “assistant for a month”. The show then heads for another break.

Back from the break, Trent Seven is shown working out, presumably to get in shape for his attempt to join the Cruiserweight division. Seven talks about the goal he has in mind, and how getting in shape makes him feel “great”. Seven tells the viewers he will remain “focused”, and that he is doing this for his “well being”. Seven finishes by saying the “reward will come when I beat Jordan Devlin”, and the show returns to the ring.

Amale vs Piper Niven

The bell rings, and they share a few words, before exchanging slaps. Niven slams Amale into the mat, and hits a crossbody, straight into a cover. Amale kicks out, and Piper kicks her into the corner. Joseph Connors walks out, distracting Niven, and allowing Amale to takeover. Amale hits a pump kick on Niven while she is down in the corner, and applies a pin. Niven kicks out, and starts to wake up. Niven takes Amale down with a head butt, which sends Amale into the corner. Piper hits a big rolling splash, and follows up with a thunderous power maneuver for the win.

After the match, Niven yells at Connors. A video package then hypes an upcoming match. Sid Scala tells us Pretty Deadly and Gallus have signed the contracts for an NXT UK Tag Team Championship match, and it will go down in 2 weeks. The show then goes to a commercial break.

When the show returns from the break, Andy tells us Ben Carter will be on the show next week. Nigel follows up the big news with even more exciting news, and announces that Sha Samuels vs A-Kid for the NXT UK Heritage Cup will go down next week! That’s not all, as Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown will do battle on the next episode of the show. Once the announce team finishes hyping next week, Andrews and Webster make their way out to the ring.

The Hunt vs Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster

Andrews and Webster take a moment to appear, and Andy says there is something happening in the back of the arena. The show cuts to the backstage area, where The Hunt have attacked the face team. Dennis and Primate brutalize Andrews with anything in site, and finally go towards the ring. Primate and Dennis work over Webster in the ring, and try to win the match early. Webster and Dennis begin to fight, until Dennis goes to the outside. Webster remains on the attack, but gets get caught by Primate. Webster works over Primate until catching a kick from behind from Dennis. The Hunt goes to work on Webster again, beating him with a leather belt, and tossing him into the area where fans would be. Primate holds Webster up, while Dennis trash talks him, and strikes him. The victimizing continues, until Andrews appears from out of nowhere above the three men, and leaps off of a platform, taking out everyone on the way down. Everyone starts to fight their way up, and split into pairs briefly. Both pairs fight all over the arena, with The Hunt mostly in control. Andrews turns the tables on Primate, and Webster eventually fights off Dennis. Primate regains his advantage, and takes out Andrews again, but both men go down. Everyone is nearly crawling around the ring, until Dennis grabs a steal chair. Primate grabs one of his own, and so does the face team. They all start clanging and banging with the chairs, until Dennis is left standing tall, but Webster hits him from behind with a chair shot. Webster tries a pin, but Dennis kicks out. Primate goes to work on Webster briefly, but Webster rams Primate with a head butt. Dennis hits Webster from behind with a kendo stick, and Andrews comes into the picture again. Webster gains the advantage on Dennis, and hits a surprise springboard stunner on Eddie. Andrews heads to the top rope, but gets hit in the knee with a kendo stick shot from Primate on the outside. The Hunt begins to double team the knee of Andrews, and deliver stomps to the knee on a steel chair. Primate locks on a submission hold to the injured knee, but Andrews doesn’t tap. Dennis sets up a chair around the knee, and Primate grabs another chair. Dennis tries to destroy the knee, but Webster stops him, and fires up on The Hunt. Webster makes a big baby face comeback, until Primate cuts him off from the apron. Andrews tries a sunset flip powerbomb on Primate, but Primate stops him. Webster follows up with a drop kick, and forces Primate to take the big power-bomb into the floor. Andrews and Webster begin to eye Dennis, and they have him all to themselves. The face team gets months worth of redemption on Dennis, and batter him with kendo stick shots. The face duo grabs a table, and they slide it into the ring. They both put Dennis on the table, and Webster heads to the top rope. Primate begins to move at ringside, so Andrews goes to get him, but gets a suplex onto the floor. Dennis rolls off of the table, so Webster hits a senton to the back, and goes for a cover, but Primate stops him. Primate and Webster exchange heavy shots, until Primate overhead throws Webster into the corner. Primate sets the table up in the corner, and Dennis scoops up Webster. Andrews makes the save, but catches a spear from Primate. Webster is still on the top rope, and sets up for another crucifix power-bomb, but Webster reverses. Primate tries to follow up with another spear, but misses, and goes crashing through the table! Both members of The Hunt are down, and the face team head to the top rope. They hit 450 splashes in stereo on The Hunt, and Andrews seals the deal on a big win.

Andy and Nigel recap what we’ve just watched after the match, and talk about Andrews, along with Webster, “finally getting redemption” on The Hunt, as the show fades to black. Now it’s time to hand out some awards!

Superstar of the Night: Meiko Satomura

Match of the Night: The Hunt vs Webster/Andrews

That’s all for this weeks edition of the NXT UK Recap! Join me right here next Friday, as I take a look at an all new episode of NXT UK, right here on Rajah.Com!