NXT UK Recap: 3/18/2021

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to the NXT UK Review! Tonight’s show is all about a Cruiserweight Championship match, as well as an appearance from NXT UK Champion WALTER. Now that the intro is out of the way, let’s get down to business!

The show kicks off with a video package that hypes tonight’s Cruiserweight Championship match. Once the video footage wraps up, the usual opening video package plays, and Nigel McGuinness along with Andy Shepherd welcome the viewers to the B.T. Sports studio. Once Andy let’s everyone know what’s going down on the show, Nathan Frazer makes his way to the ring, and he’s in the first match.

Nathan Frazer vs Ashton Smith

Before the match, Nathan says “this may not be the name I wanted, but people are going to remember it”. The bell rings, and Smith locks on a headlock right away. Nathan slips out, and runs the ropes, then runs into a shoulder tackle from Smith. Ashton stays on the attack of Frazer, until the two have a brief standoff. A test of strength nearly breaks out, but Smith hits a kick to the ribs. Ashton tries another kick, followed by a suplex, but Nathan flips out of it. Frazer begins to heat up, and locks in a headlock on a grounded Smith. Ashton powers up, and throws Frazer, but he lands on his feet. Nathan tries to go on the attack, but gets hit with a fireman’s carry slam, and Smith immediately applies an arm hold. Frazer makes does a few flippy moves to escape, but gets caught by a big forearm shot, followed by a cover attempt from Smith. Ashton locks on another submission hold, and nearly scores a pin on Frazer. Nathan scraps his way out of it all, and heads to the apron, before leaping off of the top rope. Smith catches him, and slams Frazer into the mat with a thunderous slam. Smith makes the cover, and Nathan kicks out after a near fall. Frazer starts to finally heat up after that, and begins to hit rapid fire strikes. Smith stays in the corner, while Frazer goes to the opposite corner, and hits a coast to coast dropkick. Nathan goes to the top again, but misses a move. Frazer tries to follow up, but he gets hit with a blue thunder bomb for a very close near fall. Ashton tries to follow up with another slam, but misses, and finds himself on the mat. Nathan goes to the top rope yet again, and comes crashing down with a frog splash, before making the cover for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Nathan Frazer

-After the ring clears, Ilja Dragunov apologizes for his “recent behavior”. Sam Gradwell interrupts, and makes a challenge. They’ll be having a NO DQ match.

-In a video package, Isla Dawn is shown using some kind of witchcraft or sorcery.

-Andy announces a “special event” know as NXT Prelude, which will air on April 8th.

-NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint announces that Noam Dar will take on Tyler Bate at the show, in a number one contenders match to the NXT UK Heritage Cup.

Dani Luna vs Meiko Satomura

The bell rings, and Satomura starts off with a kick to the shin of Luna. Both women try to gain leverage on each other, and tie up briefly, until Luna takes Satomura down. They go back and fourth on the mat for a bit, until Satomura applies a headlock. Meiko continues the hold into a standing position, but Luna drives her into the corner, and forces a break. Both women have another stare down, and a test of strength breaks out. Luna controls the test, until Satomura hits a kick to the mid-section of Luna. Satomura continues to grab a headlock on Luna, and follows up with some massive kicks on the corner. Meiko Irish whips Dani across the ring, and tries a lateral press pin attempt. Luna kicks out, and begins to fire up, before delivering a suplex on Meiko. Luna tries to keep the pressure on, but gets caught with a spinning heel kick from Satomura. Meiko tries to go to the top rope, but she takes to long, and allows Luna to capitalize. Dani hits another suplex, and try’s a pin. Satomura kicks out, and Luna tries another suplex. Meiko blocks it, and hits a strike. Satomura sets up for Scorpio Rising in the corner, and nails Dani with the maneuver to pick up the victory.

Winner: Meiko Satomura

-Up next, WALTER makes an appearance.

-Viewers also hear from Jinny and Joseph Connors, and Connors challenges Jack Starz to a singles match.

-Dani Luna is shown being interviewed “during the break”, and Mark Andrews, along with Flash Morgan Webster comfort her.

“The Ring General” speaks

WALTER makes his way to the ring without the rest of Imperium, and he looks as intense as ever. The Champion says he’s the longest reigning NXT UK Champion in history. WALTER runs down the list of people he has defeated, and asks Johnny Saint to find him a new challenger. Rampage Brown interrupts, and business is picking up. The two mountains of men come face to face, and Brown tells WALTER he’s up for the challenge. Rampage pushes WALTER down to the mat, and tells him “when we face off, this reign comes to an end”. Both men yell at each other to end the segment.

-Earlier this week, Xia Brookside gives her “personal assistant” Nina Samuels a hard time at the gym.

-Also earlier this week, Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams are shown at the Performance Center. They have a future shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

-Andy announces that Gradwell vs Dragunov is official for next week. Nigel also announces that in three weeks, Brown vs WALTER will headline Prelude.

Cruiserweight Championship

Trent Seven vs Jordan Devlin(c)

After the big championship match introductions, the bell rings, and the action immediately gets going. Both men run all around the ring, until Devlin falls to the outside. Seven stays on the attack, and runs Devlin into the barricade. Devlin returns the favor, and runs Seven into the steps. Both men briefly go into the ring, and then continue to fight on the outside. Seven brings the rapid offense to a halt with a sickening suplex on the outside, and rolls Devlin into the ring. Seven tries a cover, and Devlin kicks out, after a close near fall. Seven makes it reign fists on Jordan in the corner, as Devlin’s chest begins to welt. Both men run the ropes, and Seven catches Devlin with a hop toss take down. Seven tries another cover, but Devlin kicks out. Things start to slow down a little, and Seven tries a DDT. Devlin reverses, and drives Seven into the mat, before trying a cover. Trent kicks out, and Devlin remains on the attack with kicks to the back. Jordan begins to stomp Seven a few times, and picks him up, just to drop him again. Jordan begins talking trash while standing on the face off of Trent, and Seven crawls into the corner to force a moment of rest. Devlin goes to the floor, and uses the ring post to lock on a nasty submission hold. Trent rolls to the outside, and Devlin drives his lower back into the ring apron. Both men go back into the ring, and Jordan continues to work on the back of Trent. Jordan hits a stomp on the grounded Seven, and follows up with a chop. Devlin starts to feel himself a bit, and continues to talk trash to Seven. Jordan hits a chop, and Trent falls into the corner, then reverses, and heats up with chops of his own. Seven looks exhausted, and that allows Devlin to get back in control of things. Devlin hits a slam, followed by a leg drop, and tries a lazy pin. Devlin seemingly wants to continue to punish Seven, until Trent starts to fire up. Seven hits a thunderous DDT to gain separation, and follows up with two quick slams, followed by a near fall on Devlin. Both men start to look completely drained, and in severe pain. Seven sends Devlin to the outside, and follows up with a dove through the ropes. Seven brings Devlin back into the ring, and heads to the top rope, before missing an aerial move. The failed attempt allows Devlin to lock on a sharpshooter, until Seven nearly taps out, but he gets to the ropes. Jordan drags him away, and Seven gets a surprise roll up. The surprise momentarily stuns Devlin, allowing Trent to lock on a hold of his own. Devlin also makes it to the ropes, and both men are down again. Trent looks for the Seven star lariat, but Devlin holds on to him, and blocks the attempt. Jordan tries the Devlin side suplex, but Seven grabs the ropes. Seven hits a few chops, until Devlin kicks him in the ribs. Jordan follows up with another, but Trent nails the Seven star lariat from out of nowhere for the 1-2-NO! Devlin kicks out, and both men are down again. Devlin collects himself, and heads to the top rope, but takes to long to get there. Seven goes to the top rope with him, and hits a crucifix style avalanche suplex, followed by the Birminghammer. Seven makes the cover, and Devlin gets his foot under the rope at the last second. Both men are completely gassed, and Seven is frustrated. Trent goes for the lariat again, but Devlin blocks. Devlin causes a referee distraction, and that allows him to get a thumb in the eye of Seven. Jordan follows up with the Devlin side suplex, and puts Trent away for the 1-2-NO!! NO!! Devlin is floored by the kick out! Devlin goes to the top rope again, before crashing down with a 450 splash to the lower back of Seven, and picking up the win.

Winner, AND STILL: Jordan Devlin

Andy and Nigel quickly recap the match highlights, as Devlin stands tall on the ring , and the show fades to black.

That’s all for the show, so let’s hand out some awards:

-Superstar of the Night: Trent Seven

-Match of the Night: Jordan Devlin vs Trent Seven


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