NXT UK Recap: 3/25/2021

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap! The episode is centered around a no-disqualification match between Ilja Dragunov and Sam Gradwell, so let’s get right down to it!

⁃ The show starts off with the usual opening video package, and Noam Dar is already on the stage.

Supernova Sessions

Noam welcomes the viewers to his show, and talks about “becoming the legend im supposed to be”. Dar then welcomes on his guest, Trent Seven. After they have a brief exchange over who sits where, Noam begins the interview. Dar talks about how Seven almost won last week, and asks “how does it feel to be a failure”? Seven says he’s not a failure, and Dar cuts him off. Noam asks if Trent has been doing pilates, and Seven explains “I’ve gone through the hardest regimes, it’s been hard. I’ve been counting calories”. Dar stops him again, and tells Seven “I’m an original gangster of the revamped Cruiserweight division. I’ve competed on every brand here”. Seven adds “yeah, and you squandered every opportunity”. Trent gets upset, and claims “I built this brand”. Sha Samuels interrupts, and he seems upset. Samuels yells at Seven, and tells him to “settle down”. Dar tells Seven that Samuels Is his friend, and he will be in his corner when Noam takes on Bate in two weeks. Seven tells both that he will be in Bate’s corner, and the segment comes to an end.

⁃ “Earlier today” Assistant GM Sid Scala informs Jinny that she and Piper Niven are banned from ringside tonight.
⁃ After a commercial break, viewers are reminded about NXT UK Prelude, and that goes down during Wrestlemania week.
⁃ A video package hypes the upcoming NXT UK Championship match, which will see the undefeated Rampage Brown take on WALTER.

Jack Starz vs Joseph Connors

The bell rings, and both men tie up. The bigger Connors tries to control things immediately, and Starz slips out of the grasp of Joseph. Both men start trying to gain leverage in the other, and come to a short standoff. They tie up again, and Connors takes Starz down. Starz gets up, and flips around, until he breaks free. Starz gets a quick roll up attempt in, followed by another, and quickly sends Connors into the ropes. Connors comes back on the rebound and hits a shoulder tackle, but Starz gets back up. Jack sends himself and Connors over the top rope, and onto the floor, but they come back into the ring. Starz heads to the top rope, and hits a crossbody, followed by a pin attempt. Connors kicks out of it, and Starz stays on the attack. Connors gets a sudden kick in, and drives the air out of Starz. Connors begins to control the match, until Starz tries to make a come back, but Connors hits a driving back breaker. Connors hits an innovative move, and tries three pin attempts, but Starz defiantly kicks out. Connors follows up with a massive clothesline, and tries a pin, but Starz kicks out once again. Connors talks a little trash, which allows Starz to capitalize. Both men start to exchange blows, until Starz takes Connors down to a knee. Jack runs the ropes for a move, followed by another running attack. Starz shows power of his own, and manages to slam Connors, before making a pin attempt. Starz gets in another roll up, and they stand up. Connors hits a ddt from out of nowhere, and follows up with the hangman’s neck breaker for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Joseph Connors

⁃ Backstage, Sam Gradwell is shown making preparations for the main event.
⁃ Pretty Deadly cuts a taped promo, where they talk about their NXT UK Tag Team Championship defense next week, which is against Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams.
⁃ “During the break” Piper Niven is comforting Starz, and invites him to train at the performance center.

Josh Morrell & Danny Jones vs Primate and T-Bone

T-Bone starts off the match against Morrell, and starts making it rain fists right away. Morrell finds himself stuck on the heel corner, and he gets double teamed, before Primate hoists Morrell across the ring. T-Bone tags back in, and throws Morrell into his own corner. Danny Jones tags in, and immediately gets suplexed into a pin attempt. Jones kicks out, and Primate comes back in. Primate throws Jones over head, and tries a cover. T-Bone tags back in to the match, and makes it rain forearms across the face of Jones. Jones kicks out of a quick pin attempt, and Primate tags in yet again. Primate slams Danny, and makes a cover, but Jones kicks out at a close two. Jones creates separation, and makes a tag to Morrell. Josh begins to heat up, before hitting a dropkick, as well as an impressive aerial maneuver, followed by a cover attempt. Primate kicks out, and he’s mad now. Primate follows up with a slam, and tries a cover, but Morrell kicks out. Primate let’s out a scream, and tags in T-Bone. T-Bone manhandles Morrell, as he stares down Jones on the apron. T-Bone tosses Morrell to the outside, and Primate works him over, while the referee is distracted. Morrell rolls back into the ring, and shows some fight, before tagging in Jones. Jones comes in on fire, and hits a kick, but gets stopped immediately after. Primate tags back in, and T-Bone slams Jones. Primate comes off of the top rope, and hits a diving move for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Primate and T-Bone

⁃ Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams are shown working out at the performance center, in an “earlier this week” segment, and stop for a very short interview.

Aleah James vs Isla Dawn

The match begins with a tie up, and both women exchange holds. Dawn ends up on the mat via a wrist lock, but she quickly pops back up. James scored a surprise roll up, followed by a basement dropkick, and tries another move, but Dawn cuts her off. Dawn hits a big boot to the face, and makes a cover, but James kicks out at two. Dawn makes it rain fists briefly, and gets caught with another surprise roll up attempt, but Dawn goes back on the attack. Dawn begins to stretch James, and locks on a nasty submission move. James breaks free, and hits a few strikes, followed by a dropkick to the midsection. Dawn gasps for air, and James hits a crossbody off of the ropes. Aleah almost scored a victory, but Dawn kicks out, and dumps James on the neck first onto the ropes. Dawn hits a suplex, followed by a second suplex into a bridge, and puts Aleah down for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Isla Dawn

⁃ Ilja Dragunov is shown backstage, and he’s looking super intense.
⁃ Xia Brookside forces her assistant, Nina Samuels, to clean the men’s bathroom... for some reason.
⁃ “During the break” Isla Dawn is approached by Kay Lee Ray. Isla begins to see spirits, and Ray simply says “nope”.
⁃ Nigel tells the viewers Pretty Deadly will face off with Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams next week, with the tag team titles on the line.
⁃ Andy hypes the upcoming NXT UK Prelude matches.

Sam Gradwell vs Ilja Dragunov

Gradwell goes on the attack right away, and hardly allows Dragunov to step in the ring. Sam makes it rain forearms, and powers Dragunov into the mat, then tries a pin. Ilja kicks out, and both men start hitting big moves on each other. Gradwell slides to the outside, and grabs a chair. Ilja stops him, and grabs the same chair, but decides he would rather punch Gradwell. Sam tosses Ilja back into the ring, and looks for another chair, but Ilja stops him once again. They go back into the ring, and Dragunov heads to the top rope. Gradwell goes to the opposite corner, so Ilja hits a coast to coast dropkick. Both men go to the outside, and have a brief exchange, until Gradwell hits Ilja with a foreign object. Gradwell begins to whip Ilja with camera cables, and then chokes him. Gradwell follows up by slamming Ilja into the floor, and this is getting ugly. Both men go back into the ring, and Sam has a chair. They exchange a few blows, until Gradwell spikes Ilja, and tries a cover. Ilja gets a shoulder up, and Gradwell exposes the turnbuckle. Both men go into the corner, but Ilja blocks the attempt from Gradwell. Dragunov briefly fires up, but Sam catches him, and plants Ilja on the top rope. They fight on the rope, until Ilja throws Gradwell to the mat. The separation allows Dragunov to catch his breathe, but Gradwell gets back up, and rips the feet of Dragunov out from under him. Ilja nearly hits his face on the way down, before Gradwell connects with a forearm to the face, which sends Ilja to the outside. Gradwell begins to look like he’s happy with himself, and goes back on the attack. Gradwell dishes out some forearms to the back, until Dragunov fights back, and both go down. Dragunov is clearly hurt, but he’s up first, and grabs the steel steps. Gradwell begs him off, and Ilja actually listens. This allows gradwell to grab another chair, but Ilja blocks the attempted shot. Dragunov then hits two German suplexes on the floor, and tries a third, but Gradwell saves himself. Ilja lays in some thunderous chops, and Gradwell begs him off again. Dragunov somehow falls for it again, and Gradwell follows up with an attitude adjustment like maneuver onto the steps. Ilja is screaming in pain, and Gradwell rolls him into the ring for a cover. Ilja gets a shoulder up somehow, and Gradwell is going back for the chair. Sam tosses in multiple chairs, and stacks them up, before picking up Ilja. Sam tries to drop Ilja on them, but Ilja stops him, and throws gradwell into the exposed turnbuckle. Ilja places Sam on the chairs, and heads to the top rope. Ilja leaps off of the rope, as Gradwell rolls out of the way, and Ilja hits the chairs. Gradwell tries to a score a pin, but Ilja barely kicks out. Both men are showing signs of damage, and Gradwell goes back on the attack, but he stops. Sam begins to hit a few chops, until Dragunov snaps. Ilja sends Sam into the chairs, and he’s coming unglued. Ilja hits a soccer kick to the side of the face, and starts to hit many chair shots to the back of Sam. Ilja plants Gradwell on the chair again, and starts to brutalize Sam, until the ref calls for a stoppage.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

The announce team recap what just went down, and Dragunov looks psychotic, as the show fades to black.

Now it’s time to hand out a couple of awards:

Superstar of the Night: Ilja Dragunov

Match of the Night: Joseph Connors vs Jack Starz

That’s all for this weeks show! Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend everyone!