NXT UK Recap: 4/1/2021

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap! The episode is centered around an epic NXT UK Tag Team Championship showdown, so let’s get right down to it!

⁃ The show begins with the usual opening video package, and Nigel McGuinness, along with Andy Shepherd, welcome viewers to the B.T. Sports Studio. After highlighting all of tonight’s action, Aoife Valkyrie makes her way to the ring.

Aoife Valkyrie vs Stevie Turner

Valkyrie is currently on an undefeated streak. Also, this is Stevie Turner’s first match. The bell rings, and both women tie up. Valkyrie grabs a headlock, until Turner gets a takedown. Turner locks on a rear chin lock on the mat, until Valkyrie powers to her feet. Stevie powers her back down with a hold, and works over the arm of Aoife. Valkyrie works her way out, and gets separation of a dropkick, and follows up with a single leg takedown attempt. Turner reverses the attempt, and floors Valkyrie. Turner applies a pin, and Aoife kicks out. Valkyrie begins to fire up, and hits a big kick, but she doesn’t get all of it. Valkyrie tries a cover, and Turner kicks out, so the match continues. Valkyrie remains in control of things, until she gets caught slipping, and finds herself on the mat. Turner briefly takes control, but Valkyrie begins to get angry. Valkyrie hits a slam, and heads to the top rope. Aoife nails Turner with the big leg drop across the back of Stevie for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie

⁃ After that match, Andy hypes a “face-off” between NXT UK Champion WALTER and Rampage Brown.
⁃ A video package hypes NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid.
⁃ “Earlier this week” Jack Starz and Piper Niven train at the NXT UK Performance Center.
⁃ NXT UK Tag Team Champion’s Pretty Deadly are shown backstage, discussing their title defense tonight.

Josh Morrell vs Teoman

This is Teoman’s second appearance on NXT UK. The match begins, and Teoman gains the early advantage with a few hold variations. Teoman stomps on the arm of Josh, and locks in another hold, until Morrell flips out of it. Morrell briefly fires up, until both men go into the corner. Teoman hits a chop to the chest, followed by a thunderous strike, and starts to stomp on the legs of Morrell. Teoman is fully in control of the match now, and hits a running forearm to the temple of Morrell. Teoman looks proud of himself, and grabs a wicked submission hold around the neck of Josh. Morrell tries to fight out, but Teoman stays in control, and hits a big elbow to the face of Josh. Morell tries to get going once again, but Teoman hits another forearm shot, followed by another. Morell lands a big one of his own, and stuns Teoman, so he follows up with a hip toss, into a pin attempt. Teoman recovers quickly, and runs the ropes, before landing a dropkick to the knee. Teoman heads to the top rope, and comes down with a missile dropkick. Teoman then stomps on the sternum of Morrell, before locking on his submission finisher for the win.

Winner: Teoman

⁃ Once the match wraps up, Rampage Brown and WALTER sit down with Sid Scala for a “face-off”.
⁃ NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray is shown making a beeline towards the ring.
⁃ Gallus is shown training to reclaim the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.
⁃ Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan are shown warming up backstage, as the prepare for the main event.

Kay Lee Ray Speaks

KLR starts off by talking about wanting to face the best, and brags about bearing Meiko Satomura. Ray says she proved everyone “wrong” when she beat Meiko, and she’s “still your forever Champion”. Amelia McKenzie interrupts her, and says “I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to return”. McKenzie tells Ray “our paths will cross soon”, and Ray tells her “our paths can cross right now”. Isla Dawn attacks McKenzie from behind, and tries to feed her to the Champion. Meiko Satomura runs down to make the save, and it looks there will be a tag team match soon.

⁃ After the segment comes to an end, a video package hypes the upcoming collision between Noam Dar and Tyler Bate.
⁃ “During the break” Sid Scala makes a tag team match between McKenzie/Satomura and Dawn/Ray official for next week.
⁃ A-Kid and Jordan Devlin will also speak next week, as well as Ilja Dragunov.

NXT UK Tag Team Championships

Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan vs Pretty Deadly(c)

This is Pretty Deadly’s first defense of the titles. After the big championship introductions, the match begins with Jordan and Howley. Both men have a stand-off at first, and Stoker tags in. Stoker ties up with Jordan, and Stoker goes to work on Jordan. Amir hits a few surprise drop kicks, and Stoker goes to the outside. Stoker tags in Howley, and Jordan tags in Williams, and both men go into the corner. Howley takes Williams down to the mat with an arm hold, and wrenches the wrist back at the same time. Williams eventually works his way into a hold of his own, and attacks the legs of Howley. Howley beautifully rolls out of it, and hit the ropes, before landing a shoulder tackle on the rebound. Howley hits a hip toss, and tags in Stoker, who tries a cover. Williams kicks out, and locks on an arm hold. Williams tags in Jordan, who also works over the arm. Williams tags right back in, and continues to work on the arm of Stoker. Jordan immediately comes back in, but Stoker works him over into the champions corner. Howley tags in, but Williams and Jordan drop kick both champions to the outside. Howley comes back into the ring, and ties up with Jordan. Jordan hits a crossbody after running the ropes, and but Stoker made a blind tag. Howley runs to the outside of the ring, but lures in Jordan for a strike from Stoker. The champions begin to take control of things, and repeatedly tag in and out. The champions hit a double-team move on Jordan, and Stoker makes a cover, but Jordan kicks out. Stoker applies a submission hold, and Amir reverses with a neck breaker. Howley blind tags in, and the champions are crafty. The champs continue to double-team, and isolate Amir, now fully in control of the match. Amir goes to the outside, and tries to make a sneaky attempt at a tag, finally doing so. Kenny comes in on fire, and goes to work on both champions. Williams hits a bulldog on Stoker, and send Howley to the outside. Williams goes to the top rope, and jumps off with a cross-body, but Stoker catches him. Williams reverses a slam attempt into a hurricanrana on Stoker for the cover, and Howley breaks it up just in time. Howley tosses Jordan to the apron, but misses an attempt, and falls to the floor. The challengers have a brief advantage, but Howley stops it, and the champions hit double team moves on both guys. Jordan recovers first, and both challengers hit moves on Howley. Williams hits a DDT and Howley, and makes a cover for the 1-2-NO! Everyone goes down briefly, and the champions are hurting. Stoker and Jordan become the legal men, and the referee goes down, followed by everyone else. How chaotic! Williams grabs the titles, and hands one to Amir. They argue about possibly cheating, and Williams listens. Jordan goes for a move on Howley, but Williams grabs the title anyway, and nails Jordan with it! Williams leaves, and the champions hit Spilled Milk for the 1-2-3.

Winner, AND STILL: Pretty Deadly

After the match, Nigel puts over the turn by Williams in a big way, as the show fades to black.

Now it’s time to hand out some awards:

Superstar of the Night: Kenny Williams

Match of the Night: Pretty Deadly vs Williams and Jordan


That’s all for this weeks show! Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend everyone!