NXT UK Recap: 4/29/2021

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap. Tonight’s show is centered around a 6-Man tag team match where Gallus will go against The Hunt, and it’s time to get down to business!

NXT UK (4/29/21)

⁃ The show kicks off with the usual intro, and Andy Shepherd, along with Nigel McGuiness welcome the viewers to the B.T. Sports Studios.
⁃ Andy runs down the list of match’s for tonight, until Teoman makes his way down the ramp, and he’s in the first contest of the night

Teoman vs Rohan Raja

The opening bell rings, and both men tie up immediately. Rohan takes Teoman into the ropes, and Teoman slaps Raja. Teoman begins to work over the arm of Rohan, and both men trade arm drags. Both men battle into the corner, until Teoman briefly stops him. Raja hits a swinging neck breaker, and Teoman gets right back up for a face off. Teoman starts to fire up with a flurry of offense, and begins to lay in multiple strikes to a downed Rohan. Raja makes his way back to his feet, and Teoman chops him into the corner, until Irish whipping him into the opposite corner. Teoman makes a charging attack, but gets caught with a crossbody by Rohan, who follows up with a quick pin attempt. Teoman quickly kicks out, and counters with a brutal forearm that sends Raja to the mat, and Teoman tries to make a cover. Raja won’t go away, but Teoman keeps the pressure on with strikes. Raja begins to make a comeback, and nails a drop kick, before trying to put Teoman away. Teoman kicks out, and tries another move, but he gets caught, before being slammed into the mat for a pin attempt. Rohan tires to put Teoman away, but Teoman takes out the knee. Teoman hits a spike DDT off of the middle rope, and locks in a brutal crossface submission hold, as Raja sells the pain. Rohan nearly makes it to the ropes, but Teoman reverses pressure, and changes to an arm hold. Teoman gruesomely snaps the arm of Rohan, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Teoman

⁃ After the match, Teoman cuts a promo on Rohan, and says “perhaps you will see the eye is watching”.
⁃ A promo package is aired for what looks to be a new faction called Subculture.
⁃ “Earlier today” Ilja Dragunov is confronted by a “sympathetic”Dave Mastiff. Dave says he will beat the temper out of Ilja, and Dragunov looks happy.

Assistant GM Sid Scala and Kay Lee Ray Talk

Ray begins by sending a message to the entire WWE women’s division, and she says no one can beat her. Kay Lee wonders why she is even here, and Scala announces that there will be a gauntlet match next week. The competitors in the contest will be Jinny, Isla Dawn, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna, and Emilia McKenzie, who all appear from out of nowhere at ringside. The winner will receive a future shot at the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Ray tells them “none of you are good enough to beat the forever Champion”, and the segment comes to a close.

⁃ Aoife Valkyrie is shown warming up backstage, as she prepares to face Meiko Satomura.
⁃ A video package hypes NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly, who’s confidence is through the roof right now.
⁃ On the other side of a commercial break, Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid is shown talking about his upcoming defense against Tyler Bate.

Levi Muir vs Sha Samuels

The bell rings, and both men tie up, before going into the corner. Samuels regroups, and applies a headlock, but Muir slips out. Samuels goes back on the attack, and grounds Muir briefly, but Levi pops back up. Both men run the ropes, and Levi hits a crossbody for a pin attempt. Samuels kicks out, and Levi miscalculates an attempt, before getting nailed with huge strikes from Samuels. Sha takes Muir down, and lands a thunderous kick to the back, before loading up for a running attempt. Samuels nails the running elbow strike, and hits a crossbody, before immediately going into a headlock on the grounded Muir. Sha begins to batter the shoulder of Levi, and he’s really working over the shoulder. Muir shows fight, until getting caught with a strike to the face. Muir rolls through the butchers hook attempt from Samuels, and takes Sha to the mat, before taking a second to pose. Levi powers Samuels into the air, but Sha rakes the eyes, sending Muir down in pain. Samuels sets up for a spinebuster, and flings Muir into the mat for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Sha Samuels

⁃ Once the match concludes, viewers hear from Trent Seven in an “earlier this week” segment at the PC. Sam Gradwell confronts him, and tells Trent “you’re not on my level”.

Aoife Valkyrie vs Meiko Satomura

Valkyrie is undefeated heading into this match. Satomura bows to begin the battle, and Valkyrie bows back. Both women begin to feel each other out, before tying up. Neither woman has the power advantage, and they go into the ropes. Satomura blocks a strike, and lands a slap, before taking Valkyrie into the mat. Satomura controls the early portion of the match with a submission hold, until Valkyrie makes it to her feet. Meiko doesn’t release the hold, and takes Aoife down again, grinding away at Valkyrie. Aoife finally fights her way up again, and test of strength breaks out, before Aoife gets a takedown. Valkyrie applies a submission hold, and goes straight into a head scissors. Satomura nips up out of the hold, and runs the ropes with a shoulder block takedown. Satomura begins to pick up the pace, until she gets caught with a boot to the face. Valkyrie tries a double-leg nelson takedown, and eventually gets a pin, but Satomura kicks out quickly. Meiko beings to get more intense, and she’s fully in control of the match, until Aoife nails an enziguri. Meiko falls to the outside of the ring, and Valkyrie goes to get her, before rolling Meiko back into the ring for a pin attempt. Meiko kicks out for a near fall, but Aoife immediately applies a nasty submission hold, and screams as she tries to force a tap out. Meiko just makes it to the ropes, and the match continues, as Satomura makes it back up. Meiko changes gears, and applies a figure four leg lock. Valkyrie desperately tries to get to the ropes, and she makes it, forcing a break. Meiko starts landing strikes to the knee, before hitting a cracking kick to the face of Valkyrie. Aoife falls to the mat, and Meiko lets out a primal scream, before attempting to put away Valkyrie. Satomura misses a strike, and Aoife looks to capitalize. Aoife nails a strike, and looks to follow up with a cover, but Meiko kicks out at the last second. Valkyrie heads to the top rope, but Meiko stops her, and tries a superplex. Aoife blocks, and reverses into a powerbomb, before making the cover for the very close near fall. Aoife tries to follow up on the near win, and goes for a step-up enziguri, but she misses, before getting driven into the mat via a Satomura suplex. Meiko lays in a few kicks to the chest, and goes for a scorpion kick. Aoife moves out of the way, and slams Meiko, before hitting a leap off of the top rope. Valkyrie tries yet another pin, but Meiko will not go away. Valkyrie loses her focus, and heads to the top rope, but she misses a moonsault. Satomura nails a few strikes, and both women go down, before Satomura runs the ropes. Meiko hits a splash, and follows up with another kick to the chest. Satomura pulls a fast one on Valkyrie, and hits the Scorpio Rising for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Meiko Satomura

⁃ When the match comes to an end, Satomura helps Valkyrie up, and they hug it out.
⁃ A vignette airs for The Hunt, who announces that they are now known as Symbiosis.
⁃ Once the show returns from a final break, the final battle between Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams is announced. It will be a Loser Leaves Town match, and that goes down next week.
⁃ Also next week, Ilja Dragunov will take on Dave Mastiff.
⁃ Nigel announces that Ben Frazer will be on The Supernova Sessions next week as well, and Symbiosis makes their way to the ring.

Symbiosis vs Gallus

Eddie Dennis begins the match against Joe Coffey, but he tags out to Primate. Primate comes in aggressive, and grabs a hold of Coffey, before laying in stiff shots. T-Bone tags in, and maintains the advantage, until Coffey briefly fights back. Joe gets tossed back into the heel corner, and Symbiosis takes advantage of the numbers. Coffey finally works into his own corner to tag in Mark Coffey, and they work over Dennis. Wolfgang joins the fun, and he takes Dennis into the mat, before dragging him back into the Gallus corner. The fast paced action continues with Joe Coffey tagging back in, as well as T-Bone. The big man hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Coffey, and stands over him in a stalking manor. Primate makes his way into the ring, and Symbiosis begin to isolate Joe. Eddie Dennis slows things down a bit, and tries a pin, but Joe is still alive. The heels continue the isolation, and the fast tags keep going, until Primate hooks the leg of Coffey. Joe kicks out, and starts showing fight, before inching toward a tag. Primate stops him with a boot, and Symbiosis tries a double team maneuver. Joe tries to fight them off, but the numbers game takes over. Eddie Dennis sets up for a crucifix powerbomb on Coffey, but Joe forces him to release the attempt, before heading to the top rope. Joe comes back down with a beautiful crossbody, and both guys go to the mat, before Coffey makes a hot tag. Dennis also makes a tag, and Wolfgang runs straight into T-Bone. Both massive men trade shots, until T-Bone tosses Wolfgang across the ring. Primate capitalizes briefly, but Mark Coffey blind tags in. Coffey fires up with a few takedowns on Primate, and lands a boot to the face of T-Bone. Coffey keeps the pressure on with a bulldog, but Primate is still in it. Primate hits a lariat to the back of the head of Mark Coffey, and tags in Dennis, who plants Mark with a DDT. Dennis follows up by kicking Wolfgang off of the apron, and he tags T-Bone back in, who tags in Primate. Symbiosis collectively nail Mark with a strike and slam combo, before T-Bone makes the cover, but Joe Coffey makes the save. Everyone clears the ring, until Mark Coffey and Primate are left inside. Coffey plants Primate, and tags in Wolfgang, who tags in Joe Coffey. Coffey hits the Glasgow Sendoff on Primate, and Gallus picks up the victory.

Winner: Gallus

⁃ Nigel and Andy put over the circumstances of the result to end the show, which comes to a close with Gallus standing tall.

Now it’s time to hand out a few awards!

Superstar of the Night: Aoife Valkyrie

Match of the Night: Meiko Satomura vs Aoife Valkyrie


That’s all for this weeks edition of NXT UK!