NXT UK Recap: 5/13/2021

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap. This edition of the show is centered around a 5-Woman Gauntlet match, which will determine the number one contender to the UK Women’s Championship! Let’s get down to it!

NXT UK (5/13/21)

⁃ The show kicks off with the usual intro, and Andy Shepherd, along with Nigel McGuiness welcome the viewers to the B.T. Sports Studios.
⁃ The announcers hype the 5-Woman Gauntlet match, until Nathan Frazer makes his way down the ramp.

Heritage Cup Rules

Nathan Frazer vs Noam Dar

Round 1: The round one bell rings, and both men start slow. After a feeling out process, both men tie up, and Frazer gets the early advantage. Dar reverses a hold, and both men exchange holds, until Frazer regains the advantage. Dar once again makes his way back on top, until Frazer gets a takedown, into an arm drag. Both men make it back up, and go into the ropes, until Dar slaps Frazer. They tie up again, and Frazer picks things up with a takedown, into a quick head scissors. Dar tries a head scissors of his own, but Frazer kips up, and time winds down on the round. After the round concludes, Dar gets in a cheap shot.

Round 2: The bell rings, and Dar looks smug. Dar starts off with a takedown, and but Frazer rolls through for a cover attempt. Both men stand and exchange strikes, until Frazer rolls Dar up for the 1-2-3.

Frazer leads 1-0

Round 3: The third round bell sounds, and Frazer starts off on fire. Frazer tries to end things immediately with a pin attempt, but Dar kicks out. Sha Samuels makes his way to the ring to support Dar, and Frazer is distracted. Frazer refocuses, and turns on the speed and agility, until Dar kicks the legs out from under Nathan. Dar stays on the gas with stomps and kicks all over the body of Frazer, before landing a huge kick across the chest. Frazer falls to the mat, and Dar lands a few more brutal kicks. Frazer finally catches him, and hits a springboard from out of nowhere, before heading to the top rope. Sha Samuels distracts him again, allowing Dar to meet Frazer up top, buy time runs out on the round.

Round 4: The fourth round starts off just as it ended, with Frazer hitting a strike, before heading up top. Frazer misses a leaping attempt, and runs at Dar, who kicks him hard in the chest. Dar then connects with a nasty roundhouse elbow, and he gains a very close near fall afterwards. Dar heads into the corner for the Nova-Roller, and tries to hit it, but Frazer ducks. Nathan follows up with an enziguri, and comes behind that with another attempt. Dar rolls through the maneuver, and straight into a submission hold, causing Frazer to tapout.

Tied at 1-1

Round 5: The fifth round of the bout begins, and both men are gassed. A hockey fight breaks out, until Dar lands a big left, followed by a kick. Dar nearly steals the match with a roll up, and Frazer tries one of his own. The lightning quick pace continues, and both men are feeling the pain. Dar then sends Frazer to the mat with a thunderous strike, causing Frazer to fall to the outside. Samuels rolls him back into the ring, allowing Dar to hit the Nova-Roller for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Noam Dar

⁃ Earlier this month: Rampage Brown challenges Gallus to a match.
⁃ A promo package airs for the NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly. They say they’ll “be on top for a long time.”
⁃ Earlier this week: Trent Seven cheers up Jack Starz at the PC. Sam Gradwell walks in to berate Seven, and catches a stiff right hand for doing so.

Levi Muir vs Mark Andrews

This is Andrews first match as a member on the new ‘Subculture’ faction. The bell rings, and both men begin with a tie up. Both men exchange holds for a while, until Andrews scores a roll up attempt. Andrews follows up by hitting a standing moonsault on Levi into a cover, and Muir kicks out. Both men begin to run the ropes, until Muir hits a big slam, and tries a pin. They make it back up, and the larger Muir begins to apply the pressure to Mark with big strikes. They go into the corner, where Muir hits thunderous uppercuts, before hoisting Andrews up in fireman’s carry position. Mark slips out, and runs the ropes, but rebounds straight into an elbow from Levi, who follows up with a big slam for a cover attempt. Muir keeps his momentum going with a chop, but it wakes up Andrews, who gets going with a strike. Mark begins to fire up with quick strike offense, and takes down Muir, before missing a springboard attempt. Andrews charges back at Levi, who catches Mark, and tries to hit a rebound slam on Andrews. Mark reverses on the rebound, and hits the Stundog Millionaire from out of nowhere. Muir rolls to the outside, so Andrews follows up with a dive to the floor, and he nails it. Andrews drives the back of Muir into the barricade, before rolling Levi back into the ring, and heading up to the top rope. Andrews comes crashing down with the Fall to Pieces, and nails it for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Mark Andrews

⁃ After the match, Amale demands to be the 5th women in the Gauntlet Match. Sid Scala declines, and says she will face Xia Brookside next week.
⁃ A video package recaps last weeks Loser Leaves Town match, which Amir Jordan lost. Viewers are also shown behind the scenes footage of an emotional Jordan exiting the arena.
⁃ After a commercial break, Andy announces that the Heritage Cup will be on the line next week, when A-Kid defends against Tyler Bate.
⁃ Bate and A-Kid sit down with Sid Scala for a segment after this, and talk about what the Heritage Cup means to them.
⁃ Nigel announces that Noam Dar will host another edition of the Supernova Sessions, with his guest, Ilja Dragunov.

5-Woman Gauntlet Match

Isla Dawn vs Emilia McKenzie

When the match gets underway, both women tie up in the center of the ring. They eventually go into the corner, causing the referee to force a break. They begin to grapple again, until McKenzie nearly scores a pin, and she refuses to release Dawn. Emilia hits a wicked takedown, and tries another cover, but Dawn is still in it. Isla picks it up, and starts to land nasty strikes to the sternum, before trying a cover. Isla nails another kick, and tries a second cover, but McKenzie is still fighting. Emilia rocks Dawn with an enziguri, followed by a dropkick, before both women go into the corner. Emilia causes separation, and then climbs to the top rope briefly, before switching it up, and hitting a spear on Dawn. Emilia applies a pin, and scores an extremely close near fall, but Dawn will not go away. Emilia looks to capitalize, but Isla regroups, and hits a kick to the side of the head, followed by a fisherman’s suplex for the 1-2-3.

Isla Dawn vs Dani Luna

The bell quickly rings, and Luna begins things on fire. Dani beats Isla all around the ring, before hitting a big suplex, and tryng a pin. Isla mangages to kick out, but Dani maintains the momentum, before trying yet another quick pin attempt. Isla kicks out, and Dani comes behind that with a fall away slam. Luna then hits an exploder suplex, and tries a pin, but Isla kicks out on instincts. Dani then mounts Dawn in the corner, and sets up for a spear, and misses, before going shoulder first into the post. Isla catches Dani with a roll up on the way down, and makes the cover for the 1-2-3.

Isla Dawn vs Meiko Satomura

“The Final Boss” steps into the ring, and Dawn goes on the attack right away. Both women go to the outside, and Isla quickly brings the match back into the ring. Dawn continues trying to put Meiko away quickly, until Satomura fires up with strikes. Meiko finally grounds Isla, and hits a few kicks in the corner, until the referee forces a break. Isla begins to fight back, until Satomura nails a Pelé kick, followed a pin attempt. Meiko countinues to take control of things, until she misses a maneuver, and catches a few stiff kicks to the face. Dawn capitalizes by landing a suplex on Meiko, and comes behind that with a fisherman’s suplex. Isla then hits double knees across the shoulders of Meiko, and makes the cover, but Meiko is still in it. They both stand, and Meiko hits a ddt, before attempting to put Dawn away with her finisher. Isla escapes momentarily, but Satomura locks on a submission hold, nearly forcing a tapout. Meiko uses the moment of hesitation against Dawn, and uniquely rolls Isla for the 1-2-3.

Meiko Satomura vs Jinny

Both women begin the final segment of the match slowly, and feel each other out. They go into the ropes, where the referee causes them to break the hold on each other. The grappling continues on the mat, until they stand back up, and neither women can gain the advantage. After both women go into the corner briefly, Jinny tries a pin, and another pin. Jinny makes a third attempt at a pin, but Meiko is defiantly still in it. Jinny goes to work on the arm of Satomura, who reverses, and nearly steals a win. Meiko finally lands a takedown on Jinny, and applies a head scissors, trying to grind down Jinny. “The fashionista” briefly counters, but Meiko answers right back, and goes to work on the legs of Jinny. Jinny breaks free, and both women stand, before exchanging strikes. Meiko lands the final blow of the exchange, and follows up with a nasty STF submission hold, but Jinny makes it to the ropes. After a quick exchange, Jinny spikes Meiko face first into the mat, and tries a cover. Meiko fights back up, but Joseph Connors distracts her from the outside, allowing Jinny to try to take advantage, but Meiko counters. Satomura follows up with a scorpion kick, and lands it for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Meiko Satomura

⁃ After the match, Kay Lee Ray makes her way into the ring, where she has a face off with Satomura. Both women bow at each other, before Ray hits a kick from out of nowhere, flooring Satomura. KLR yells about being the “forever Champion”, as the show fades to black.

Now it’s time to hand out a few awards!

Superstar of the Night: Noam Dar

Match of the Night: Women’s Gauntlet Match

That’s all for this weeks edition of NXT UK! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great rest of up it day!