NXT UK Recap: (5/21/2021)

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap. This edition of the show is centered around a Heritage Cup Championship match, where A-Kid will defend the Cup against Tyler Bate. Let’s get down to it!

NXT UK (5/21/21)

⁃ The show kicks off a video package, recapping the gentlemanly duel’s between A-Kid and Tyler Bate.
⁃ The announcers welcome everyone to the B.T. Sports Studios, and hype the Heritage Cup Championship match, until Rampage Brown makes his way down the ramp.

Rampage Brown vs Wolfgang

The bell rings to start the opening contest, and both men tie up in the center of the ring. After exchanging grip for a bit, both men have a standoff. They begin exchanging blows, until Rampage floors Wolfgang with a dropkick. Brown starts to go to work on Wolfgang, until the big man returns the favor, and floors Brown. Wolfgang continues the momentum, and beats Brown into the corner, before missing a splash, and rolling to the outside. Brown goes on the chase, and nails straight left and right hands, until Wolfgang throws Brown into the ring post. Wolfgang rolls back into the ring to stop the referees count, and rolls back out of it to stay on top of Brown. Wolfgang tosses Brown back in the ring, and nails a slam, before applying a pin. Brown kicks out, and Wolfgang immediately locks on a submission hold to the injured midsection of Brown. Wolfgang begins to make it hard for Rampage to breathe, and he eventually fights out of the hold. Rampage uses an elbow to break the hold, but Wolfgang won’t go away. Brown takes a minute to collect himself, before Wolfgang comes crashing down from the top rope. Wolfgang tries a cover, but Brown is still showing signs of grit. Brown briefly comes alive with a slam, but he can’t capitalize because of the injury. Wolfgang then nails a spear, before applying a cover, but Brown kicks out. Rampage begins to fire up with a hip toss, and Wolfgang tries another spear, but he catches a knee to the face. Brown then sets up for the Doctor Bomb, and puts Wolfgang away for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Rampage Brown

⁃ In the locker room, Tyler Bate is shown warming up.
⁃ Earlier this week at the Performance Center, Ashton Smith is confronted by Teoman, setting up a future match.
⁃ A vignette is aired, and Aoife Valkyrie says she’s “ready to look forward, and finally fly”.

** Commercial Break**

⁃ During the break, Rampage Brown runs into Gallus again, and he’s challenged by Mark Coffey.

Amale vs Xia Brookside

The bell rings, Brookside starts off fast. Xia goes straight after Amale, and hits her with rapid fire strikes, getting retaliation for the attack in the locker room. Amale tries to run away, but Brookside stays on top, and applies a quick cover. Xia applies an arm bar, and grounds Amale, before standing her up. Both women run into the ropes, and Amale drags Xia to the outside. Amale slams Xia into the barricade, and rolls her back into the ring, before landing a number of strikes. Amale then scoops Brookside up for a slam, and throws her down, before trying a pin. Xia rolls out of the pin, and into the cover, but Amale remains in control. Amale lands a few brutal strikes straight to the face of Brookside, and tries another cover, but Xia shows heart with a kick out. Amale then Irish whips Xia into the corner, and tries to follow up, but Brookside begins to fight back. Brookside uses her speed, and hits a dropkick, before spiking Amale with a neck breaker. Xia applies a cover, but Amale kicks out, after a close call, and the match continues. Amale then stands up, and nails a forearm to the face of Brookside from out of nowhere, followed by a slam. Brookside momentarily turns the tables, allowing her to go up top, but Amale rips the legs out from under Xia. Amale remains on the attack, and plants Xia with a thunderous slam, before applying a deep cover for the win.

Winner: Amale

⁃ Backstage, A-Kid is shown preparing for his title defense.
⁃ In the break room, Sha Samuels reads the newspaper, until Nathan Frazer interrupts him. They’ll have a match next week.

** Commercial Break**

⁃ On the other side of the break, a video package hypes the upcoming clash between Meiko Satomura and Kay Lee Ray.

Supernova Sessions

“The Scottish Supernova” Noam Dar starts off quick, and welcomes his guest, Ilja Dragunov. Noam asks Ilja to take a seat, and says “I want to do some hint different for you, I want to make a safe space so you can work on your demons.” Dar claps, and some nice, peaceful music plays. Noam tells Ilja to go to his happy place, and he begins to ask a series of questions, while putting on a robe. Dar takes in all of the tranquility of the moment, while Ilja gets annoyed. Noam asks “where do the demons come from? Was it after your loss to WALTER?” Ilja tells Dar “you’re right, that’s it. I feel pain and suffering since then, and everyone who has stood in my way... I’m not that person anymore” Noam brings up that Ilja broke Dave Mastiff’s nose, and Ilja says that’s behind him now. Dar them proceeds to give Ilja a gift, and it’s a stuffed puppy. Noam tells Ilja “this is Lenny, he’s a very good boy... not like you.” Ilja begins to get mad, and calls Dar “a funny clown... that’s your position. But my position is violence, and if you invite me here to trigger me... I will hurt you.” Noam calls Ilja “fake” and says “I know you’re scared of WALTER, and I can see you’re scared of me.” Dar lays down a challenge for a future match, and tells the sound guy “play that funky music,” as the segment ends, and Dragunov leaves the puppy on the stage...

⁃ Moments ago, Sam Gradwell talks to Sid Scala, and demands a match against Trent Seven.

** Commercial Break**

⁃ Back from the break, Sid Scala makes matches official for two weeks from now.

Heritage Cup Championship

A-Kid(c) vs Tyler Bate

Round 1: Both men start off slow, and begin to feel each other out. After an exchange, both men briefly stop, and begin feeling each other out again. A-Kid gets a takedown in, and Bate quickly shakes it off. They both stand back up, and a test of strength nearly breaks out, until Bate scores a takedown of his own. Kid nips up, and Bate rolls through a hold, until Kid briefly grounds Bate. Tyler stands back up, but A-Kid continues the hold, and he won’t let go. Bate rolls through two more times, but Kid remains in control with a wrist lock. Bate finally makes Kid release the hold, as time runs out on the round.

Round 2: Both men approach things a little quicker this time, and A-Kid applies a hold, grounding Bate. A-Kid tries to isolate Tyler, and uses a few breathing techniques at the same time. Both men eventually make it back to their feet, and this is great technical wrestling. A-Kid goes right back into the hold, but Bate reverses with a head-scissors. A-Kid makes it out, and tries a surfboard stretch, but Bate blocks it. Kid however continues to apply the pressure, and tries another hold, but Bate reverses it as well. Tyler rolls through, and kicks Kid in the chest, causing a break as time runs out again.

Round 3: No rest for the weary, as the third round kicks off as slowly as the first two. Both guys are still tied at zero, as Bate grinds Kid down with a hold. Tyler shows off some impressive offense, and both men reverse each other’s moves, while trying different pin variations on each other. Kid then hits a thunderous surprise forearm, and tries a cover, waking up Bate. Tyler lands a strike of his own, and sends Kid to the outside, before rolling him back into the ring. Bate turns up the physicality, and hits Kid with “bop & bang”, before both men send each other to the outside. They each fall to the floor, as time runs out on yet another round.

Round 4: After they both make it back into the ring, the bell sounds, and Bate goes right to work on Kid. A-Kid cuts Bate off with a kick to the face, and nails a fisherman’s suplex, into a cover for a near fall. A-Kid nearly scores a second near fall, but Bate powers him up for an airplane spin. A-Kid somehow works his way out, and into a sleeper hold! Kid releases the hold, and nails a strike, before trying a cover. Bate kicks out, and Kid goes straight back into the sleeper hold. Tyler manages to fight back briefly, before finding himself in a body scissors from Kid. Bate shows impressive strength, and hoists Kid up out of the hold, before slamming him into the mat. Tyler quickly follows up by applying a cover, but time runs out on the round.

Round 5: Both guys look absolutely exhausted, but they are still in it. Bate immediately grounds Kid with a cover, and another, but Kid bridges out. Kid then hits a suplex, and goes straight into a cover, but Tyler kicks out. Bate sets up for the Tyler Driver, and Kid manages to fights him off. Bate sets up for it again, and nails the move, pinning Kid for the 1-2-NO!! Bate goes to the top rope, and misses a splash, landing straight in a submission hold from Kid. A-Kid works over the elbow, and applies an arm bar, as Bate tries to make it to the ropes. Tyler scratches and claws his way towards the ropes, but time runs out on yet another round.

Round 6: It’s still 0-0. If someone wins here, they win the match. If no one wins, it’s a draw. Bate starts off real quick, and he’s desperate. Bate takes Kid down, and tries the Tyler Driver again, but Kid rolls through. Kid nearly steals the match, before both men stand back up. Bate connects with “Bop”, and Kid answers back with a superkick. Kid attempts a quickly seal the deal with a roll-up, but Bate reverses and pins Kid for the 1-2-3!!

Winner: Tyler Bate

⁃ As a result of the match, Tyler Bate is the first person to hold both the NXT UK & Heritage Cup Championships.

Now it’s time to hand out a few awards!

Superstar of the Night: Tyler Bate

Match of the Night: Tyler Bate vs A-Kid

That’s all for this weeks edition of NXT UK! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great rest of up it day!