NXT UK Recap: (5/27/2021)

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap. This edition of the show is centered around the growing rivalry between Trent Seven and Sam Gradwell. Let’s get down to it!

NXT UK (5/27/21)

⁃ The show kicks off with an updated opening video package.
⁃ The announcers welcome everyone to the B.T. Sports Studios, and they hype tonight’s main event, until Nathan Frazer makes his way down the ramp.

Nathan Frazer vs Sha Samuels

Samuels is accompanied to the ring by “The Scottish Supernova” Noam Dar. The bell sounds, and Frazer starts off with a chop to the chest, as well as a few more. Samuels seems un-phased, and Frazer turns up the speed. Frazer comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick, and follows it up by climbing up top again. Noam Dar distracts Nathan, allowing Samuels to toss Frazer across the ring from the top rope, and try a pin. Samuels stays on the attack with kicks to the back, and tries yet another cover, but Frazer is still in it. Samuels continues to deliver punishment, and he drops massive elbows on the chest of the grounded Frazer. Sha tries a cover, and Frazer defiantly kicks out, before picking up a head of steam. Frazer runs the ropes, and runs straight into a thunderous blow, so Samuels follows up with a slam. Sha takes a moment to be proud of himself, allowing Frazer to fire up for a moment. Nathan runs the ropes again, and runs straight into a stiff blow for the second time. Sha goes back on the attack with a headlock, and he releases the hold to gloat. After using the ropes for a move, Samuels goes back to work, and demands the ref to ask Nathan if he wants to stop. Samuels rams Frazer face first into the turnbuckle, and follows up with a unique slam, before trying a cover. Nathan kicks out, and Dar yells, distracting Sha, and allowing Nathan to come alive. Nathan hits rapid fire chops in the corner, before planting Samuels, and being distracted by Dar again. Dar gets involved in the match from the outside, and Frazer goes on the attack, until the referee tosses Dar from ringside. Samuels nearly capitalizes with a surprise roll up, before going to the outside to check on Dar. Frazer follows up by running the ropes, and diving over the ropes with a flip, before rolling Samuels back into the ring. Nathan tires a maneuver, but Sha reverses, and attempts the Butcher’s Hook. Frazer slips out of it, and tries a roll up, but it doesn’t work. Frazer quickly comes behind that by planting Samuels with a DDT, and going to the top rope, before nailing a Frog Splash for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Nathan Frazer

⁃ In a pre-taped promo, Joseph Connors runs down Subculture, and says “you do not mess with Joseph Connors and Jinny”.
⁃ During the break, Noam Dar is upset, and he challenges Ilja Dragunov to a future match.

Ashton Smith vs Teoman

The opening bell rings, and both men immediately tie up. Smith flips Teoman, and he quickly rebounds, but Smith is on fire. Ashton delivers a few massive uppercuts, followed by thunderous strikes to the chest, and he finally grounds Teoman. Smith tries a cover, and Teoman kicks out, before rolling to the floor. Teoman lures Smith in, and tangles him in the ring skirt, before absolutely unloading on Ashton with a fury of strikes. Both men go back into the ring, and Teoman looks to capitalize, but Smith briefly stops him. Teoman regroups, and begins to go to work on Ashton in the corner, leaving him lying. Teoman goes to the outside, and grabs the arm of Smith, before slamming into the ring post. Teoman quickly slides into the ring, and attempts to lock on a cross face, but Smith blocks it. Ashton picks Teoman up for a suplex, before making a desperation pin attempt. Smith locks on a head and arm clutch while standing, and grounds Teoman briefly, before both men go into the ropes. After a brief separation, Teoman lands hard strikes to the chest of Smith, and they go into the corner. Teoman takes out the leg of Smith, and runs the ropes, but Smith meets him with a right hand. Smith follows up with a gut-wrench suplex, and he continues to fight with his bad arm, but Teoman turns the tables with a blow to the arm. Smith shakes it off, and hoists up Teoman with his good arm, but Teoman slides out. Teoman finally grounds Ashton, and applies a nasty cross face, forcing Smith to tap out.

Winner: Teoman

⁃ Once the match ends, Teoman applies the cross face again, until Oliver Carter makes the save.
⁃ Backstage, Ilja Dragunov accepts the challenge from Noam Dar.
⁃ After a break, Jack Starz is confronted by Pretty Deadly. Starz challenges Pretty Deadly, who tell’s Jack to find a friend.

Andy Wild vs Kenny Williams

The bell rings, and Williams goes straight to work on Wild. Andy knocks Kenny to the mat for a moment, but Williams gets back up, before being smacked back down. Andy gets Williams on his heels, so Kenny rakes the eyes, behind the referees back. Kenny goes back in control of the match with a few strikes, followed by a submission hold. Williams then takes out the leg of his much larger opponent, and both men go near the corner of the ring. Williams then plants Wild on the mat, and hooks the injured leg, but Wild is still hanging in there. Kenny begins to get more aggressive towards the leg of Wild, and Andy eventually fights him off. Andy whips Williams into the corner, and tries to shake off the pain, before throwing Kenny with a belly-to-belly suplex. Wild follows up by trying a cover, but Williams kicks out, after a near fall. Wild tries to stay on the attack, but Williams kicks his leg out from under him, before nailing Wild with a reverse DDT for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Kenny Williams

⁃ Nigel announces that the match between Meiko Satomura and Kay Lee Ray set for two weeks from now.
⁃ A video package hypes the future contest between Satomura and KLR, while both talk.
⁃ After a break, the rivalry between Gallus and Rampage Brown is recapped.

Trent Seven vs Sam Gradwell

The referee signals for the opening bell, and both guys tie up right away. They eventually run each other into the ropes, and the referee forces a break. Both guys tie up again, until Gradwell gains a brief advantage. Seven and Gradwell exchange strikes, as well as slams momentarily, until Trent tries a cover, but Gradwell is still alive and well. Seven tries a second cover, and Gradwell again kicks out, before going on the attack. Gradwell lands strikes to the back of Seven, but Trent quickly pops up. Gradwell picks up the Intensity, and lands a butterfly suplex, before trying another cover. Seven kicks out after a long two, and Gradwell continues to punish him, and also verbally berate Trent. Seven takes a swipe at Sam, which only frustrates Gradwell, and Sam tries a pin, just to make Seven kick out. Sam locks in a wrenching headlock, until Seven briefly stands, but Sam takes him right back down. Gradwell continues to apply the hold, until Seven finally makes it to his feet, and they exchange blows. Seven fakes out Gradwell with a right hand, and Sam ducks, before getting caught with a DDT. Seven tries a cover, and Gradwell powers out, but the veteran Seven turns up the volume. Gradwell goes to the outside, and Seven follows him with a dive, but he seemingly hurts his own leg. Seven rolls Gradwell back into the ring, and heads to the top rope, but he misses a high risk maneuver, slamming his leg into the mat in the process. Gradwell capitalizes with a half Boston crab, and he has it in tight. Trent scratches and claws towards the ropes, until Seven somehow reverses into a crab of his own. Sam desperately tries to make it the ropes, and he does, before sending Seven to the outside. Gradwell comes behind that by landing a kick to the face of Trent, before collapsing, and both men fall down. The referee makes it to a count of 9, and both guys slowly make their way back into the ring. Gradwell then heads to the top rope, but Seven cuts him off. Trent meets Sam up top, and he lands a strike or two, but Gradwell pushes him off. Seven quickly hops back on the turnbuckle, and nails a superplex, before making a very close pin attempt. Gradwell kicks out, and both men are down once again, until they both crawl back to their feet. Seven tries to end the match with his finisher, but Gradwell rolls through, and then lands a brutal forearm to the face of Seven. Gradwell tries a cover, but Trent is still fighting. Seven and Gradwell begin exchanging blows, until Sam plants Seven with a thunderous slam. Trent kicks out again, and Gradwell is absolutely baffled. Sam talks more trash, and heads to the top rope. Gradwell leaps off of the turnbuckle, and Seven connects with feet to the face on the way down. Seven follows up by catching the stunned Gradwell with a ripcord clothesline, and makes the cover for the 1-2-NO!! Seven then lays in thunderous chops to the chest, before hoisting Sam up for the Birming-hammer, and putting him away for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Trent Seven

Now it’s time to hand out a few awards!

Superstar of the Night: Sam Gradwell

Match of the Night: Trent Seven vs Sam Gradwell

That’s all for this weeks edition of NXT UK! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great rest of your day!