NXT In Your House Results (June 4, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome folks to Rajah.com's live NXT In Your House results coverage! Just by reading this, you've acknowledged your NXT Results Chief, Mike Hogan, who'll have live updates every five to ten minutes so be sure to refresh often. We've got a great show lined up for us tonight with six bouts, five of which are for NXT championships. Our official preview lists the six-man "family unification" tag match between the newcomers, Tony D, Stacks & 2 Dimes (also known as Troy Donovan & Channing Lorenzo) against the fan-favorite, and established, cartel known as Legado Del Fantasma. Almost all the gold is up for grabs tonight as Pretty Deadly put their tag titles on the line against the Creed Brothers, and on the women's side we've got Toxic Attraction looking to hold off the veteran team KC2, Katana Chance & Kayden Carter. We'll also have Carmelo Hayes taking a shot at North American Champion Cameron Grimes' title, too. As for our main events, Mandy Rose of Toxic Attraction will take on recent-challenger Wendy Choo and Bron Breakker will finally get his hands on Joe Gacy.

All this and more tonight!

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So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

NXT In Your House Kick-Off Show - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

In Your House Pre-Show Fodder

Our program has your typical, run-of-the-mill kick-off show. Sam talks some smack about Wendy Choo, stating she doesn't deserve a title shot against Rose; Mackenzie serves the role as our face commentator. We get plenty of vignettes hyping Hell in a Cell and tonight's show. Yada, yada, yada. Seriously, you're not missing anything and the next two blurbs below are the only things of consequence from the kick-off show.

Backstage: the Diamond Mine is Caving In

Roderick Strong, Ivy Niles and co. are shown backstage. Ivy asks Roddy if he meant what he said--that if the Creed Brothers do not win the tag titles, they're out of the Diamond Mine. Strong reiterates that he's a man of his word; the Creeds aren't happy with Strong but state they're men of their words, too.

Edris Enofé & Malik Blade Join the Pre-Show

Edris Enofé & Malik Blade show up alongside Mackenzie and Sam. They hype themselves as a tag team and question where their invite was for the tournament. They go on to praise the Creed Brothers. Sam tries to defend Pretty Deadly by stating they won the tournament fair and square; Enofé & Blade mention that Pretty Deadly were the last entrants and insinuate they had it easier. Enofé & Blade make their predictions that the Creed Brothers are winning tonight; Sam thinks it's Pretty Deadly. Meanwhile, the crowd is warming up with random chants during the kick-off shown. We're reminded that Legado Del Fantasma takes on Tony D'Angelo, Stacks and Two Dimes in a family-unification match.

NXT In Your House Results (June 4, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Todd Pettengill Welcomes Us to In Your House

A voice that's as synonymous with In Your House as possible--Todd Pettengill--opens us up. We get a quick vignette recapping the build-up between Gacy and Breakker.

Welcome to NXT!

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcome us to In Your House and it's time for our first match! Woooo!

Six-Man Tag Team "Family Unification" Match: Legado Del Fantasma vs Tony D'Angelo, Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo, & Troy "2 Dimes" Donovan

Legado are out first, sporting a nifty nWo-inspired LDF tee print on arena screens. The crowd welcomes the beloved crime fam with chants of "Le-ga-do" in timing with the bass of their theme. All four members make their way down and soak in the applause. We get a quick vignette for Tony D, showing what he's done to LDF as of late, prior to their entrance. After the referee (Eddie Orengo) ensures he's taken weapons from everyone, we decide to start with Wilde and Two Dimes. Tony and company are all wearing white wife-beater tank tops (can we still call them that?) and track pants. After the secondary members clash for a bit, Tony D'Angelo and Santos Escobar finally enter at the same time! The crowd's on their feet for this much-awaited clash. Escobar drops D'Angelo and runs off the ropes, where Stacks hits him in the back with a knee. This leads to all six men brawling. Tony D gets the advantage and the ref restores order. Escobar gives way to Cruz Del Toro (fka Raul Mendoza). LDF take turns using quick tags to isolate Two Dimes.
Cruz looks for a springboard but Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo counters by crashing into him, sending him out of the ring. Troy "2 Dimes" Donovan and Stacks use quick tags as they beat Cruz in their corner. The crowd gets rowdy and starts a loud chant for "Legado" with a slightly-quieter "sucks!" from the Tony D fans. Del Toro attempts to make the hot tag but he's rammed right back into the corner. Tony D'Angelo uses several gut punches to soften up Cruz before dropping him with a hard Suplex. Escobar yells threats at Tony D. D'Angelo tags in Stacks, who tags in 2 Dimes, who tags in Tony D...you get the hint--they use quick tags to constantly double-team Del Toro. 2 Dimes looks for a cover and nearly picks up the pin fall. Donovan switches to working holds, using a chin lock to wear down Cruz and slow the pace.l Del Toro battles to a standing position and leaps for the tag, but Dimes grabs his foot. Dimes draws Del Toro back for a third suplex but Cruz uses it to make the hot tag to Santos!
Escobar is absolutely on fire as he completely clears Tony D and his goofballs all on his own. LDF then hit three suicide dives--one per opponent! The crowd shows great enthusiasm and love for the Superstars' efforts. Escobar covers Santos in the ring for a close, then unloads fists to the Don of NXT. Escobar looks for a driver but Escobar escapes. The two battle in the corner, briefly exchanging chops. Escobar takes Tony D up top but Stacks interferes and Escobar loses his balance. Both men crash into the ring. The crowd gets behind both men who make tags simultaneously. Cruz Del Toro re-enters the fray and unloads on 2 Dimes. Del Toro with a beautiful missile dropkick to 2 Dimes! Del Toro climbs the ropes again and looks for a corkscrew but rolls through as Donovan evades. 2 Dimes Donovan catches Cruz with a clothesline on the rebound and tags in Stacks.
Wilde tags in and catches Stacks off guard, nearly stealing the win after a spot in which all six men brawl yet again. The crowd rips off a loud and lengthy "this is awesome" chant for our Superstars. All six men stand and line up, three on three...then they're off! Escobar and Tony unload on each other; Wilde & Del Toro battle Stacks & 2 Dimes to the outside! Escobar and D'Angelo both have the same idea and wipe each other out with running clotheslines! Elektra Lopez slips brass knuckles to Escobar as Lorenzo slips a crowbar to Stacks! Wilde takes it and smashes Lorenzo, knocking him out. Tony D and 2 Dimes quickly drop Wilde and push Lorenzo's unconscious figure onto Wilde, picking up the win!
Your Winner and UNIFIED Crime Family, Tony D'Angelo and 2 Dimes & Stacks!

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Toxic Attraction vs Katana Chance & Kayden Carter

Chance & Carter come out wearing light-up shoulder...things. I don't know what to call them. Strands of light as if it were LOD's armor. They come out through the crowd to techno-music as the crowd loudly and annoyingly chants "woop woop" over and over and over, ad nauseum. Finally we see Mandy Rose arrive in the back. She escorts her friends out for this match. Out next are our tag champs, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne! The title presentations are made but before the bell, Toxic Attraction attack Chance & Carter. Chance & Carter easily battle the champs to the outside, wiping them out, before taking it back into the ring. We get the bell and start with Kayden Carter and Jacy Jayne--Gigi Dolin is still down ring-side. Chance comes in and takes Jayne down then tags in Carter, who restraints Jayne for a Chance dropkick. Carter unloads in the corner and KC2 continue the quick-tag tactics they're known for. Jacy Jayne pushes Chance back and a recovered Dolin makes the blind tag. Dolin uses a hair pull to slam Chance down and cover for two.
Dolin and Jayne take control of Chance and cut the ring in half, effectively, with short tags and working holds to ground the agile Katana. Dolin switches to a chin lock and Chance screams in pain as the crowd starts up in support of her. Gigi holds off a spurt of offense briefly, then whips Katana into the ropes. Kayden assists Katana, allowing her to counter the move and send Gigi off for a tag. Kayden Carter comes in hot and takes it to Dolin & Jayne, who's legal, and battles both women in the corner! Carter with a sunset roll into a Superkick for a close cover. Carter's contacts are unique, fyi. Jayne rises and catches a charging Carter with a big right forearm, then tags in Gigi Dolin. Gigi with a snap rear suplex followed by another cover attempt. Dolin throws forearms into the back of Carter's neck and head as the ref warns her. Jayne tags in and attempts a suplex; Carter counters with a high kick then brings in Katana Chance.
Chance with a double-foot stomp in the corner for a close cover. All four women brawl as the ref gives a lot of lateral. Carter & Chance perform a unique tag team finisher in which Kayden pops Katana up to Hurricanrana Jayne off the top and down onto Dolin! Jayne and Dolin rally, using a double-team Roundhouse High and Roundhouse Low kicks that nearly pick up the win--but Kayden Carter rushes in and makes the save! All four Superstars are down. Carter and Jayne rise on the apron and jockey for control. Carter with a side superkick to Jayne, followed by a modified cutter on the apron! Both women are down! Legal Superstars Gigi Dolin and Katana Chance begin chopping and throwing forearms, battling back and forth. Chance takes the lead with a series of kicks and botches a standing moonsault foot-stomp--it would've been really impressive it had connected. Carter tags in and KC2 double-team Gigi, covering...but Jayne steps in and drags them off, making the save! Carter wipes out Jayne outside and enters the ring, turning her attention to Gigi. Carter looks for a roll-up but Gigi shoves her off and right into a big fist from Jayne, unseen by the ref! Dolin then rolls up Carter and picks up the retention!
Your Winners and STILL NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Toxic Attraction!

NXT North American Championship Match: Cameron Grimes(c) vs Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams

We cut to the back where Carmelo Hayes sits, wearing furs, and Trick Williams approaches. "Get it back," he tells Melo, and out they come--with security guards wearing "Get It Back" emblazoned on them. Hayes is not as jovial as normal; he's got his game face on. Grimes comes out uniquely in a neon-green "rocket back from the moon." Fits the 90's IYH theme. Grimes gets a nice welcome but nothing quite like Melo. The title's presented and the ref calls for the bell. For those of you who think I'm a stat nerd: Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett mention the North American Championship has never changed hands at a June premium live event. I mean, c'mon, man, that's reaching even for me.
Hayes and Grimes start off setting a quick pace as champ and former-champ go move-for-move, countering and reversing each other. The first two minutes, in fact, no man establishes the upper hand. Hayes moves to the apron and hits a shoulder thrust to Grimes, allowing Melo to ascend the turnbuckles. Grimes has it spotted, however, and dodges then looks for a Cave In outta nowhere! Hayes quickly backs into the corner and grabs the ropes. Hayes takes a moment to compose himself. Grimes and Hayes engage once again, with Grimes dropping the challenger with a big boot. Grimes with a kick to the chest and a European Uppercut to Hayes. Hayes attempts to fight back and walks right into a back drop! Grimes with a punt kick for another cover and another two. Grimes grabs Melo's braid briefly, then latches onto the arm and sets up an arm wrench and punch combo. Grimes charges Melo in the corner but Hayes pops him up!
Hayes looks for a running move; Grimes leaps up and Hayes slides under his legs, to the outside, then drops Grimes face-first into the apron! Hayes looks for a Suicide Dive but Grimes shuts it down with a kick! Grimes climbs the ropes and hits a huge Cross Body off the top! Great hang time. Another close cover. Hayes finally takes control when the two battle outside the ring. Williams reminds Hayes to take Grimes back into the ring; Hayes takes a moment to taunt. Hayes sets up Grimes on the apron and hits a sucker punch before entering the ring as the ref counts nine. Hayes looks for quick covers as he takes control, and alternates complaining to the ref as much as he does throwing offense at Grimes. The Champ tries to fight back, throwing rights; Grimes whips Hayes into the ropes but Hayes flips over Grimes! Hayes backs Grimes up into a corner and the two again jockey for control. Hayes catches Grimes rope-strung and kicks him in the back. Grimes avoids a Hayes stomp and climbs up top, looking for a double-foot stomp. Hayes avoids it and drops the champ, covering for another close two.
While Hayes distracts the ref, Williams uses a red bandana to tie Grimes' left wrist to the ropes. Not sure what he planned on as Grimes easily got out of it. Hayes catches Grimes off a rebound and drives him back into the canvas, covering yet again. Hayes switches gears, latching onto Grimes left arm and working the shoulder and elbow as the champ groans. The crowd tries to cheer the champ on, and it works--Grimes uses a modified arm drag to send Hayes off. Again, Williams attempts to interfere--grabbing Grimes' feet. The ref warns him but doesn't throw him out. Hayes looks for a springboard move but Grimes counters by catching him on the ropes and executing a unique springboard double-Moonsault driver that rams Hayes' face into the mat! Both men are showing signs of fatigue as we approach twelve minutes. Hayes and Grimes throw fists at each other for a few moments. Grimes starts his comeback, taking it to Hayes in three different corners before sending him fleeing from the ring with a headscissors! Grimes flips to the apron and delivers a punt kick to Hayes!
Grimes whips Hayes and catches him in a swinging sidewalk slam for a close cover. The crowd seems as fatigued as our combatants. Both men rise and Grimes looks for a suplex. Hayes floats over and latches on with a rear waistlock; standing switch from Grimes! Hayes breaks free and Grimes hits a Superkick! Grimes overs but Hayes grabs the rope, saving the match for now. Grimes and Hayes clash weakly. Grimes looks for a reverse hurricanrana but Hayes holds onto the ropes! Hayes with a pop up cutter for a close fall yet again! Hayes fails to capitalize on this and Grimes catches a rebounding Hayes with a spinning Powerslam! Grimes covers for a close two; the crowd chants "that was three!"
Champion and Challenger go at it, with Grimes using a Poisonrana Kick to send Hayes outside before taking down Hayes & Williams with a tope con giro! And yet again Trick Williams gets involved. Grimes hits Williams with a Cave In on the apron and turns his attention to Hayes. Hayes drops the champ and climbs up top, hitting a Leg Drop off the top rope and covering to pick up the win!
Your Winner and NEW Two-Time North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes!

NXT Women's Championship Match: Mandy Rose(c) vs Wendy Choo

Choo is out first. The crowd seems pretty subdued at points. Choo gets a nice lil pop before Rose is out, solo, to defend her gold. Rose gets a few shots in prior to the bell. The crowd seems loudly behind Mandy Rose. Rose takes Choo into the corner but Choo sends her flying with a mule kick. Choo, wrestling in her baggy onesie in case you wanted to know, hits another kick before the Champ drags her to the mat and pounds away at her. Rose uses Choo's hair to shove her face into the mat repeatedly as the ref warns her. Rose uses the ropes now to choke Choo as the ref warns her again; Rose covers but doesn't even get a one. Rose takes Choo into the corner and unloads until the ref warns her again. Rose continues to torment her challenger, and uses a snap suplex to drive Choo's back into the mat. Rose talks smack and slams Choo's head down again. Rose locks on a thigh waist lock. Choo manages to roll back, putting Rose's shoulders down, but Rose resumes the lock. Choo throws back right elbows to break free.
Choo with a jawbreaker; Rose angrily fires off a clothesline from hell that levels the challenger. Rose covers Choo for a close two. Rose continues a lengthy bit of offense, slowing and grounding Choo with working holds while wasting many valuable moments taunting the challenger. Rose stomps away at Choo, talking smack to her. Choo chops Rose in the throat and starts to fight back with a series of rights. Rose absorbs them then rapid-fires off rights of her own! Rose slaps on an abdominal stretch submission. Choo hangs in there for several long moments before escaping and attempting a cover. Rose counters with a roll up; Choo counters with one of her own. This goes on for a few more moments. Choo starts her comeback and whips Rose into the ropes, using a suplex toss to send the champ flying! Choo lines Rose up in the corner and hits a handspring elbow then follows it up with her Nap Time Elbow (running elbow drop). Rose wisely rolls outside. Choo has a solution, however, and uses a running baseball kick to send Rose tumbling up the ramp. Choo again cartwheels up the ramp only to have the champ lay her out with a huge Spinebuster on the hard ramp! Bah gawd, her career might be over!
Rose heads into the ring and tells the ref to count. She grabs her belt and hoists it as the ref counts six. But Wendy Choo is as tough as a two-dollar steak and just slides in right before ten! Rose fires off another Spinebuster immediately, covering for a two. Rose grows frustrated and destroys Choo's body pillow, enraging the challenger. Choo with a running dragon kick that lays out the champ! Choo pulls off her onesie, revealing a Toxic Attraction shirt with their faces x'd out. Choo looks for a rear naked choke on Rose. Rose fights it but manages to roll through. Choo locks in a Sleeper with a thigh waist locK! Rose is down on the mat! Rose is prone and fading. Choo cinches the lock in tighter! Rose desperately rolls along the mat until she can get a foot on the bottom rope, saving her title for now. Choo continues her offense, dropping Rose and positioning her in the corner. Choo ascends the turnbuckles but Rose is up, and Rose sends Choo flying! Rose connects with a running knee to pick up the win! The crowd congratulate the heel champ with a pop, of course.
Your Winner and STILL NXT Women's Champion, Mandy Rose!

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Pretty Deadly(c) vs the Creed Brothers

Pretty Deadly consist of Elton Prince (the blonde) and Kit Wilson (the brunette). Just making it easier for us all to keep track of the pretty boys. We get both teams' entrances, with the Creeds wearing some neon bright ring wear. The introductions and title presentation's made and we're off! Brutus comes in against Prince but misses an immediate tag to Kit. The crowd are behind the Creed Brothers throughout the match. Julius takes it to Kit, using his NCAA background to drive Wilson into the map> Brutus with a gator roll--several in fact--before changing position. Brutus uses a rear waist lock to toss Kit, then begins tossing him around the ring multiple times. Wilson lures Brutus into the Pretty Deadly corner and brings in Elton Prince. Prince fails to contain Brutus, who tags in Julius. Julius uses a series of wrestling takedowns to drive Prince into the canvas over and over. Prince and Wilson latch hands through the middle ropes and Julius drags them both into the ring. Brutus enters and both Creeds hit back suplexes to the tag champs! Julius slaps on a Stretch Muffler while Julius slaps an ankle lock on Wilson!
We're shown Julius & Brutus' father in the front row. Julius leapfrogs Prince, nearly stumbles, but recovers in time to use an arm drag to drive Prince into the mat. Julius begins to manipulate the left shoulder and drags Prince to the corner. Brutus tags in and Julius uses gutwrench suplex slams Brutus onto Prince! Julius with another wrestling takedown and again goes after Prince's left shoulder. The pace slows for several moments. Prince fakes a tag to Wilson, which draws the official in, distracts Julius and allows Prince to attack before legally tagging in Wilson. Brutus and Wilson begin slugging it out in the ring until the big man takes control. Brutus whips Wilson into the corner and catches his rebound with a lariat! Julius gets the tag. Julius looks for a cover but no joy. Julius latches on a headlock and takes Wilson into the Creed corner, where both brothers utilize frequent tags to keep Wilson isolated and to continue to wear him down. Finally, Wilson tags in Prince who uses a leapfrog elbow drop for a close call. The Creeds have a commanding lead until Pretty Deadly manage to isolate Julius outside the ring. As Brutus attempts to help, the ref hold shim back and allows Pretty Deadly to hit a double Urinage into the steel steps! Prince bull rushes Julius into the corner and tags in Kit Wilson. Wilson hits a corkscrew shoulder to Julius' back. Wilson continues to focus his attacks on Julius, dragging him into the corner to allow Prince to tag in. Both men work together to fire off a double suplex attempt! Julius tries to block it but fails, and Prince covers for two.
Prince continues to use working holds on Julius, taunting his father in the audience. Julius kicks Prince in the face but Prince again locks in a headlock. Julius attempts to suplex Prince but his body crumbles. Wilson takes the tag and hits an elbow drop off the top rope! Wilson turns to Roddy's finisher, the Stronghold--a Boston Crab--tormenting Julius as Prince laughs in his face. The ref eventually breaks the hold after Creed reaches ropes. Prince comes in and prevents Julius from getting a tag immediately. Julius powers to a vertical base and stretches as does Brutus, barely inches apart! Prince shoves Julius back but he dives, tagging in Brutus! Brutus comes in absolutely on fire, pounding Prince with double barreled fists like god-damn King Kong! Brutus clears house and uses strong suplexes to punish Prince, much to the crowd's delight. Brutus climbs the top turnbuckle and hits a Brutus Ball! (Flying elbow to a standing opponent). Creed covers but Wilson makes the save! We get replays of the 300-pound-plus Brutus flying Montez Ford-high!.
Brutus uses a back suplex on Wilson, but both men are down. Julius is still down and out of position. Prince slings a tag title into the ring; Julius intercepts it and looks at it as the ref talks to him. Julius gives the belt to the ref and ducks under a Wilson charge! Brutus with a torture rack bomb followed by a Shooting Star Press from Julius that would make Billy Kidman proud! Julius with a running shot and a cover--we've got new champs!
Your Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, the Creed Brothers!

NXT Championship Match: Bron Breakker(c) vs Joe Gacy

The NXT Championship may change hands in the event of a disqualification. Bron breaks tradition by coming out first and breaking through the IYH set front door. Gacy is out next with two crimson-cloaked minions. We get introductions then the bell and we're off! Breakker comes out aggressive, taking Gacy to the corner. The ref counts a warning as Breakker works over Gacy in the corner; we're reminded that a DQ of any kind can cause the title to change hands. Gacy takes an early lead with a big right and a rib breaker. Commentary harps constantly about Breakker being "out of control." Okay. Breakker takes the lead and takes Gacy into the corner, unloading more fists. Gacy looks to leap frog a charging Breakker, but Breakker counters it with a Spinebuster! Gacy rolls to the outside and Bron follows. One of the minions gives Bron a steel chair; He considers whacking a disciple but Gacy shoves him into the ring post, with the steel chair backfiring in Bron's face.
Breakker and Gacy again clash, with Gacy taking the lead this time off of a running kick and neckbreaker combo. Gacy starts to focus his holds on Bron's neck, wrenching his neck and head side to side. Bron fights to a vertical position and throws a knee into Gacy's gut. Gacy counters an Irish Whip with one of his own, followed by a corner elbow strike and another corner forearm strike. Gacy continues to lay into the champion, and hits a running senton onto Breakker's torso on the apron! Gacy covers for two. Gacy with a forearm to the back of Breakker's neck. Gacy fires off a backhand chop, opting to call him Susan and slap him around. (Bonus if you get the reference). Gacy takes Bron to the mat and attempts yet another cover. Gacy stalks Bron; both men exchange blows an Gacy takes the champ into the corner. Gacy with a strong clubbing arm blow, and another, and a third! Gacy hoists Breakker up but Bron wiggles free and rolls up Gacy for a close two! Gacy counters into a chin lock submission!
Gacy slows the pace and uses slower, deliberate strikes as he continues to target the champs neck. Gacy looks for covers often. The crowd with a loud "Let's go Gacy" but an even louder "Gacy Sucks" dueling chant! Gacy climbs the ropes but Breakker shoves him off and to the outside. Breakker follows outside and stomps on Gacy. Breakker throws Gacy into the ring and follows, circling the ring and setting Gacy up for a charge. Gacy has it scouted, however, and clotheslines the camp down! Gacy covers for a close two, then slaps on a sleeper. Bron begins to fight back, gaining a vertical base and throwing fists into the challenger's gut. Gacy shuts it down with another back drop suplex. The crowd loudly is both fore and against Gacy. Impressive! Gacy talks smack off-mic to Breakker before kicking him in the chest. Gacy continues to taunt the champ, shoving him and talking smack.
Breakker throws a right but Gacy throws one of his own, keeping Breakker on a knee. Breakker however starts his comeback, driving the challenger outside before hitting a top rope senton to wipe out Gacy at ringside once again! The crowd woofs for Breakker. Breakker takes Gacy into the ring as the ref counts six. The disciples are shown interfering once again. Breakker smacks one down. While the ref checks on him, Gacy is tossed ac hair and smacks the canvas loudly, tosses it to Breakker and lays down! The ref thinks Breakker attacked! The ref apologizes but is about to call it when another ref hits the ring!
The second ref argues on behalf of Bron, reassuring the other ref as the crowd loudly chants "yes" over and over. Gacy attempts an inside cradle immediately for a two. Both men run off the ropes and Bron uses a Psych-Out Rebound Lariat! Breaker with a spear to Gacy on the apron--Gacy flies off the apron and through the announcer's table! That looks like it hurt. The crowd rips off a loud "holy shit" chant as the ref begins to count out Gacy! Breakker takes Gacy back into the ring and climbs to sit on the top turnbuckle. He woofs twice and hits his signature Bulldog off the top on Gacy! Gacy kicks out at two, however, pissing off the champ. Gacy reaches for the steel chair still in the ring. He slides it to Breakker and taunts Breakker, telling him to hit him.
Breakker hands the chair to the ref instead, and Gacy low-blows the champ! The champ angrily takes the chair back from the ref and the ref tries to talk some sense into him. Gacy taunts Bron to do it. Bron yells "You want me to do it?" He then whacks the disciple with the chair! Gacy looks for a sneak agile attack but Breakker spears him nearly in half! Breakker raises Gacy up into the Military Press Powerslam and picks up the win!
Your Winner and STILL NXT Champion, Bron Breakker!

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In Closing

And that does it for tonight's NXT In Your House premium live event! What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you tomorrow night for Hell in a Cell!

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