Odyssey Jones Reveals Advice John Cena Gave Him Prior To His SmackDown Dark Match

WWE NXT Star 400-pound Odyssey Jones, who competed in the recently concluded NXT Breakout Tournament, appeared on an episode of WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, where he spoke about the dark matches he has had against fellow WWE NXT Star Austin Theory prior to SmackDown as well as the advice 16-time World Champion John Cena has given him.

Odyssey Jones said:

“I’m fortunate, a lot of my dark matches were with Austin Theory.” “He’s a protégé, the kid is the truth. He’s awesome, and working with him was definitely good for me. I haven’t even been working [in wrestling] for three years yet, so for me to go to the back and the feedback is different. There’s not a lot of people on the [main] roster my size who are working my way, so the feedback is a bit different.”

“To hear the mindset and psychology from people like John Cena, and Edge, and even Seth [Rollins]. The things they say is huge, even from psychology in the match. I remember being in the back in Gorilla with John Cena prior to his first promo back. I was actually in the dark match before, which is insane itself. I asked him what’s he thinking, and he instantly looked at the screen and jotted off so much stuff.”

“Some of it went over my head, and maybe I’ll get to catch him one day. Some of it got in and one of the things that seeped in was hearing the crowd chant. Before the show, you heard the crowd chant, some Cena sucks, others say let’s go Cena, so you started hearing them chant. He instantly started rattling off [stuff]. I’m not going to give out all the tricks because not everyday do you get to talk to John Cena.”

“He started rattling off, looked at the screen, instantly popped up and saw people that I didn’t see. I figured my eyes would be younger and fresher than his, but I don’t have the eyes that he has for what we’re doing. He instantly just went boom, boom, boom. ‘Look at these kids here, look at this guy there, he’s wearing my gear so I’m going to know…’ I’m like, oh my god, this is insane.”

Odyssey Jones also talked about the advice other legends have given him and how he has resonated with it and taken it into account.

Odyssey Jones said:

“It’s a lot of people, when you walk around, people are always giving you this and that here and there.” “Certain things resonate more than others but I got tidbits from people just with more towards the movement. I started to realize, I started looking at things differently. Sometimes you just move and do too much. Sometimes you just need to slow down and feel the moment and let it happen.”

“I’m starting to get into that mindset, and it’s not being lazy. If I go in the ring and if you let me warm up, I can rock and roll for like five minutes, but it’s just certain things we get caught up in doing a lot. We kind of go too hard at times, and I feel like we need to work more towards the moment. That’s what I’m starting to feel and hear more from people.”

Odyssey Jones then talked about the huge WWE Title win of Big E on RAW this past Monday night and how excited and hyped he is for Big E and the New Day.

Odyssey Jones said:

“I was excited.” “I wanted New Day to get back together. I really wanted, somehow, to get them together, them coming to SmackDown or him going over, but I’m hyped for him. I got to meet the dude and talk to him. He’s been great. He’s one of the people I talk to about movement wise and what I’m working from from a big standpoint. I haven’t had an hour sit down with him but small little tidbits here and there. I’m excited for the champ. I’m excited to see what he does with it.”

“To me, it’s a long time coming, but everyone’s the best booker in their own head, right? I’m excited to see him have the title. I’m excited to see what they do over there. Bobby can bounce back. I still enjoy watching it every week, and I’m just going to patiently wait and see what happens.”