Overnight WWE Friday Night Smackdown Audience Rises Heading into Survivor Series

-- Friday's episode of WWE Smackdown experienced a slight rise in viewership with an average of 2.215 million viewers tuning in, up from last week's 2.142 million. In fact, it was the most watched episode of Smackdown since September 11 and second only to that episode since mid-April. The first hour of the show averaged 2.202 million viewers and the second rose slightly to 2.228 million.

-- In the 18-49 demographic, Smackdown finished second on the night among TV shows on broadcast networks with a 0.6 rating, behind onlyShark Tank on ABC's 0.7 rating. In the 18-34 category Smackdown averaged a 0.3 rating, once again behind only Shark Tank and its 0.4 rating.