Paul Wight On How He Felt About Being World Champion

AEW Star and pro wrestling legend Paul Wight (F.K.A. Big Show in WWE) recently spoke with "Submission Radio" on a number of topics, including how he felt about being the World Champion during the time he was still an active in-ring competitor. According to Paul Wight, he is not a guy who should have held a World Championship because of the responsibility it entails.

Paul Wight said:

“I’m not a guy that ever should’ve had a title like that, a Heavyweight title.” “… It’s the tough thing about being a champion is all that responsibility is on your head, and I never wanted that much responsibility. I never wanted to run the whole boat.”

Paul Wight also talked about the one thing he loves about AEW and that is there isn't a writing staff of 15 to 20 writers and a lot of things in AEW is very raw.

Paul Wight said:

“One of the things that I loved about AEW is there’s not a writing staff of 15, 20 writers.” “When the talent has a promo, that promo comes from the talent, you know? So there’s not as much hands-on, molding, presentation, and packaging. A lot of AEW is very raw.”

Paul Wight has competed in a total of four matches in All Elite Wrestling, with three of the matchups taking place on AEW Dark: Elevation and his biggest match in promotion history so far taking place at the 2021 All Out PPV Event, when he defeated QT Marshall in a Singles Match.

You can check out Paul Wight's comments in the video below. H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcribing the above quotes.