Paul Wight Teases The In-Ring Return Of Captain Insano

AEW superstar Paul Wight (fka Big Show) recently joined Miro on his Twitch channel to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including how President Tony Khan is attempting to secure the rights for Captain Insano, which is the character Wight played in the Adam Sandler comedy "Waterboy." Wight states that he would greatly enjoy an opportunity to become the character in AEW.

Captain Insano might be coming around again. Tony Khan is really good friends with one of the writers or creators of Waterboy and the Captain Insano character. Tony is trying real hard to try and get the rights to that and do something with it. I told Tony, 'If you get Captain Insano, I will rock the ever-loving tits off of it.' I'll get the red boots and everything CAPTAIN INSANO SHOWS NO MERCY! It'd be a fun gig to break out Captain Insano every now and again.

AEW did file to trademark "Captain Insano" back in March, but the filing was mainly aimed at video games, a potential teaser on one of the playable characters in the upcoming AEW console game.

Check out the full sessions on Miro's Twitch here. (H/T and transcribed by Fightful)