Photo Of WWE Star Bray Wyatt In Great Shape While Away From The Company Surfaces

WWE Star Bray Wyatt has been trending lately on social media due to a picture of himself appearing to be in great shape being posted online. Wyatt was spotted by a fan at a grocery store and took a photo of himself with the WWE Star, then posted it on social media. The photo would receive a number of fan comments, saying that Wyatt appears to be in great shape as of late.

Recent reports indicated that WWE was keeping Wyatt off of TV for the time being for reasons that are unrelated to creative, but no timetable was given on when Wyatt will make his return. There were some rumors and speculations that Wyatt could make his return at the SummerSlam Event as he was advertised for the August 9 episode of RAW from Orlando, Florida at one point, but no confirmation was made that Wyatt will be working on that episode of RAW. It was also indicated on the reports that Bray could be kept off of WWE TV past SummerSlam, despite the advertisement of him appearing on the August 9th RAW.

Bray Wyatt last appeared for the WWE at the WrestleMania 37 Event, when he lost to Orton, and there’s been no word yet on when he will be brought back to the storylines.

You can check out the photo below: