Pro Wrestling Legends Weigh In On Undertaker Finally Breaking Kayfabe

WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared on the latest edition of Busted Open Radio with host Bully Ray to discuss a variety of subjects, most notably how both men feel about the Undertaker breaking kayfabe after staying committed for all of those years. Hear what both men had to say below.

Steve Austin on Undertaker breaking kayfabe:

I’m as big a fan of the business as anybody. And I understand Kayfabe, I understand protecting the business. When it’s time to ride off into the sunset, if Mark Calaway never talked about being The Undertaker, why shouldn’t he have that opportunity to do that, just like anybody else? Because he can’t be The Undertaker anymore. He can make an appearance on Raw, or whatever. But now, it’s time to live his life. And the majority of his life was being that guy. So I think it’s great for him to do it. It doesn’t bother me in the least.

Bully Ray on Undertaker breaking kayfabe:

I love it. Because there’s nothing left for The Undertaker, and the character of The Undertaker to do. And if we want to continue on with this man, there’s only so much emotion you can get out of that character. And we’ve run the gamut of emotions with The Undertaker. Now, I want to start run the gamut of emotions with Mark Calaway. I’m getting goosebumps talking about it. The minute Mark Calaway starts to talk, I’m back at square one. And I know how square one was with The Undertaker, so I have real high hopes for square one with Mark Calaway.

You can listen to the full podcast here. (H/T and transcribed by Inside the Ropes)