Quarter Hour Viewership Breakdown for 1/29 AEW Dynamite & NXT Shows

-- Below is the quarter hour breakdown in viewership for the January 29 AEW Dynamite and NXT shows. Dynamite won the overall viewership battle by a count of 828,000 to 712,000. Of note is that NXT had no overrun as they have had every week since going head to head with Dynamite and the reason for this was due to a USA Network decision as they didn't want it to affect Miz & Mrs. ratings for the season premiere.

AEW: 911,000 (Moxley interview/Inner Circle)
NXT: 755,000 (Balor vs. Seven)

AEW: 831,000 (Butcher, Bunny & Blade; Young Bucks vs. Butcher & Blade)
NXT: 730,000 (Riddle & Dunne promo; Blackheart vs. Purrazzo)

AEW: 800,000 (Finish of Young Bucks vs. Butcher/Blade; Rose vs. Swole)
NXT: 694,000 (Lee interview; Dijakovic vs. Priest)

AEW: 910,000 (Cody vs. Sabian)
NXT: 631,000 (Finish of Dijakovic vs. Priest; Ciampa Interview)

AEW: 915,000 (Finish of Cody vs. Sabian; Promos)
NXT: 652,000 (Cole/Ciampa; Kai vs. Nox)

AEW: 795,000 (Kazarian & Sky vs. Evans & Angelico)
NXT: 614,000 (Green vs. Carter)

AEW: 800,000 (Pac Interview; Jericho, Santana & Ortiz vs. Private Party & Allin)
NXT: 554,000 (Dusty Rhodes Classic finals)

AEW: 803,000 (Finish of six-man tag match; post match)
NXT: 588,000 (Finish of Dusty Rhodes Classic)