Rene Dupree Says WWE Offered Him A Huge Contract To Return To The Company

Former WWE Star Rene Dupree recently appeared on an episode of the That 90's Wrestling podcast, where he responded to WWE Hall of Famer Booker T's question on the former WWE Star's comments of fellow WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg injuring him while the two worked together in 2003.

Rene Dupree said:

“We did this podcast and you gave me random names right and I gave you a random answer.” “You asked me about the gentleman, Goldberg and I told the only story I had. It’s 18 years ago and the only the reason I bring it up is because it still f***s me up. I can’t lift dumbbells in the gym, I can’t press dumbbells. I have so much pain in this shoulder from 18 years ago. The reason I got through it is because, and don’t forget I’m still on a full-time schedule, I had to get a cortisone shot to get rid of the pain right. Well anybody who’s knows anything about cortisone shots will tell you that it does more harm than good long term.”

“Listen I don’t follow the internet wrestling community, I had no idea that there was this big f*****g thing against Goldberg. I had no idea. Like I told you, I have a business to run. You asked me a question and I gave you the only story I had about the guy.”

Rene Dupree then talked about how the WWE offered him a huge contract, which according to him is five times his original contract, to return to the company.

Rene Dupree said:

“Okay Book I was re-signed by the WWE in 2011, okay?” “Vince McMahon himself called me personally when I was living in Tokyo alright. I signed a 5 year deal, but because I was living in Tokyo I had actually gotten kicked out of the United States. And in order to get back I had to fill out a waiver to get clearance to get back in, because they accused me of being there illegally. So I moved back to Canada and I have had zero interest in coming back to the United States. But they had offered me a contract which was worth 5 times more than the one I had originally signed and that’s the truth.”

Rene Dupree then talked about how he was a teenager at the time, which is the reason why he just kept quiet, do what he was told, didn't stand up for himself and took a beating.

Rene Dupree said:

“How old was I back then? I was 19.” “I’m a young boy, you shut up and are told what to do and take a ass kicking. Everybody there to this day still walks around on eggshells and they can’t feel comfortable until they’ve earned it.”

You can check out Rene Dupree's comments in the video below: