Renee Paquette Looks Back On Her Time As A Commentator With WWE, Jokes About Trying To Get Out Of It

Former WWE host, interviewer, and commentator Renee Paquette was a recent guest on the NotSam Wrestling Podcast to discuss a number of topics, which included Paquette joking about her time at the Monday Night Raw commentary table. Hear what she had to say below.

I always figured I would be pregnant on commentary. I actually -- here's an inside scoop for you -- I really wanted to get pregnant while I was on commentary, merely as a way to get off commentary [laughs]. Please let me get knocked up so I can get out of here. Bring in Samoa Joe, I'll duck out.

Paquette would later joke that she wanted to go into labor at the commentary table and have Michael Cole and Corey Graves give a play by play of the birth. Check out the full interview here. (H/T and transcribed by Fightful)