Report: Adam Cole Has Left WWE; Now Officially a Free Agent

-- Adam Cole's status with WWE has been in the news for the last few weeks after it was revealed that due to an oversight, his WWE contract expired this past summer. The company worked to gain a commitment from Cole to sign a short-term agreement that took him through SummerSlam but he never signed a new long-term deal. Now, reports that Cole has officially departed WWE and is a free agent. It's always possible that the two sides could hammer out a new deal to have Cole return on either Raw or Smackdown, but there is just as good chance - if not greater - that he will sign with another promotion (AEW strongly rumored) and debut there. If AEW does sign him, it is not likely that an announcement will be made prior to any TV appearance, as we saw happen with CM Punk.

UPDATE: Adam Cole is reportedly still under contract for a few more days but the belief internally is that he is leaving. Read more HERE.