Report: Vince McMahon Attempting to Buy Back XFL Intellectual Property & Restart League

-- Over the past week, there has been speculation among several analysts that Vince McMahon is going to attempt to buy back the XFL’s intellectual property in bankruptcy court and then resurrect the league, perhaps as early as next year. Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic first suggested this theory based on the fact that those involved with the XFL’s bankruptcy are trying to refund $3.5 million in money that is owed to fans for tickets that were already purchased for the remainder of the season as well as tickets for next season. Other creditors are insisting that the $3.5 million be included as part of the debt and that any money that the league has should be going towards paying the creditors.

-- The idea is that Vince would buy back the XFL’s assets - mainly the intellectual property and some specific contracts - at a “fire sale price” while getting out of paying up to the $50 million that he still owes from the launch of the league. Some debtors noted that they believed the bankruptcy could be a “cutthroat finance ploy by McMahon to ride out the pandemic and resultant economic turmoil without paying the costs of operating the league...(and then acquiring the rights to the league again) at a fire-sale price.” Adding more fuel to the fire is that XFL President Jeffrey Pollack, who is still being paid by McMahon, has contacted stadiums in Seattle and St. Louis, about reinstating the league’s lease agreements.

-- The Wrestling Observer Newsletter adds that getting the league going yet again is going to be an uphill battle for Vince because he has pretty much “ruined his name” in football due to stiffing both former Commissioner Oliver Luck as well as many well respected coaches. While getting players likely won’t be a problem because of the sheer abundance of them looking for work, securing administration and coaching personnel will be difficult as many of them will likely be nervous about trusting him again. Host cities and stadiums could also be a problem as many would surely want money up front.