Report: WWE Commentator Corey Graves is No Longer on Company's "No Contact" List

-- Longtime WWE color commentator Corey Graves could be the next name ready to step back into the ring. A report from reports that Graves has received clearance from WWE doctors and is no longer on the company's internal "no contact" list which is a list of wrestlers who are not to engage in physicality under any circumstances. The report adds that Graves may have actually been cleared sometime in 2021 as he briefly won the 24/7 title despite previously being on the aforementioned strict no contact list. Neither Graves nor WWE has confirmed or denied these reports as of yet.

-- The Fightful report also notes that there have been "several pitches" made internally to use Graves but it's unclear whether those pitches were from the creative team or Graves himself, however, it's obvious that none have thus far made it through. Graves retired from wrestling in 2014 and became a successful, full-time color commentator instead. While he has not competed since then, over the past few years multiple wrestlers whose careers were thought to be over - Daniel Bryan, Edge, Christian to name a few - have successfully received the necessary medical clearances to begin wrestling again.