Rey Mysterio Discusses What He Feels Led To Dominik's Success in Wrestling

-- Rey Mysterio recently appeared on the Jaxxon Podcast and spoke about the incredible success that son Dominik has found in WWE, especially after some early career struggles. Notably, Rey felt that separating their unit and having Dominik continue on his own path is what enabled him to break out.

"For my son to come in out of nowhere and not have my style, have a different build. He’s 6’1. He’s about 190. So it was very hard for him at the beginning to try to adapt and find his role as a wrestler. The comparisons — they were made. And of course, he couldn’t live up to them. Not until we separated and he continued on his own path without having his dad by his side. And that was the best thing that could have ever happened to him."

"In the past three years, he’s had the success that I never had in three years breaking in the business. I mean, times are different. But as a father you could only imagine how proud I am. Incredible."