Ric Flair Discusses The Women's Evolution And The Four Horsewomen

The legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair recently spoke with Ryan Satin from Fox Sports to discuss the women's evolution, and the greatness that is his daughter Charlotte. The former 16-time world champion also throws major praise to Bayley, Becky Lynch, and current SmackDown champion Sasha Banks. Highlights are below.

Says he's seen the evolution of the women's division in wrestling:

I started in the '70s and I’ve seen the whole evolution. To see this thing come around, with [Charlotte] and Sasha and Becky [Lynch] and Bayley — well the three at first, and then Bayley right afterward in the women’s division – when Stephanie [McMahon] walked out in Atlanta and said, 'Ta-da!' It really, really changed. That’s part of the history of our business.

Praises Asuka and Sasha Banks

I give Sasha Banks all the credit in the world. She’s a working fool. I mean, she is. She is that good. I’d put Asuka right there, too," he went on. "But, people are going to say, ‘Well, she’s not colorful enough.’ Right? In terms of technical skills, Asuka’s right there. Don’t let me leave her off. People are going to go, ‘She’s not colorful enough. She doesn’t speak English.’ Which is bullsh*t … The three of them are right there, boy.