Ric Flair Says He Asked Colt Cabana What Is Going On Between CM Punk And Himself

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair recently took to his "To Be The Man" podcast to talk about a number of topics such as how AEW and ROH Star Colt Cabana walked up to him and asked for his autograph as well as how he asked Cabana what is going on between CM Punk and himself, which Colt answered, "It’s a long story."

Ric Flair said:

“Colt Cabana walked up to me the other day.” “Colt Cabana came over and wanted my autograph and I didn’t know who he was. I’ve never met him, right, and the guy goes, This is Colt Cabana.’ Then I stood up and shook his hand. I said, ‘What’s going on with you and Punk?’ He said, ‘It’s a long story.’ So, Punk’s got more long stories with people than I do. [Cabana] a nice kid … really good worker.”

You can check out WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair's full comments at this link. H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcribing the above quotes.