Ricardo Rodriguez Recalls 2012 Royal Rumble Experience

Earlier today, former WWE talent Ricardo Rodriguez stopped by the It's My House Podcast, where he discussed a number of topics surrounding his time with the promotion.

During the interview, Rodriguez was asked about entering the 2012 Royal Rumble. Check out his comments below.

On pitching an idea to be a part of the match:

"Man, it was a special experience and there's certain things in life that whether they're good or bad, like there's certain things that nobody can ever take away from you that experience, and for me it was this... The whole concept came about as sort of a joke, where I just, I do this all the time where I'm like the worst they can say is no. I asked Pat Patterson, I say hey wouldn't it be funny if I came out in the Royal Rumble instead of Alberto because Alberto was hurt and he just laughed it off.”

On finding out he would actually be in the match:

"Then a couple weeks later, we were in Dallas, we were stuck at the airport because of a thunderstorm... And I was sitting next to Dean Malenko, and I just said it again randomly. And he laughed about it too. And then the day of the Royal Rumble in St. Louis, I'm by the ring and Michael Hayes approaches me and he says hey have you seen your car. And I thought he was talking about my rental car. I thought he had damaged it and then he's like no your intro, your car for your entrance, and what he shows me the car and then he's like, 'Nobody told you? You're in the Rumble.' Like, okay! And that's kind of what happened. It was a big surprise for me so I had no expectations.”

(Via SKWrestling)