Ricochet Pitches Why A Move To SmackDown Would Freshen Things Up

WWE superstar Ricochet recently spoke to WWE host Quetzalli Bulnes on El Brunch de WWE about all things pro-wrestling, including how the former United States champion wouldn't mind making a move to the SmackDown brand, then names a number of suitable opponents on the blue-brand that he wouldn't mind squaring off against. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he enjoyed his short time on SmackDown and wouldn't mind getting moved back there:

I mean, I’ve only done maybe a handful of SmackDown shows when me and Aleister [Black] first got moved up, we were a tag team, and I was only there for a little bit but I really did enjoy my time there and I think now with the people that they got over there, especially, we got Apollo [Crews] over there. He’s Intercontinental Champion. That’s somebody that I would like to share the ring with.

Names a few talents he would like square up with on the blue-brand:

We got Street Profits, you got all these guys, you got Roman [Reigns]. I think SmackDown has a lot of good competitors and I really — I think SmackDown would be a really cool place for me to explore because I just really haven’t had the chance to be there yet so I think there’s so many opportunities that we could have over there for sure.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)