Riddle On The WWE Embracing His Lifestyle After He Got Fired By The UFC For Marijuana Use

One-half of the RAW Tag Team Champions Riddle recently spoke with CBS Sports on the time he was fired by the UFC and how in the process his life completely changed and his friends abandoned him as Riddle repeatedly tested positive for marijuana use even though it was legally prescribed to him.

Riddle said:

“For me, it was hard because I got fired from the UFC for my lifestyle and got punished.” “I had a lot of people that stopped talking to me, like, ‘Oh, you’re a loser. You got fired.’ It was brutal but for me, it was like a filter. I tend to deal with certain things and filter out certain people. There were people I thought we were cool and that’s happened with the UFC and with my lifestyle and everything.”

Riddle also talked about how he didn't give up on himself and how his hard work has paid off now that he is one of the most popular Superstars in WWE.

Riddle said:

“Now, to be at SummerSlam in front of 51,000 people and to see the merchandise flying off the shelves — when I got to the merchandise table and I can’t even get my own shirt or hat, because they’re already sold out? Bro. To know it’s my hard work that did that and that I didn’t give up on myself and believed that I wouldn’t let people tell me what to do. People were saying, ‘You’re wrong. You’re wrong.’ No, I’m not wrong. I’m right and you’re wrong trying to tell me how to live my life.”

Riddle then talked about how the WWE embraced his Lifestyle and how he stayed true to himself despite him getting fired by the UFC and that if you just be yourself all good things will come in time.

Riddle said:

“Now, I live my life the way I want to and kept living my life the way I wanted to.” “Now, I’m on top of this game. Just be yourself and it will all come in time. For me, that was it. It was a grind and a journey and there were times where I thought I should change who I was, but I would have been miserable. The more I’m myself, the more people like me and can relate to me. It feels amazing staying true to myself even if it got me fired from the UFC or if I didn’t get jobs earlier in my career. The juice was worth the squeeze and I proved I was right.”