RJ City Talks Hey! (EW), More

Hey! (EW) host RJ City wants to go one on one with Bow Wow.

During his recent chat with Digital Spy, RJ explained how he started working with AEW.

City also discussed the feud between TBS Champion Jade Cargill and Bow Wow, as well as so much more.

Featured below are the highlights from the interview where RJ touches on these topics with his thoughts.

On Bow Wow's feud with Jade Cargill:

“That was really a Pandora’s Box, and I opened it like a fool. I just have tremendous regret and I aim to rectify it. Please give me Bow Wow. If this company does anything with Bow Wow, please let me end him on the show.”

On the origins of his current AEW job:

“I had flippantly tweeted out one of my previous failed pitches where I would drive wrestlers to the show and for some reason, it was a very popular tweet. Then [Tony] messaged me and he’s like, ‘Let’s do this.’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, are you sure?’ And then he said, ‘Yes, let’s do sit-down interviews too’. Then he just gave the green light to do it and then put me in touch with Kevin [Sullivan] who I was friendly with before and knew my work, and Sonjay [Dutt] who has been pulling for me to work at a variety of wrestling promotions for over a decade now.”

On hosting Hey! (EW):

“I think it was in my vein of humour and Tony is very smart comedically, he can speak that comedy and he also knew what he was getting with me. I had drawn up a pitch and the way the show looks and the way it’s structured is really just because of the resources we have depending on a show day. Like, there’s only so much set, obviously, we’re in like, a storage closet in an arena, or a hotel conference room, and the set was built to be portable. The sign is on wheels, the sign I have [is] because I thought I would have to be sneaking into locker rooms or ambushing people as they came out of the bathroom. So we have all these little things like that. I wrote up a whole brainstorming sheet and I had a big list of titles and sometimes when you write you just go, ‘I’m not even going to worry about if it’s good first, I’m just going to write’, and the first idea of a title was Hey! (EW) and it was probably the stupidest idea. Then we got on a conference call and Kevin said, ‘I think we all agree, the title has to be Hey! (EW)’.”