Road Dogg Talks About New Age Outlaws Still Being Able To Do Another Match, Who From AEW He Wants As Their Opponents

Road Dogg Brian James spoke out on the latest installment of his podcast, "Oh... You Didn't Know?" about a number of current pro wrestling related topics.

Among them were his thoughts that the New Age Outlaws tag-team consisting of himself and Billy Gunn could still do one more big match, as well as how he would rather have The Young Bucks as their opponents instead of FTR.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the episode where he touches on this topic with his thoughts.

On his feeling that the New Age Outlaws could do one more match: “Look, I don’t know. The New Age Outlaws could do one. I’m going to need a year.”

On potentially facing FTR: “Yeah, we can work them, that’s a good pace. No, we’re going to do it with The Young Bucks. Not FTR, because they would make us look crappy. I think The Young Bucks will work with us and be fake wrestling like we need to be. FTR will just beat us up.”

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