ROH Summer Supercard Results (8/9): Toronto, Ontario, Canada

As advertised, Ring Of Honor (ROH) held their ROH Summer Supercard 2019 event at the Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Featured below are complete results of the show, which streamed live via the HONOR CLUB digital subscription service.

The following report comes from Justin Knipper (@JustinMKnipper) and


They did a 10-bell salute to Harley Race at the top of the show. The roster on hand was bowed in silence around ringside.

Next was a shot of the ROH Tag Team titles hanging over the ring opened the show. Fans in the first few rows look excited despite the bleacher areas looking pretty sparse.

Villain Enterprises (PCO and Brody King) defeated The Kingdom (Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan)

They showed a video package of the Kingdom beating up the Bouncers in Manhattan, when Marseglia burned Beer City Bruiser with a cigar. The Bouncers were actually sitting in the first row for this match. King and PCO brought their ROH Six-Man titles with them to the ring. There was a few PCO chants early on.

O’Ryan tried slamming PCO but couldn’t; PCO countered with a Shibata low dropkick in the corner.

The hard cam positioning makes the show look pretty good on TV but whenever they cut to the ringside camera crew you can see how empty the upper tiers look.

King chopped PCO to wake him up, then whipped him into Marseglia who was in the corner. There were even more chants for PCO.

Marseglia shouted “You wanna be a monster, huh?!” at PCO. O’Ryan gouged at his eyes. Marseglia fishooked him. King came back and did a running somersault senton off the apron, then King monkey-flipped PCO onto the Kingdom but pretty much missed both.

Later, Marseglia threw PCO threw to the floor and they made it look like PCO did a suicide dive onto King. King hit the Gonzo Bomb and PCO did a moonsault on O’Ryan for the win. This felt more like the PCO Show than anything.

After the match the Kingdom and the Bouncers brawled outside the ring. Milonas threw a beer at them and it got all over the camera lens.

PJ Black and Silas Young went to a no-contest

Rhett Titus joined the commentary team before this one. Young came out and basically implied he got drunk with some fans before the match and showed a bottle he brought with him to the ring. He said he might’ve done this for a subconscious reason, because this week he talked with a “dork wrestling fan” was excited for his match with PJ Black because the fan thought it could be five stars. I assure you no dork wrestling fan was discussing that this week. Young told a fans his chants were boring and to shut up, which got a big reaction. He said Black hadn’t earned a another chance at Young because he won the TV title before (and possibly because he’s drunk).

Black got on the mic and said he was disappointed because he really wanted to wrestle tonight. He said maybe some of the unbooked tonight. He said “what about Cheeseburger?” which got a nice reaction, and then Marty Scurll’s music hit and the crowd lost it. He’d go on to take Black up on his open challenge.

Marty Scurll def. PJ Black

Good short match. They started off hot with a lot of near falls from both guys. Midway through he did a walk-up frankensteiner from the top rope followed by a moonsault press for two. He’s better than he gets credit for. It sounded like a completely different crowd from the first match. On commentary Ian Riccobani mentioned he wasn’t at the show tonight because he was doing the Edinburgh Comedy Festival in Scotland.

Black did a C4 for a two-count. He went for the Wildness quebrada but Scurll got his knees up. Scurll later did the finger snapping spot and the crowd chanted “holt sh**.” They traded nearfalls until Scurll hit the Black Plague for the win.

Women of Honor championship match: Kelly Klein (c) def. Tasha Steelz

Steelz did a tope suicida and just barely made contact with Klein, looked a little scary. The crowd tried getting into this but it sounded like they were just being polite, sometimes clapping over the bigger spots. Klein did a brutal-looking back suplex at one point. I could hear fans heckling both the ring and each other, one fan screaming “shut up!” at another. Steelz did a cutter and both were out for a minute, then Klein came back and did K-Power to win.

After the match Klein went to shake Steelz’ hand. Angelina Love from the Allure came out and took both out and did Botox Injection kicks. ROH has been doing this angle on almost every show since MSG.

Mark Haskins and Bandido def. Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal via submission

This went from a just-above-average match to an excellent match in the last minute. A few fans were ironically screaming “maschismo!” before the match. There sounded to be a lot of nonsense in the crowd until Haskins and Gresham got going. A few fans chanted for Haskins. Him and Gresham were awesome together if you’re into the Zack Sabre or Timothy Thatcher neo-shoot style wrestling.

People were chanting for Bandido after a few minutes of Haskins and Gresham, so both he and Jay Lethal tagged in. There were dueling chants for both but the Bandido contingency was louder. They had an awesome and really fast exchange next and the crowd loved it and started banging on the barricades.

Bandido later cut Lethal off in his team’s corner for a while, and he and later Haskins worked him over with submissions. Gresham did a deadlift German suplex on Haskins and flexed. The announcers put him Gresham over as though he has more confidence than ever and acted sort of cocky in the match. He went a little crazier later and went to bash Bandido’s head with a chair, taking everything way too far in storyline, and even shoved his partner Lethal over.

Gresham and Lethal tried a Cornette Cutter but Haskins caught Gresham mid-air and did a Death Valley Bomb onto to Lethal. Bandido did a surprisingly ugly frog splash. Lethal later put Haskins in a figure-four leg lock for a while and Gresham held Bandido off for a while until Bandido power bombed Gresham onto Lethal thus breaking the hold. The crowd chanted “R-O-H!” after this.

The finish saw Bandido busting out a few spectacular moves, including a pop-up cutter that saw him toss Gresham to the ceiling, and a crazy tope con giro to the floor while Haskins wrenched back on Lethal in the ring with a Sharpshooter for the win. Great finish to a good match.

ROH Television championship: Shane Taylor (c) vs. Tracy Williams

Flip Gordon jumped Tracy Williams during his entrance. He used an all-black kendo stick. The match has been postponed until later according to Ian Riccaboni.

No DQ match: Rush defeated Dalton Castle

Castle came out in a matador’s hat. His new “Boys” wore cow masks, which was meant to be a knock against Rush and his family. Castle tried attacking him before the bell but Rush controlled much of the match from here. One girl screamed for Castle.

Castle tried running to the back but Rush chased after him and they fought near the empty bleachers. Not the best look on camera but the live crowd was into it.

Things slowed a bit when Castle went on offense. He landed a German suplex on the floor and later bodyslammed Rush over the barricades onto a few security people. Castle got near the camera and said Rush should be in the seats. I guess he was telling him to go be a fan. Rush cursed in Spanish; Castle threw a steel chair at him. Rush power bombed Castle onto the ring announcers table but it didn’t break.

Rush threw a bin full of garbage into the ring, plus a chair or two, beat on Castle some more and then landed the Bull’s Horn dropkick for three. I imagine this is the blow-off to their feud but we’ll have to wait and see.

ROH Television championship match: Shane Taylor (c) defeated Tracy Williams

Tracey Williams came out selling his arm and called Shane Taylor out. When the match was underway Taylor basically abused him with hard chops and strikes in the corner. Williams tried to make a comeback and did hanging armbar over the ropes. Taylor came back quickly and slowed things down; he did a leg drop onto Williams’ injured arm on the apron. Taylor missed a splash off the second rope and put Taylor in a LeBell Lock. Taylor put him away a few minutes later with Greetings from 216 (Fire-Thunder driver) for the win.

They showed a video package for Joe Hendry, the Scottish EC3, who said he’s coming to win the ROH World Heavyweight title.

Caristico, Sobreano Jr. & Stuka Jr. defeated Barbaro Cavernario, Templario & Hechicero via submission

This was a really cool match that sounded like it woke the crowd up. All action, no story or anything, but that wasn’t necessary. Everyone looked in the match looked good, too.

Things heated up a few minutes in, as soon as Caristico, Cavernario and Templario were in together. It was all high spots and dives. The rudos did three separate dives to the floor. People started chanting “lucha” after this. Hechicero used a swinging backbreaker on Soberano. Everyone looked awesome, actually. Stuka and Sobreno did simultaneous dives from the top to the floor towards the end. Cavernario tried really hard to get this crowd into the match, especially when it was him and Caristico in together before the finish. Caristico tapped Cavernario with La Mistica in the end.

ROH World Heavyweight title match: Matt Taven (c) vs. Alex Shelley

Ian Riccaboni gave us an impromptu music history lesson focused on the music of Detroit, which also happens to be where Alex Shelley is from, and likened him to the artists he mentioned, great but under appreciated performers.

Matt Taven wore a purple cape to the ring. They started slow and would mostly wrestle on the mat until Taven would get a rope break. Shelley poked Taven in the eyes and did the Ric Flair strut.

Someone was literally passed out in the front row during their match and everyone in the crowd was focused on that. Shelley took off his shoe and threw it at Taven. He went for Sliced Bread off the ring post but Taven shoved him off and Shelley went through the timekeeper’s table.

They did a crazy slingshot to the floor spot, Shelley to Taven, but I don’t know what move it was. It was a scary botched slingshot suplex toss.

Taven returned with a big dive over the barricades onto Shelley into the crowd. The crowd was pretty into the match at this point. Shelley came back with a Bladerunner (the move he taught to Jay White) for a close two.

The last few minutes of this were really good, despite what you’re thinking. Lots of nearfalls and then Taven hitting the Climax for the finish, pinning Shelley clean.

Taven cut a promo on the crowd and called Toronto melvins. People started chanting "let's go Raptors." He said he's on pace to be the greatest ROH champion of all time, then Rush's music hit. The crowd started chanting “Toro Blanco,” Rush’s nickname. It looks like that’ll be Taven’s next program.

ROH World Tag Team Title match: The Briscoes (c) (Jay & Mark Briscoe) defeated Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa)

This was all weapons and high spots off tables and ladders. If that’s your thing, this was good, though their recent bout in Manhattan was much better.

Once the Briscoes made it down to the ring the two teams got into it. Mark did a dive to the floor within the first minute or so. They used lots of weapons. Tonga threw Mark onto a table and it didn’t break. The crowd got really excited when Jay Briscoe pulled a table out from under the ring.

The Briscoes set Loa onto a table and then set a ladder over him and did a senton, crowd did the “holy sh**” chant. Same fans in the front started a “this is awesome”chant. Tama Tonga did a few spots where he sprinted at a Briscoe and would just deck him with a weapon or just his arms. Tonga did a shotgun dropkick and launched Mark over the barricades into the crowd. The next spot was brutal if not worrisome and it saw Briscoe get back bodydropped onto an unfolded chair, he landed at a weird bendy angle that didn’t pop the crowd but actually silenced them.

Mark Briscoe was bleeding when Tonga powerslammed him on a ladder in the ring; Jay’s whole face was covered. Mark did a crazy-looking Blockbuster to the floor on Loa through two tables. This also elicited a “holy sh**” and “fight forever” chant from the crowd. Jay was bleeding so badly at this point. Him and Tonga started jawing at each other in the ring and then hit each other with chairs. Jay later did a Jaydriller to Tonga from the apron through a table on the floor.

Despite the building only half (or less) full, Mark Briscoe still dove from the top rung of what had to be a 20 ft. Ladder and splashed Loa through a table. He basically landed on his knees and the face he made toward the camera looked like his soul had just been ripped from his body.

Next was Tonga landing a flying Gun Stun from one ladder to another on Mark. Later he and Jay fought at the top of a ladder in the ring, punching each other until Jay knocked Tonga off. He grabbed one of the belts hanging above him and won the match for his team, and the Briscoes retain. Brutal match, total mess of a streetfight.

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