ROH Superstar Praises Company For Coronavirus Response

Ring of Honor superstar Matt Taven recently spoke to WJAR-10 in Rhode Island to provide an update on his ankle injury, and discuss ROH's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

ROH's response to COVID-19:

You know, right now is kind of just a strange time obviously for everyone. But I really feel like Ring of Honor is kind of setting the safest model and maybe the best one arguably of all the companies out there where once things started to get crazy, Ring of Honor shut things down. Put the safety of their performers and staff first. So a lot of fans are really enjoying, with the best ofs that are being put out right now, the documentary-style episodes that we have coming out. I just had an episode a couple of weeks ago that talked about all my favorite matches. It’s strange but we’re making the most of it and hopefully when all this is done we can get back to where we left off and keep giving the ROH fans what they’re looking for.

Update on his ankle injury:

Ankle and knee surgery, so maybe I just had a Nostradamus moment where I knew that I was gonna have downtime right now so it was a good time to schedule a couple surgeries. If there’s any positive to this downtime, I’ve definitely been able to rehab my injuries and I’m looking forward to being back like the Matt Taven of old with two good knees.

Update on his school:

You know, same thing with most places. We’re closed right now but we’re still doing classes. We’re doing classes just like this [via video]. You know, really, it’s fun because you get to kind of really interact with all of the students a little bit more personally than you know, when we’re just in the ring, kinda ‘go go go’. We’ll kind of take it step by step with how the re-openings go and hopefully sooner rather than later we’ll all be back into the XWA Wrestling Kingdom.

(H/T and transcribed by 411 Mania)