Rohit Raju Says His Next Goal Is To Return To AEW Or Work NJPW STRONG

Former IMPACT Wrestling Star and AEW talent Rohit Raju spoke with Fightful on a number of topics such as how much he loves IMPACT Wrestling and how it will always be his home.

Rohit Raju said:

“No, I had no idea it was for IMPACT. I did a show in Bay City. It was against Ace Austin and Jack Price, two guys that are with IMPACT. Next thing I knew it was on there and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s really cool.’ I thought the coolest thing was the fan response. Those IMPACT fans, I get tagged every week. ‘When are we bringing back Rohit?’ ‘When are you coming back?’ Stuff like that. You never know. You never know what’s gonna happen. I’ve been reaching out to several companies. So we’ll see what happens. There’s a couple places I’d like to hit, but I love IMPACT. It will always be home for me. You never know what will happen.”

Rohit Raju also spoke about getting a chance to work with Rocky Romero and how it was so much fun.

Rohit Raju said:

“I just wanted to bet on myself for a little bit. I’ve had some really fun success at AEW. I loved that experience. Maybe I’ll show back up there. I got a chance to work with Rocky Romero recently as a second time, it was at Glory Pro. If you get a chance, go watch that show. Man, that match, it was so much fun working with Rocky. He’s such a good dude. I’ve been name dropping this whole time like an idiot.”

Rohit Raju also spoke about how his next goal is to return to AEW or IMPACT and work NJPW STRONG.

Rohit Raju said:

“He is the forbidden door. He knows I want round three. New Japan Strong. That’s what I want. That’s a place I want to go. Jake Something’s been killing it there. He recently got a chance to work with Shingo—awesome. That’s where I want to go. I know there’s a lot of guys there that I know and I would love to put my toe in that water. That’s my next goal is to get back to AEW, do some stuff. Who knows, maybe IMPACT? But I would love to work with New Japan Strong as well.”

You can check out Rohit Raju's comments at this link.