Ronda Rousey On If The Grueling WWE Schedule Was More Taxing On Her Body Than Judo Or MMA

Top WWE Superstar and the winner of the 2022 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match Ronda Rousey recently held a stream on her official Facebook page, where she talked about if her grueling schedule in WWE was more taxing on her body than Judo or MMA. Rousey said Judo is definitely more difficult on her joints than MMA or pro wrestling and she wasn’t even breathing hard at the end of the 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match or the match at the Elimination Chamber Event, and that she feels great and she hasn’t even been that sore yet, but that she has a number of shows coming up.

Ronda Rousey said:

“No, Judo’s definitely the hardest on my joints than MMA or pro wrestling.” “I was about ready to retire from Judo just because of how bad it was on my knees when I was like in my early 20s. But, what’s it called? — no, I was surprised. Even at the Royal Rumble, I wasn’t even breathing hard at the end of it and in the match the other day [in Saudi Arabia], I wasn’t even, yeah. I’m an athlete, you know? So I’m not talking about breathing hard. I wasn’t feeling like I was — I couldn’t catch my breath or something like that.”

“So no, I feel great and I haven’t been that sore yet, but I got a bunch of live shows coming up. I’m doing SmackDown this Friday and then I’m doing a live show, I think there’s one in Rochester and one in like Ohio, right? I think like the actual SmackDown is in Pennsylvania. It’s something like Pennsylvania, Ohio, I’m gonna do three shows in a row. I don’t have a match on SmackDown but I’ll be doing a match the next two nights in — on the live shows and then the next week, after SmackDown, I’m doing two live shows. I’m doing M.S.G. in New York and then I’m going to Montreal.”

Ronda Rousey then told the WWE Universe to ask her the same question again after a few weeks when she competes in a bunch of matches and travels from town to town.

Ronda Rousey said:

“So, in the next two weeks, I’ll be having a bunch of matches. Ask me again then.” “I think it’s more of like the repetition of doing a bunch of matches in a row that’ll really get to you, start to be sore and the travel.”

“Just constantly being able to sit upright but, we’re lucky enough where we actually get to travel on a bus so, I’ll be able to like lay down and not have to jump on a car or on a train after wrestling which helps.”

You can check out Ronda Rousey's full comments at this link. H/T to POST Wrestling for transcribing the above quotes.