Rusev Talks His Love Of 205 Live: "I Used To Watch Them All The Time"

Former WWE superstar Miroslav Barnyashev (fka Rusev) spoke about his love for 205 Live on a recent stream on his Twitch channel. The Bulgarian Brute reveals that talent would test his knowledge on the cruiserweights, and he would pass everytime with flying colors.

I was a huge fan of 205 Live. I used to watch them all the time. Everybody else would leave. Then they'd test me. Can you believe that they tested me? It is true. Remember how you tested me? Then you guys asked me who's finisher is what? Like I'm a frickin' mark.

I'm telling you, but I passed. Ali asked me, what's his finish? I told him. Everybody was kind of asking me... These guys worked so hard, man. They're so good too. They're so frickin' good. Ask Lince why he got in such good shape. Ask him. Again, I'm putting myself over.

You can find Miro's full twitch channel here.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)