RUSH On Becoming ROH World Champion, Facing Flip Gordon, WWE's Andrade

Ring of Honor star RUSH was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated where the Los Ingobernables originator discussed his upcoming matchup with Flip Gordon at tonight's Best in the World pay per view from Baltimore. RUSH also touches on his plans to win the world title in ROH before talking about former stable member Andrade's run in the WWE. Check it out below.

Plans on becoming ROH World champion:

I plan to win the world title in Ring of Honor. No matter the opponent, I will remain undefeated. The name Rush will reverberate throughout the entire world. There is only one objective of El Toro Blanco, and that is to conquer the world.

Andrade's WWE run:

Andrade has had his way in WWE, and will be their biggest star. He will always be part of Los Ingobernables, which is represented all over the world, and we will always be connected in blood. At some point, we will be back together again.

The Los Ingobernables stable:

When you speak of Los Ingobernables, you speak of greatness. We are the present reality and the future of wrestling in Mexico, Japan, and America. This is the only group in the world that has roots in all of the top promotions all across the industry.

Wrestling at Madison Square Garden:

I made history in Madison Square Garden with my brother Dragon Lee. My brother crowned himself as IWGP junior heavyweight champion, and I won in 15 seconds over a former ROH world champ. That was a great experience, and that's what we're all about–the Muñoz dynasty. We owe all of this success to our father, and in his honor, we will continue to make history.

Upcoming match with Flip Gordon:

I'm not impressed by Flip or any other fighter. We'll see where destiny will take me, and I work every day to reach the highest pinnacle of this industry. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks will happen–nothing happens unless I say so. I am El Toro Blanco, and I will be the next Ring of Honor champion.