RVD Comments On His Return To IMPACT, Says That Money Was A Big Reason

In a new interview with Fightful, wrestling legend Rob Van Dam discussed his new venture with IMPACT Wrestling, and how executive VP Scott D'Amore talked him in to returning. RVD admits that money was a major factor in coming back, and reveals that the deal he got from IMPACT was worth his while.

When I first talked to Scott, we were just talking about (United We Stand). Over the last three years, I've had about 10-12 matches a year. I haven't really been interested in doing more than that. But good business is good business. I'm always interested in business when it's good. Scott said he wanted to run by some future dates with me and as you could imagine, the biggest factors were on the business end. That's what most of us look for is compensation and the schedule. It looks like a schedule that's not too heavy. It's not going to change a whole lot of my life.

RVD goes on to say that he plans on being at his best for every appearance, and doesn't want fans to think that he's only in it for the money.

I'll be stepping it up and wrestling more. That's a good thing because I'll be staying ready more. Before, I could go into off-season mode. I was still training, but I'd crank up the intensity for a show. Now at least a couple of times a month, I'll have to stay at my best. It's good to have a reason. I'd like to say I'm there because I miss wrestling or because I see guys like Willie Mack and think I could have a great match, but I'm there for the business. I'm there because the deal I have. I'm motivated to go to work, and when I'm at work I'm all professional. You don't see an unmotivated RVD. I only do it when it's worth it. When it's worth it, I like to deliver.