RVD Talks Possibly Joining AEW, Why He'd Vote For The Rock As U.S. President, Steve Austin/WWE

Former WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam recently spoke with Thibaud Choplin of France's number one pro wrestling magazine "Planète Catch" for a special 50th anniversary interview.

During the discussion, RVD revealed whether or not he has had any talks with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) about joining the promotion, as well as what he thinks about rumors of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson running for President of the United States of America and more.

Featured below are some of the highlights of the new RVD interview.

On whether or not he has had any talks about joining AEW: "I'm not in talk with Chris Jericho or anyone in AEW. I'm all about the money. You know, people don't understand. Some fans are ignorant. They don't understand it's a business. Some people think that when I had the WWE belt and the ECW belt, I was in my prime, and they probably think that I wish I was still there. But now I make 20 to 30 times in one match what WWE was paying me in the lowest. I could make that much more money in 1 match than in 20 matches. Why would you want work 30 matches to make the same money that you can work one match and make money? That's something fans can't understand cause they think we just love to be in the ring 24/7."

On rumors of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson running for U.S. President and if he thinks he could win: "Absolutely. I think if he wanted to do that, he would get so much support. And, uh, he gets so much respect anyway. And he's in a leadership position, you know ? He's on top of the world, and he does rub elbows with the most famous people that we ever hear about. He has a lot of support. I support him. I would vote for him, probably yeah..."

On if he thinks The Rock had a desire to work with him in WWE because he was a new guy coming from ECW: "Usually with things like that, you know, we show up and then we look at the card which was posted on the wall usually, and that that would be how we see what we're doing that day. Like you show up and then it's like: "Oh, I'm teaming up with Kevin Nash OK, that's weird!" And then after a while he said, "Hey, we're tag team!". They keep playing together were teamed up. Like I said, we would realize that because sometimes I wasn't teaming with him, you know, like on other shows. "Hey you're teaming with Kane tonight!" You know, and that happened. Who's involved in making those decisions earlier in the day? I don't know. The Rock could have been one of the decision makers. I don't know. I mean, at the time at the time, none of us knew that he was gonna be the star is now, You know, even though he was already The Rock, nobody knew he was gonna be the world's highest paid actor."

On whether or not he feels "Stone Cold" Steve Austin could make a WWE comeback for an in-ring return like Edge did: "It's definitely possible. If he wants to do it, I think he definitely could do it. You know what I mean? It's an environment that's controlled enough... I've seen guys that are in their seventies that are still wrestling sometimes, and it's not an issue, really. I don't know why he would want through. I mean, he's very successful. He's making so much money, and it seems like he's still on roll, like once a month or something. Anyway, I'm sure it's not that often, but even if he's been away and hasn't wrestled in a while he's been on the show often enough to still have that value. And he always will have that value because he's an icon."

Check out the complete Rob Van Dam interview online at ThibaudChoplin.com. You can also listen to the complete interview via the YouTube video embedded below.

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