RVD Thinks Sabu Has Earned A Place In The Hall of Fame, Ponders One More Match In WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam was the latest guest on the After The Bell podcast with host Corey Graves to discuss a number of different topics, including how he believes Sabu and other ECW legends should get the Hall of Fame rub, and whether he sees himself returning to the ring for WWE somewhere down the line. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Would love for Sabu and other ECW stars to get into the Hall of Fame:

“I would love to see Sabu inducted into the Hall of Fame. I feel like on a lot of grounds, he should have been inducted before me. He was my mentor and my trainer. I had a text conversation with him and said how I felt and that he should’ve been in before me. At this point, it’s all about individual choices that we made throughout our careers. It’s not just about reaching a level of superstardom where people are gonna really remember you because you impacted their lives in a positive way. There’s a lot more to it than that. You can’t walk out every time you’re in a good position in the business because you think the best or right move is to quit and walk away. Even afterward, the message you put out there in the universe, it’s everything combined. That’s the way karma works. The answer is I would definitely like to see Sabu inducted. On a legend level, I think he deserves it, and I think he would have to do a little repairing on some of the image tarnishing that has been done.”

How he goes with the flow of the universe regarding an in-ring return for WWE:

“I go with the flow of the universe. I don’t know how to put odds on that. If you’re talking about a one-off or something that’s not full-time, I would think there’s probably just as good of odds going forward as going against it.”

Reveals what Triple H and Vince McMahon told him at the HoF ceremony:

“One thing I want to mention that was the highest honor during the ceremony was when I talked to Vince and Triple H when we were getting our photos taken. They both told me that I changed the style of wrestling. That’s huge to hear that from them. I jokingly said, ‘For better or worse?’ They both said for better and the people trying to emulate me now are dangerous. I’ll always remember that. I would like to think I was impactful on the style.”

(H/T and transcribed by 411 Mania)