Sasha Banks Praises The Work Roman Reigns Is Doing, Thinks He's On Another Level

WWE superstar Sasha Banks recently appeared on the Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker program to hype up next Sunday's SummerSlam pay per view and discuss the main event Universal championship matchup between John Cena and Roman Reigns. Check out what Banks had to say in the highlights below.

Calls John Cena a living legend:

"Well the feeling is it’s great to have someone like John Cena back. What a legend. What a freakin legend. Just someone that’s lending their name to the WWE history. He’s just great. At the house shows I’m watching him and you look around and you see the fans. Little kids that have probably never seen John Cena because he’s been gone for the last five, six years. But they still know who he is and they’re still so entranced with his work and what he does."

Says Roman Reigns is operating at an entirely different level:

“And Roman Reigns? He’s on a whole different level. He’s on a whole different game with having Paul Heyman and having the Bloodline by his side. He’s hungry to prove that he is the top dog in this business. So I think that match is definitely one to watch. But it’s definitely not going to be better than Bianca vs. Sasha Banks.”

On SmackDown talents she would like to face:

“I want to become the Women’s Champion again. I guess get to have all these matches that I didn’t get to have the first time around. I want to wrestle people like Liv Morgan, Zelina, Toni Storm, Teagan Nox. There is just so many women that I just haven’t been in the ring with yet. And on Smackdown, that’s the land of opportunity and I’m ready to give these girls a chance to see if they can stand up against The Boss.”

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)