Sasha Banks Reveals The Key To Her Success In The WWE

Multi-time WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks recently appeared on the Just Women’s Sports podcast with Kelly O’Hara, where she spoke about the key to her success in WWE. Banks said it was due to her work, and the fans respecting and loving her work.

Sasha Banks said:

“I think number one has to be because of my work, and then number two the fans respecting and loving my work.” “Because they love it so much, their engagement with me, you know, they were chanting ‘we want Sasha’ back when I first debuted on the main roster. They let everybody know, they let WWE know what they wanted to see. They’re always behind me, they have my back no matter what. And if you look at my career and my championship weeks, it doesn’t match up to some other women. But because my match history and what I do in the ring, I think the fans, they respect my work and my craft so much that they just get behind me. And I’m just so thankful I have their love and support."

“It felt so crazy because one, I went from being a bad guy and the fans hating me and booing me to the fans changing their tune and they me and love me. It’s always so weird to see what reaction I’m going to get with them. But no matter what it is, all the energy that I do get, it’s just so, it’s just something that you need to have all the time. You just get so entranced in it. It’s why I am a wrestler.”

Sasha Banks then talked about preferring to be a heel over a babyface as she loves making them angry, and due to her energy and performance, she has a stronger connection with the fans.

Sasha Banks said:

“It’s such a good feeling.” “I love taking that away from people. I love making them angry. The fact that I did that with my energy or because of my performance, it just lets me know my connection with them. Because a lot of times fans can change the way of a match or the way of a promo. They can take over, they are very, very in the know. But you’ve got to be ahead of yourself and you’ve got to have a voice and a base to let them know ‘no, let me take you for this ride. Let’s see if I can make you like me or see if you hate me.’ It’s such a cool vibe and experience that we get to play with.”