Sharmell Talks The Future Of Reality Of Wrestling And Rok-C’s Success

Sharmell, wife of WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and co-owner of the Reality Of Wrestling promotion, made an appearance on a recent edition of Wrestling Inc.'s Daily podcast and talked about the start of the ROW promotion and how she and Booker T have worked tirelessly to bring the best product they could to all the pro wrestling fans and for them to be able to watch it anywhere across the country.

Sharmell said:

“We really started as a mom-and-pop organization.” “Booker and I just worked tirelessly from sun up to sun down to bring the best product that we could to all the wrestling fans. It means that our fans across the country can watch our programming. We’re looking forward to traveling to these different sites and seeing the fans in person because that is what makes it worth it, knowing you’re entertaining the people and bringing smiles to their faces.”

Sharmell also talked about how she and Booker T have done everything they can to make sure everything turns out the way it is supposed to be and how everyone is where they are supposed to be such as day-to-day operations and stuff like mopping and cleaning as well as the technical aspect.

Sharmell said:

“Booker and I have done it all, from actually mopping and cleaning, painting, that sort of thing.” “On the technical part of work from ticketing to websites, human resources, running the day-to-day that I oversee. I make sure everyone is supposed to be where they are supposed, to be when they are supposed to be there. A lot of our wrestlers call us mom and dad. We tend to help them out with a lot of things personally. We do it because we love what we do. We really love our students and fans. It’s constant, from manning the phones to troubleshooting everything. There is a lot that goes into it.”

Sharmell also spoke about how they can do more and expand their promotion as there are certain things they haven't done yet and certain avenues they can take.

Sharmell said:

“I have a television show I’m writing that we’re going to produce and film.” “The sky’s the limit with us. There are so many avenues we can take. What’s funny is a lot of times, these different things we’ve done haven’t necessarily been our idea or goal. It has been a company or organization that has come to us who said, “Can you do x,y,z?” We get it done. We had a couple of situations like that happen back-after-back. We realized we can expand this organization and take it as far as we want. We’re definitely doing more production work and getting into other aspects of entertainment, but the focus is definitely the reality of wrestling. ROW is on the go. We’re so excited to bring it to our fans nationwide.”

Sharmell then talked about ROH Women's World Champion Rok-C and her success in the business after she came to Reality Of Wrestling.

Sharmell said:

“I love Rok-C. My daughter Kennedy is her biggest fan.” “One of my fondest memories of Rok-C is when she first came to Reality of Wrestling. With me running around all the time, I didn’t know she knew her. She volunteered to be one of the coaches for our kids’ camp. Over the summer, we have camps for kids ages 8-15. She volunteered to be one of the coaches. On the first day of camp, I’m in a rush all over the place, trying to get everyone together. I’m trying to corral her into the group of kids because she was so tiny, I mistook her for one of the kids camp kids. She is so sweet and said, ‘Mrs. Sharmell, it’s me Rok-C.’ She has grown into this incredible young woman. I love the way she carries herself and handles herself on the mic. Of course, her in-ring work is excellent. I’m so proud of her and expect big things for her in the future.”

Sharmell also talked about what the future holds for Reality Of Wrestling.

Sharmell said:

“We are trying to be the AAA because we want to produce the next generation of sports entertainment superstars.” “We want to be the go-to company for that. Also, we like to completely live up to our name. We are already doing it. Being the flagship of Texas wrestling but also expanding that, we want to start regional and create this territory where Reality of Wrestling is the brand. We are well on our way to that. I think we will accomplish that in the next few years. We just need the fans’ support and we are well on our way.”

You can check out Sharmell's comments in the video below: