Shayna Baszler Discusses How Her Style Works Better Without Fans, Talks WrestleMania Moments

Former two-time NXT women's champion and current WWE women's tag champion Shayna Baszler was the latest guest on the After The Bell podcast with host Corey Graves to talk all things pro-wrestling, including how she's still seeking a WrestleMania moment following her loss to Becky Lynch at this year's event. Highlights are below.

How she feels like she still hasn't had a WrestleMania moment:

I think there’s still a side of me, at least that’s like that’s the most important match of my career that I’ve had, I think, thus far, obviously, title measure. Of course, it doesn’t get bigger than that, but I still feel incomplete, like I haven’t had my WrestleMania moment. At the time, everyone’s calling their family and it turns into a 30-minute discussion about the pandemic and this virus, and we understood the value in putting on a product where for three hours, two nights in a row, people didn’t talk about that. I think they’re going to look for it, even just for a glimpse of a window. We gave people something else to have their minds on. So we got that it was very important in that sense.

Says that not having a crowd works into her in-ring style:

It’s just hard. There is a magic that’s missed about it not being eighty-thousand people and a roaring crowd and all that. At the same time, I talked about the different style of wrestling that I have. I think in some ways it was a blessing to have that big moment of mine first before whatever big moments come next because I think having an empty sort of arena and a camera, there’s some things that I do in the ring that [the] person in the stands way up in the rafters can’t see.

Full interview can be found here. (H/T and transcribed by WrestleZone)